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Jaybird X4 has made its mark in the market when it comes to the Bluetooth earbuds. Jaybird X4 is a good refresh of the company’s old Jaybird X3 wireless headphones. One of the most significant changes in their improved IPX7 sweat/waterproofing. The redesigned tips and the cord management system that is accordingly to the Jaybird, is going to provide the user with an even more secure fit. Despite these changes not being monumental, they all add to go on and improve X4’s overall runner, an avid gym-goer or the hardcore hiker on the hunt for a close unbreakable set of the wireless headphones with listenable audio. Later, Jaybird X4s are quite an excellent choice.

Jaybird X4

Jaybird X4 Reviews


Jaybird X4

The Jaybird X4s usually have a minor visual overhaul when it is compared to X3s. The biggest step forward has been able to address the main issue with the X3s. This was lack of waterproofing feature. Jaybird X4 design has met the IPX7 water certification, and this means that the new headphones will be able to survive weather conditions and odd accidental submersion at a depth of up to one meter for thirty minutes.

This change is not going to make a huge difference to the people who usually exercises in the gym, but if you are an avid runner especially in rainy Britain, this is a very key upgrade. X4s survives occasional rainy run and a very brief attempt to be able to drown them in the kitchen sink. Fit has greatly been improved, and this is mainly thanks to the addition of the redesigned top as well as the wing options and a brand new cord management system.

Jaybird X4 comes with the wings, the silicon and the foam tip options in a wide variety of sizes. It is these options on offer which makes it very easy to be able to get a solid seal and fit which is going to hold. You will be able to achieve this even during the heated running sessions. This is an excellent achievement beyond some competing sets.
The refined and reworked cord management system does also makes it very easy to be able to stop the loose cables flapping behind the neck while you are exercising. This is quite a frequent annoyance on very many of cord running headphones test. The battery life stays for eight hours hence you can enjoy a whole day of good music nonstop.


  • Battery Life: You are going to enjoy eight hours of playtime with one
  • IPX7 protection: It is waterproof, and hence you can use it irrespective of any weather condition.
  • Fit: versatile design that runs over the ears for a more secure, a sport-specific fit or even under for more relaxed situations.
  • Ultra Foam tips: thermo-reactive, interchangeable tips offer enhanced durability, excellent sound and conform to the individual ear canals for a very secure and comfortable fit.
  • Premium sound with the custom EQ: the Uncompromising sound quality which is compatible with Jaybird app to be able to customize the Sound EQ and the get to save the personal setting to buds.
  • Response bandwidth: 20Hz- 20 kHz.
  • Cable management: Speech Cinch.
  • Item weight: 1.04 ounces.
  • Item dimensions: 19.72 x 0.51 x 1.03 inches.
  • Additional features: An active running lifestyle.
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion Battery.


Jaybird X4

Audio quality is very good when it is rated with the running headphone standards. The audio is clear, and you can enjoy the music. Tonal balance is quite reasonable with no part of audio overpowering the other. With EQ set to flat, earphones get to deliver sound signature which still packs a good amount of bass depth.

Nowadays, a large portion of the headphones has unique apps that are not worth it. The Jaybird X4 gets to ensure you will get the value for money. This is by providing access to the awesome free MySound app Android and iOS. It comes loaded with various sound profiles. With the app, the kit allows users to be able to tweak EQ settings to personal preference. This is the most valuable feature of the Jaybird X4.

Flat Profile is the default preset, and this is the key component to rate the overall sound quality. This is for the people who usually prefer near the neutral sound. You can experiment with presets as each of them is for various music genres. Bring Bass preset is perfect for exercising. It has better bass boosting settings.

If there is nothing that suits the sonic palate, it has an option to be able to modify EQ on every profile or even create a more personalized listening experience. The best of all, changes to a more personalized profile gets saved as well as carry over to a newly paired device.


  • Flexible and lightweight design.
  • Waterproof protection.
  • Secure and very fit.


With this device, you can be able to receive calls via a Bluetooth connection. You will be able to hear the other person loud and very clear on both ends. You do not have to raise the volume unnecessary. The inbuilt mic is very when it comes to picking vocals. It is very sensitive to touch and detects the slightest contact which includes a control module hitting the neck. Jaybird X4 can operate within a maximum range of 3 feet that is typical for the Bluetooth devices.

Connection strength is quite average for what you can expect for the Jaybird product. This means it is better in relation to the previous version of the Jaybird X4. The playback controls are intuitive and easy to operate. You can be able to adjust the volume by being able to tap the plus or the minor buttons as well as skip between tracks by going on and hold them down.


Are you on a hunt for a set of running headphones that will last long? Then, you can never go wrong with Jaybird X4. A wealth of the tip options and the nifty new cable management system ensure it quick and very easy to get a more secure seal which is going to hold even during the active workouts. The sound quality is very good considering X4s price as well as the gym focus, and it is going to be fine for most of the people.

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