Having audio in the car dates as long as the invention of automotive technology. There have been many changes of speakers throughout the years. But the best car speakers have been changed throughout the years. The latest car stereo system comes compact in size, cost, and space. If you are looking to replace your old or worn out speakers in your car, you should consider purchasing JBL GTO939 for high-quality sound. This is a full range speaker that is worth every penny. Why go for expensive speakers when you can get better specifications with JBL GTO939 using a relatively small budget? This speaker will save you both your money and time of installation. Check this out to see Best 6×9 Speakers review!

Choosing the best speaker requires you to consider the cost, space, and compact size. JBL GTO939 coaxial speakers are among the best in the market. Why are they receiving positive feedback and recommendation after purchase? We are going to discuss all you need to know about this speaker. It is time to enjoy driving when alone or with friends on a fast car with this JBL GTO939 speakers.

JBL GTO939 – Best Among JBL



The JBL GTO939 speakers are the best in this class and will favor anyone who wants after-market upgrade or one who needs to utilize his/her money wisely. Which technology has been used to make it deliver crisp and clear sound? What are its frequency response and power? Continue reading this JBL GTO939 speaker review for details.



This speaker has a round oval-like shape. The speaker is smartly built and has a grill on the front side firmly attached by four visible screws. The center front has a dome-shaped grill that looks impressive with the words JBL to the left and GTO to the right. The back of the speaker is circular and contains that has JBL logo and some features written.

  • The overall speaker’s dimensions are 11.8” x5.9” x17.2”. It has a weight of 8 pounds.
  • JBL has used Plus One cone technology to develop JBL GTO939. Through this technology, they ensured that the materials are larger than ordinary cones. This is as per the concept of the speaker’s ability to produce sound by vibrating the air. If a cone is big, it vibrates more air, and the opposite is true.
  • Another fantastic design is the UniPivot system that makes it possible to alter the position of the tweeter. You can change the tweeter dB output using a control switch available.
  • The tweeters are made using Mylar and Titanium (My/Ti) composite making the tracks sound awesome.
  • This speaker is designed to install on vehicles which require replacement or sound system upgrade.


  • The capacity of this speaker depends on the amount of input power. It can handle a 300W power meaning you get 600 W for two sets.
  • This speaker is made using carbon-injected Plus one cones. The big cones ensure the speakers produce a big bass due to the amount of air moved.
  • The voice coils of the twitters are oversized making them appear dome-shaped. This feature makes them dissipate a large amount of heat and handle higher power. You will experience the results of smooth high frequencies.
  • You can regulate the twitters to your sound taste using the dual-level volume control.
  • JBL GTO939 has a resistance of 3 ohms which is compatible with small wires which are commonly put in modern cars. The low impedance makes every watt produced by your car stereo to be useful.
  • It has 12dB/octave. This means the lows and highs are directed to the appropriate speaker in order to produce the best sound. That is thanks to the crossover components of JBL GTO939 which are of high quality.



  • JBL GTO939 speakers are among the most powerful audio systems your car can have. As seen earlier, they will deliver high audio level and accuracy. This is only possible with the presence of input, e.g. an amplifier or a head- unit.
  • The speaker works best with an amplifier power of 25 – 300 watts. Any factory amplifier or head-unit with this power range makes JBL GTO939 speaker an ideal option due to its incredible features.
  • This speaker increases power handling while minimizing distortion of high frequency at the same time. It has a frequency response of 21 kHz which allows you to listen from the rear door or anywhere you install the speaker.
  • The tweeters can handle more power, minimize distortion and increase efficiency. When tested, the mid-range frequency sounds unbelievable when tracks with vocals are playing. Unlike other speakers, JBL GTO939 sounds are clear and crispy.

Best Part of the product

  • JBL GTO939 is compatible with many types of vehicle due to its 2 inches minimum mounting depth.
  • Contains inbuilt twitter that is soft dome
  • The tweeter level is adjustable
  • The frame is non-magnetic, and hence the sound is accurate
  • It has a great frequency response
  • It produces a well-balanced sound
  • This speaker is a substitute for expensive speakers that are poor performers
  • The material used to make JBL GTO939 is of high quality and has endured a series of durability tests.

Set up

Many car speakers have good sound, but they come with a price. This is because they require specialists to install and sometimes require your vehicle to undergo modification.

JBL GTO939 speakers do not require any complicated technique. They are easy to install on a wide range of vehicles. You do not require special knowledge or tools to mount them at home. The only problem you can encounter is if you are replacing smaller speakers than JBL GTO939. This will require space modification in order to fit perfectly.


JBL GTO93 three-way speakers combine high performance, handles high power and provide quality sound. Its incredible features in this review WILL help you make a decision. The speaker is worth purchasing since it beats speakers with higher prices. The installation is easier and faster than that of other speakers although it lacks mounting hardware. JBL GTO93 will eventually give you better lows, mids, and highs than the original speakers that came with your car.


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