Jaybird X3- The Best of Jaybird Series

Get to travel out with Jaybird X3 Wireless headphones. The earbuds have a design so that they are tiny. Also packed to the brim with functionality, unbeatable comfort as well as the incredible sound quality. The third incarnation in the Jaybird X series produces Jaybird X3. It has a more battery life, more secure fit and excellent sound quality. Jaybird X3 comes with a wide variety of customized fit options that are already included in the box.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Jaybird X3 – The Best of Jaybird Series

The MySound App helps in customizing every aspect of the sound, from the rumbling lows to sweetest highs. Get to be able to customize every detail with an easy to use interface. Jaybird X3 is compatible with a wide variety of devices, and you can select various profiles with so much ease.

Jaybird X3- The Best of Jaybird Series


The headphones come with a multitude of fitting options.  With three different sizes of the fins, silicone tips as well as comply with foam tips, you can never lack a match. Also, it has a shirt clip and the two cable shortening clips. As a result of all these, the customization process can be tedious and also fiddly. However, once you can find the ideal combination, you are not going to have to adjust it again.

It is very much to mention that, 2 separate sets of Jaybird X3 have medium silicone tips. The ones that are attached to headphones are distinctly warped. It seems like silicone had shriveled a bit and hence. As a result, neither held the shape nor even sealed completely. It is important to understand that none of the remaining tips had this issue, hence it was a packaging error.

Jaybird X3- The Best of Jaybird Series

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What else?

Fin style securing method is an excellent thing for a bespectacled user. This is because as the over the ear and also on-ear headphones can end up being very painful. Not only painful but also incompatible altogether with arms of the glasses. They do work deceptively well at ensuring that earpieces are very secure.

Jaybird X3 have a sweat proof design, compact build, lightweight and many methods of ensuring the security of them. The Jaybird X3 have been well built to be able to handle the various vigorous exercises.  Irrespective of the over-energized voice, it does give a very clear indication of the status of the headphones.



Jaybird X3- The Best of Jaybird Series

Last update on 2020-05-08 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Item weight: 9.6 ounces.
  • Product Dimensions: 21.5 x 0.5 x 0.9 ounces.
  • Batteries: 1 one Lithium Polymer batteries needed.
  • Color: Sparta White.
  • Quality: You can customize your sound the way you want.
  • Sweatproof: Excellent for workouts.
  • Battery life: 8 hours of battery life and 200 hours of standby time.

Jaybird X3 has a design that makes it as small as possible.  Performance and the looks are well taken care of. Patented silicon ear fins well and securely attach to top and back. Or even the lower surface areas of an ear for the snug fit. The design is waterproof. The battery life is impressive. This is because it can stay for eight hours while it is in use and 200 hours when In standby mode.

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Despite them having a focus on the athletic angle, Jaybird X3 still suffers from the rare connection loss, especially when the phone is in the right pocket. However, this is not a problem of only this device but also other similar devices that are wireless. To prevent this demerit, there is a solution. You can be able to use the sports armband to get the device much closer. This will bring it close to Bluetooth receiver which is in headphones remote. Even when not exercising you can make use of the shirt’s breast pocket.

Beyond all this, Jaybird X3 sound quality is very much impressive considering the price of this device. The silicone tips that it comes with are a bit seal. As a result, it goes on and offers high audio fidelity with a very slight drop in comfort.

The stock audio profile is treble skewed, but thanks to free Jaybird MySound app, that is available in both the Android as well as the iOS, you can be able to use the five band EQ to be able to fine tune acoustics or even switch between numerous variety of the presets and the user-created profiles. The profiles get to save to the headphones rather than to playback devices. What this then means is that you can be able to set it once and use it across any of the devices without needing to re-tune.

Best of the Product

Here are some of the merits of Jaybird X3.

  • Durable.
  • With the long battery life, enjoy interrupted


Opening the box that it comes with, you are going to find headphones, handy snapping carrying case with Jaybird logo which is on it. There is also a small bag with the wingtips, an extra bag that contains the silicone ear tips and finally memory foam ones. Along with this, is the small clips to be able to keep wires under proper control if you do need them, Jaybird sticker, quick start guide, charging cradle and an instruction booklet.

Jaybird X3 makes the use of the Bluetooth version 4.1 and what this means is that you can be able to connect two of them to a similar source device if you want to do so. You can also be able to connect to 2 different devices. At the same time, Lag or latency does not exist in Jaybird X3.

The connection of Jaybird X3 with a device is via Bluetooth, and it can be able to stay string up to around 20 to around 25 feet. There are three small stutters within three hours of the exercise which is not quite bad.

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Majority of x3’S design changes over X2’s are for better; smaller profile that does allow them to fit under the helmets and hats easily, excellent upgrade to the Bluetooth version 4.1 which can give long battery life and ability to pair two devices easily and also support for aforementioned MySoundApp makes for the incredible malleable sound. Smaller profiles have also meant that Jaybird X3 now charges with the proprietary charging dock, although tiny dock still uses the Micro-USB. This is an excellent and fabulous pair of sports earphones on wholly, and also the flaws that we have been able to mention above are minor, and they can never affect the operations of Jaybird X3.

We would strongly go on and recommend these to the various gym junkies and the audio purists. Improvements when it comes to the Bluetooth connection is possible so as to improve reliability. Nevertheless, go on and enjoy music with High-quality Jaybird X3.  


Jaybird X3 wireless headphones are excellent devices for one to travel with. The earbuds have a design which ensures that they are tiny. In addition, they have a package to the brim with functionality, superb comfort, as well as incredible sound quality. The third incarnation in the Jaybird X series is the one that produces Jaybird X3. It does have more battery life, much more secure it as well as high quality sound. Jaybird X3 has various customized fit options that comes included in the box.

