Linksys 8-PORT Gigabit Ethernet Switch – BLACK

Today you use multiple Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets and devices. It means that you will need the Linksys 8-port gigabit Ethernet switch, black for your diverse networking needs. Wow, this sounds great! Now, when you have more than one of these devices, the networking requirements increases naturally. With numerous devices, you will also need to think beyond any primary router supplied by your local internet service provider. When you have more gadgets in your commercial set up or home, you will require more traffic and bandwidth. The load is so high that your basic router cannot withstand. If you ignore the problem, the overloaded Wi-Fi router may cease to operate, resulting in connectivity issues that affect productivity. Fret not. You have the solution. To put an end to intermittent connectivity, choose the Linksys 8-port gigabit Ethernet switch, the top Wi-Fi extenders. Read this article to learn more about this Ethernet switch.

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Linksys 8-PORT Gigabit Ethernet Switch – BLACK


Linksys 8-PORT Gigabit

1. Fast Data Transfer

With multiple computer and device, you need to transfer data in a jiffy. Yes, with the Linksys 8-port gigabit Ethernet switch – black, you can do so ten times faster. It offers you the best connectivity for all your wired gadgets or devices. Whether you want to surf the internet or create a robust local area network (LAN), enjoy exceptional wire speeds and flexible connectivity. The switch will fit aptly with your WRT network, implying there are no worries or hassles about connection lags and disruptions.

2. Connects a Plethora of Devices

Whether you want to expand your office or home network, the Linksys 8-port gigabit Ethernet switch – black, you connect to several devices easily. Just name it. Your computers, laptops, external hard drive, router, network printer, an IP camera, or your home gaming console, it connects all seamlessly. It means that are all set to make the most out of superfast, wired internet speeds. The switch comes with 8-Gigabit Ethernet ports delivering speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. It is ten times faster than any ordinary Ethernet connection with an average speed of 10 or 100 Mbps. You also enjoy Quality of Service (QoS) technology that takes audio and video streaming to the next level.

Linksys 8-PORT Gigabit

3. Compatible with WRT Routers

The Gigabit Ethernet switch comes in a smart, sleek design. Yes, it is black and easily stackable. The device is the right match for your WRT 1900 AC router that you need to purchase separately for expanding your home or office connectivity. You can enhance your LAN as well as connect all gadgets easily. That is because the Wi-Fi extender will not take additional shelf space in your home or office. The product is also compatible with most of the routers available in the market.

4. Less Energy Consumption

The switch gives you the greatest bang for your buck. You may be wondering how. If you want to save on your monthly power bills and improve energy efficiency, this device is your best bet. That is because it operates in a power-saving mode. It is intelligent enough to sense when a port is not used, or when someone turns off a connected device. It means that you only pay electricity bills for the ports or gadgets in use.

5. Fewer Cable Usage

Did you know that a mess of convoluted cabling is one of the biggest challenges of an extensive network? When you have several devices to connect, you will find all over the place. You not only run the risk of tripping over but also end up paying substantial cabling charges. Do not take this lightly because wiring costs add up to your total networking expenditures. You need not worry. When you opt for Linksys Ethernet switches, you need comparatively less cabling. You will find them in commercial establishments having more than one Ethernet switches to improve throughputs.

Linksys 8-PORT Gigabit

6. Hardware and Installation

Modern Linksys switches do not come with uplink ports. Instead, you will find up to 8 ports that can sense automatically which devices or ports are used. They also can detect crossover or straight-through cables. Make sure you have an Ethernet cable that connects to one of the eight ports on the Linksys switch. Next, you will have to connect the other end to devices like your PC, laptop, another switch, or gaming console. The Linksys switch requires a power adaptor of one ampere and 12 volts. You can wall-mount these Wi-Fi extenders. The product box comes with an adapter, the switch, and a documentation compact disc. You will not require anchors and screws because you can stack it with a compatible Wi-Fi router.

7. Pros and Cons Related to the Linksys AC1200

The Linksys AC1200 has a smart and user-friendly interface. The console comes with widgets enabling parental controls and guest networking. You can also view the status of LAN and wireless networks, check external storage, and leverage QoS settings. It is easy on your pocket because the device will cost you less than $90 with excellent 2.4 GHz data throughput. However, with low cost comes a few cons. The 5 GHz feature set and throughout score low regarding performance. When it comes to its efficiency, you get what you shell out. The installation is super easy.

The thirst for data is ever increasing, and you will find few products like the Linksys 8-port gigabit Ethernet switch, black to meet your office or home networking needs. If you want to view HD videos, improve employee productivity, battle slow network issues, visit websites that increase in size, and use high-end devices and applications, the Linksys product is your best bet. Data upload and download and huge data transfer is the need of the day. Therefore, if your organization feels the pinch due to data bottlenecks, the Linksys Ethernet switch will put you on the right track. These switches help you transmit data very fast and efficiently over a vast network or shared system. Enjoy high-speed server connectivity, work with more storage, and work quickly. Improve your business workflow with these products from Linksys. The switch is easy to install and optimizes your office or home network.

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