LINKSYS VELOP Tri-Band Whole Home Wifi Mesh System

Do you want the quickest path to the internet? Then there is a piece of good news for you. Linksys Velop Tri-Band Home Mesh technology works behind the scenes to get you there within no time. There are no more network connectivity troubles when browsing from the beach or in the balcony. You will browse at the speed you admire and read all your emails, listen to your favorite music and watch the programs you like with no buffering. And that is not all. This article brings to you the most you need to know about this new internet device. Here is what you should know.

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Linksys Velop Tri-Band

Why You Should Choose Linksys VELOP TRI-Band Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh System

Linksys Velop Tri-Band


This is a current system that is released at CES 2017 located in Las Vegas, which has the ability to carry the same price as that in Eero when it was launched. Although Linksys Velop Tri-band does not come cheap. It is able to pack enough power that will possibly double the real world Wi-Fi speed. Powerful hardware with a dedicated backhaul. Most Wi-Fi systems, you will be able to use only one Velop unit as the primary router, then put additional units surrounding it; 1 or 2 rooms which might be a way to this automatically and wirelessly extend to the Wi-Fi network.

Design, Features, and Performance

The Linksys application comes along with Velop for Android and iOS for the ongoing management and setup process. The Velop Wi-Fi system for each unit is a strong tri-band dual stream AC2200 router if you compare it to the AC1200 Wi-Fi standard utilized by both the Eero and Google Wi-Fi.

The router is powered by the integrated system on a chip is the one that powers the router and also integrates a quad-core ARM CortexA7 processor together with 512MB DDR3 system memory with 4GB of flash memory and Bluetooth 4.0/LE radio for device setup and that raw power. The special thing about the Linksys Velop is that when these multiple units are used at the same time. They can dedicate one 5GHz band for the rear haul or the task of linking them. Therefore, it is capable of using the other two bands in order to rebroadcast the signal to customers.

This is capable of minimizing the effect of the signal loss that always occurs at the time when the band has received then rebroadcast a Wi-Fi signal at the same time. The second Wi-Fi system is the Velop, and the first is the Netgear Orbit, which is able to employ a dedicated rear half band. However, the Velop is able to go a Step further than even the Orbi. By ensuring that there is encouraging dynamic frequency selection. Then allowing it to automatically choose the best band or channel at a given time in order to connect it with hardware units and customers together. You may also decide to link the Velop units together by use of network cables that will be able to eliminate space limitation and signal loss, something that the Netgear Orbi so far has not allowed.

Each one of these means one thing; fast Wi-Fi link speed. Fundamentally Linksys Velop is fast enough in order to ensure that it will deliver the ultra-fast connection to the internet of 400Mbps or even faster. Note that the most Wi-Fi system, for example, the Google Wi-Fi and Eero has the ability to deliver complete broadband speed of about 200Mbps or even more.

The Velop node is usually a vertical block each and it can easily slot in the bookshelf or even on top of a cupboard together with the power and any Ethernet, leads can be able to connect at the base. They are hardly attractive unlike other networking units; however, you need a reasonably large flat surface that you will adhere them on. Like BT’s routers, each disk has a pull out tab which shows you the Wi-Fi link details.

Pros and Cons

In case someone unplugs the node when in use, other nodes will pick up the slack. You will lose not your Wi-Fi connection. Linksys Velop nodes are beautifully designed to fit in any environment. If you need to know about color, this Wi-Fi device comes in two great colors: black and white that makes any home stylish. Linksys VELOP TRI-Band Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh is flexible to fit in any home size and design. Its nodes are modular and work together to fit on any floor.

Every single node adds 2000 Sq feet. So it is easy to choose the number of nodes for the size of your home or home office. Also, this tri-band whole home Wi-Fi system works with any modem router or any ISP supplied modem. Limiting your children’s internet time has never been this easy before. You can restrict it anytime and have more family time. Additionally, with Linksys App, you can stay up to date on your Wi-Fi from anywhere without worrying about internet security.

Although the Linksys Velop Whole Home Wi-Fi system has the ability to offer wide coverage and fast speed. However, the system is expensive. In addition, the device does not have the basic together with the common features. For its mobile App to work, you must have an account. Some customers claim that its parental control features are designed poorly. Concisely, Linksys Velop is one of the effective home mesh Wi-Fi expanders; although devoid of competitive, the edge can be because of its countable features and its high price.

Hardware and Set-up Requirements

Other Wi-Fi systems one can use just a single unit, the Linksys being the core router in order to connect it to an internet supply. For example, a broadband modem. After that, if you got a large home, but the other nodes 1 or 2 rooms away from the core unit so as to auto-extend your Wi-Fi coverage.

This device specially made for people with large houses, extremities this is where Wi-Fi struggles to reach and several outbuildings.  You can purchase extra, however, you will have to need a very large home in order to be worthwhile of using it. The Linksys pack has the availability of Android and iOS applications for easy management and setup. The Linksys features, which involves the tri-band Wi-Fi, more than all of us need, stick to dual-band wireless. You may decide to even plug wired devices into every node.



In conclusion, what makes this device better than other Wi-Fi systems is that each unit of Tri-band dual stream (2 x 2); router with 5GHz bands as well as 2.4 GHz band. This kind of system limits the impacts of signal loss. This about 650% reduction normally happens when the band has received and broadcast the available signals at the same time.

These Mesh systems are specifically designed for truly large homes. Moreover, many people will be able to make it with a more powerful standard router, for example, BT’s own Smart Hub. Still, for considerably less money Velop Wi-Fi device unit represents a good value and works together with broadband providers. Make your purchase without a doubt.

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