What is Jaybird X3?

Jaybird X3 are superb headphones that do come with a multitude of fitting options. With the three different sizes of the fins, the silicone tips, and comply with the foam tips, you can never lack match. It does have a shirt clip and two cable-shortening clips. Well, because of all these, the customization process can be quite tedious and fiddly. However, once you can find an ideal combination, there shall be no need to adjust it again.

Fin style securing method is a superb thing for any user. Jaybird X3 does have a sweat-proof design, lightweight, compact build as well as many methods of making sure that they are secure. Jaybird X3 can handle the vigorous exercises.

How to reset jaybird X3?

If you are experiencing issues with the buds such as connectivity, distortion, audio, or even connecting to the MySound app, you may need to try resetting the headphones. To be able to reset the Jaybird X3, follow the steps below:

  • Power off the buds.
  • From the off state, press as well as hold the power button for eight seconds until LED s flashes red as well as green.
  • Double press power button. LED is going to flash rapidly, and you should be able to hear the dual-tone. The buds have now been reset.

How long does it charge is full?

Charging the Jaybird X3 does take 2.5 hours for eight hours of the listening time. Input current is usually fixed at 500 mA; hence, the USB port on any modern device is going to be able to charge X3 at a similar rate.

The Jaybird X3 buds do come with a directional charging clip. To be able to charge, you can follow these steps:

  • Connect included USB charging cable to the charging clip on one end.
  • Get to connect charging clip to inline remote on the X3 buds with Micro-USB connector that faces away from the earpiece. You will notice charging clip has been tapered, just like an inline remote. Wider section of the charging clip aligns with broader parts of the remote.
  • Connect another end of the USB charging cable to the USB power source.
  • Limit charge time to 2.5 hours.

How to connect Jaybird X3 to the iPhone?

Right out of the box, the Jaybird X3 buds do come ready to pair. Turn on the X3 buds. On the Bluetooth music device, find the Jaybird X3 on the available devices list. On some devices, you may need to scan the available Bluetooth devices. Tap the Jaybird X3 on the list to connect. Once you are connected, you are going to hear ‘headphones connected’ from the buds.

Please note that if you are pairing the X3 buds to other Bluetooth device, you will have to start pairing mode. With the buds turned off, get to press and hold Power button until when you can see LED-flashing green/red. When LED flashes red/green, buds are ready to pair. The voice prompt is going to say ‘Searching for the music device.’

Get to select the ‘Jaybird X3’ in the list of the discovered devices to connect. Once it is connected, you will hear the ‘Headphones connected’ from the buds.

What are the special things about Jaybird X3?

  • This device is much smaller about the X2.
  • It does have enhanced battery life, and it sounds excellent for the in-ear Bluetooth Headphone.
  • It is water-resistant and usually comes with protective carrying pouch.
  • The Jaybird X3 is a significant enhancement over the X2 and is among the top Bluetooth sports headphone, which is available in the market.

Tip &Guide:

Are Jaybird X3 fully waterproof? Why?

They are not waterproof. Jaybird X3 headset does not have a design that can allow them to have them submerged in water or even liquid of any kind, nor have do they have a design for water sports or even any other water-based activities. Any change or modification of the Jaybird audio product to be able to adapt it for the water sports or any different water environment will void Limited Warranty.  Any reference to the Jaybird X3 of the product being ‘Waterproof’/’sweat resistant’ means that they have a design which allows them to withstand moisture under the regular non-water sports as well as everyday use that includes perspiration as we; as accidental splashes of the water.

How do you wear Jaybird X3 earbuds?

You can fit the Jaybird X3; sport fit and casual fit in two ways.

Sport fit

  • Get to lay X3 with an inline remote on left-hand side. Swap fins to opposite side so that the fin with L is now on side with remote.
  • Rotate fins so that they are pointing towards the cable.
  • Place the X3 over the ear with an incline remote on the left side.
  • Beginning with medium-sized tips and the fins attached, try placing the buds firmly within the ear while in the over-ear position.
  • If the buds are not comfortable or even they are loose, try the alternative sized tips or/and the fins. One can also try ComplyTM foam tips or even eradicate the fins.
  • Lay X3 I front of you and fit the cord clips.
  • Find right cord length to get, snug fit with no much slack around the back of the head by pulling the top and the bottom cord outwards.
  • Insert last loop into cord clip as well as pull firmly.

For the casual fit, here is the guide:

If you have any intention to use Jaybird X3 for occasional use, it is recommended to do the under ear setup.

  • With medium-sized tips and the fins attached, place the buds firmly within the ear while in under ear position. Inline remote should be on the right side.
  • If the buds are not comfortable or even feel loose, you can try the alternative size tips or the fins. One can also try ComplyTM foam tips or even eradicate the fins. Be patient as it can take some time to get a comfortable fit.
  • If you feel like you can use included shirt clip to be able to secure X3 buds to the back of the shirt. The long side of the clip-on outside of the shirt.
  • Once happy with the fit, you are good to go.

Why won’t my Jaybird X3 connect?

There are various ways to be able to troubleshoot the Jaybird X3 if the buds are not connecting. Connect the charging clip as well as the USB cable to the power source. This is going to turn the buds off as well as perform the soft reset. If this is not able to resolve the problem, you can reset the buds to their original factory settings.


This is a fabulous pair of sports earphones on the whole, as well as flaws. These headphones do come with a multitude of the appropriate options, with three different sizes of fins, silicone tips as well as comply foam tips and a shirt clip, with two cable-shortening clips. Therefore, when it comes to the customization process is less tedious as well as fiddly.

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