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JBL Boombox- Best Choice

JBL Boombox is a large cylinder with a wide built-in handle which you can use for carrying it around. When it comes to the influence of Boombox on the music is quietly indisputable. The portable sound system is the ones that gave rise to the subcultures (think of the hip-hop as well as breakdancing). This was back in the 80s as well as 90s. When we come to today, JBL has been able to take the penchant for the splash-proof as well as portable Bluetooth Audio into the bygone era with the bombastic Boombox. You are going to love how loud it can be and the clarity with which it plays the music.

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Ultimate Reviews JBL Boombox

As it has been stated above, this is among the best speakers which are available in the market. However, you may have additional questions. These questions include: What makes JBL Boombox very effective? What does it offer to the clients? Well, we are about to dig deeper on the excellent features which makes it a great choice. This is for the people who love listening to music.


JBL Boombox- Best Choice

JBL Boombox gets to follow the basic design principles making use of the fabric as well as plastic to be able to fashion an excellent water-resistant speaker which looks like the extra version of everything else this company has launched. It’s quite heavy, and it measures 11.6 pounds. A very sturdy handle holds JBL Boombox hence you do not have to rest this on the shoulders.

There is two passive radiators flank unit which gives it quite a visual flair in a monochromatic tone. The cylinder houses two 20mm tweeters which get power from two four-inch woofers. They have all symmetrically laid out under the grille. Keeping it very simple, you will see a few buttons on the front.

Up/down as well as play/pause get to be linked to mobile device controls. This means that there is no separate volume control when it is paired with Boombox. The lack of track skipping button means that you are going to double tap the Play/pause to be able to move forward a track. Connect+ button is for pairing with the other JBL speakers in the Stereo. When you get to look on the back, JBL was able to include a power adapter, two USB ports, Aux In and the micro USB port for the firmware upgrades.

It is important to be able to understand that the JBL does not include any of the audio cables which are compatible with the ports out of the box. JBL Boombox has a power adapter, but unfortunately, that’s all. Inbuilt Mic which is meant for the voice calls and the body itself has a rating of IPX7. What this then means is that it can be able to stay submerged in very clear water for up to 30 minutes. It is water and splash resistant.


JBL Boombox- Best Choice

It has been made to be a mighty and also most portable Bluetooth Speaker. JBL Boombox delivers a monstrous sound which is along hardest hitting bass. The battery life lasts 24 hours, and hence you will not miss a beat. Get to use the 20,000 mAh battery. The dual charge out to be able to charge the external devices anytime and you keep the music rocking. It is very much rugged enough to be able to handle the wildest parties. JBL Boombox is waterproof hence can withstand any weather.

JBL Connect App for the iOS as well as Android gets to speed up this setup process. However, this is not necessary to be able to run Boombox. You can be able to use it to be able to switch between indoor as well as outdoor modes, or Stereo and Party. This is only applicable if you have been able to pair Boombox with the other JBL speakers. It does not have an equalizer or even the custom audio profiles to be able to personalize sound a little.

The buttons include volume, Play/Pause, up/down and Bluetooth.


JBL Boombox

You may be wondering what the major difference between indoor as well as outdoor modes is. Well, the major difference between these two is the extra bass that gets to be pumped while you are outside. Even when you do not have it, Boombox is loud, and bass lovers are going to feel this beat.

The beauty of all this is the lack of distortion even at very high volumes. Skewing audio spectrum enough to get extra bass out of the JBL Boombox, JBL was able to balance mids as well as highs to get an overall sound which is much clearer than you can expect.  JBL Boombox has no physical stereo separation, but it does sound like it has. There is more than enough to make the vocals as well as the instruments to feel quite distinct.

Keep in mind that it is not an audiophile product, and the heavy bass very much skews the overall accuracy, but the soundstage was more than excellent. JBL Boombox is not like the other speakers which tend to overdo it preceding certain genres. That does feel agnostic to music which is playing.

You can be able to play with a Television making use of the Aux in Connection, and you are going to be very much surprised. For every charge, the battery life can be able to last for 24 hours.


JBL Boombox Setup process is as simple as a snap of fingers. The connection modes which are available include wired or even Bluetooth Connections. With higher volume, less that it lasted. The connection between JBL Boombox and the device is solid. Hence you can also control it from a distance.


If you are among the people that love bass and you have always wanted to take it with you wherever you go, JBL Boombox is not going to let you down. Price is quite high, but you will agree the sound quality and clarity that you are going to get from this speaker is worth it. An added advantage is the versatility. That’s because of being waterproof which ensures it to be a solid choice in the price range.

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