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JBL Eon610 Portable 10” Review

As indicated earlier, our very own JBL EON610 Portable 10” is coming into the market as more than just another of our sound systems. It is on a higher pedestal than any other audio product in the market of late. This is a true reflection of the much technology has grown to over the years.
This technology is one that makes it possible to bring out the best sound regardless of the application it has. It is affordable and a great gear towards a good self-contained but portable PA system.
The product is very effective and therefore one of the best buys you can make. The same has exemplary service. We are about to show how good the product is and how great an investment it is. JBL EON610 prides in many unrivaled qualities



JBL EON610 Portable 10”comes in an elegant package. The packaging is transparent enough to reveal the product inside. This makes it as easy to explain more about it simply from the first instance. Even before unwrapping the product you have a taste and sight of what you are purchasing.

The product is made of a cabinet showcasing the latest technologies. It is, therefore, user-friendly since the materials are of high quality. The same materials are highly flexible, and thus the product is easy to use. Further, the system is portable for either musicians or sound providers of this age.

Its maximum SPL output is 124 dB, with a frequency range of 52 Hz -20 kHz. It is for these reasons among others that the JBL EON610 can cover a range of 110X60 degrees. The coverage and the power of this fantastic product are enhanced by its wonderful dimensions which are (558 X 322 X 295) mm. We talked about its portability which is friendly in that its Net Weight is 11.79 Kg. Owing to the fact that it has two handles, the weight is distributed on two loaders.



Thanks to the design which makes the JBL EON610 Speaker a very suitable product to have around. It is a purposeful product design with a JBL waveguide Technology and Bluetooth integration. You need to have this with you.

It is perfect for almost all live applications. You can control its onboard EQ parameters even by the use of Bluetooth. This makes the command of these self-powered PA speakers rather more useful for either high or low volumes.

Some of the extraordinary features of the speakers are the dimensions which are 28 x 17 x 16 inches. The output wattage is at 1000 Watts with the size being 10”. These speakers are unique in the quality of sound that they produce regarding the occasion at hand. Whether you are using the product from indoors or outdoors, you need to have the best product to perfect your work and entertainment.

  • It is equipped with a 10” bass reflex cabinet
  • JBL Eon610 Portable 10” has a proprietary waveguide technology making it easy to refine the sound specifically
  • It has a 1000w peak class D Amplifier which is suitable even for outdoor functions
  • In addition to that, it has a Bluetooth controllable DSP
  • It is easy to transport due to its two handles
  • The same has multiple setup configurations that ensure that there are no chances for unnecessary failures
  • It is a 5-Way User Definable Parametric EQ and has dual combination XLR-1/4 inputs
  • It consists of Main, Monitor, Sub, and Speech Modes


The performance popularizes JBL EON610. The performance is extraordinary due to the waveguide design. It has the new state of the art technology where radiation characteristics are of the high, and low regulations are at 36 different points. This gave rise to the Image Control Waveguide that is suitable in ensuring that the coverage pattern and the sound radiation match at different points. The match is achievable at the high frequencies, the crossover point as well as the low frequencies.

This in effect translates to the fact that the EON610 sound production is transparent, smooth and the same all through for the entire audience. This is a plus mainly when using the product outdoors.
The Bluetooth integration is great when it comes to the issue of fine-tuning your sound. You always crave for a fine-tuned sound from your machine. You do not need to worry about the issue as with E610 we have got you covered.

With E610 we have iOS and Android supported Bluetooth to support your audio urge. The quality can save and even recall user presets thus one can return easily to the previous function.


  • Eon 610 has a smooth sound which has the much need clarity and balance.
  • It has powerful speakers that are useful for indoor and outdoor functioning
  • It has an acoustic resonance
  • JBL Eon610 Portable 10” as two handles to increase portability
  • Its sound radiation and coverage patterns match at high frequencies, the crossover point and low frequencies
  • It facilitates Bluetooth integration for easier sound control.


  • The product pricing is a strikethrough deal which may make customers not trust the quality of the product on offer.
  • There is no clear way to limit the audio output
  • The speaker’s material is plastic and thus may be affected by hot weather.


Once you remove the product from the packaging, the user manual will provide the necessary guidance on the setup.


JBL EON610 10” is one such product that you need to have if you value quality in audio. This is a product that resonates with your needs at this age.

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