The Important Supplies You Should Have At Home During Social Distancing - Social Distancing

The Important Supplies You Should Have At Home During Social Distancing

Social distancing is a non-medicinal way of slowing down, cutting down or minimizing the spread of infectious or contagious viruses’ outbreak, by physically isolating oneself from others. Or, just maintaining a huge physical distance between several people for the time being, until a solution, vaccination or cure has been found to put an end to the spreading. Since, such infectious diseases or viruses often get transmitted from one person to the other, either by physical contact, indirect contact, sexual contact and some are airborne transmitted as well.

Social distancing is also a way to chip in, to contribute in order to help society and each other as human beings. A form of flattening out the spreading curve. For instance, if you get infected, then your families will probably get it too, and they would risk spreading it to others they meet as well. Instead of letting that happen, you could socially distance yourself for that period. You won’t get it, your family won’t get it and they’re also in social distancing mode, therefore others around them won’t get it. See, it’s a simple preventative method.

There is an important thing to remember though, during this period and it is to stock up on essential supplies, needed for survival reasons, obviously.

The Important Supplies You Should Have At Home During Social Distancing

Somehow, there isn’t an exact or accurate amount of days, weeks, months or even years, to when an antidote is found/formulated and the requirement for social distancing, is not needed. Therefore, we all must be wise and start getting important supplies, needed for a normal everyday living. Everybody’s household should stock up or contain supplies, as the followings:

Food Supplies:

Food Supplies - Social Distancing

Since most restaurant chains would be closed down due to social distancing. It’s wiser to start stocking up on food supplies, basic groceries. There won’t be any need for taking-out or food delivery anyhow, because it’s safer to cook for yourself. You trust your own cooking. Hence, one needs to buy groceries not for the week, but at least a month or two. Examples, like dried fruits or vegetables (could be kept longer), canned foods, pasta, cup/packet noodles, rice, and much more food that have a long shelf-life.

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Medical supplies

Medical supplies - Social Distancing

Medicines are definitely necessary at this point. Since you’re in social distancing, in case you’ve got the sniffle or the flu, you have medication to take care of yourselves. You also, wouldn’t take the risk of going to the hospital, where that’s predominantly the place you could get infected by any diseases easily anyways.

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Personal care

Personal care - Social Distancing

Staying indoors for social distancing, then be smart and don’t forget to keep your personal hygiene up to par. Yes, you do take showers or baths, 3 or 4 times a day and wash your hands every so often, to ease the contagious spreading. But, have you been checking how much soap, shampoos, conditioners, hand sanitizers, deodorant, detergent, toothpaste and even your skincare products, are left. What happens if you suddenly run out? Hence, don’t forget to stock up on them.

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Baby product

Baby product - Social Distancing

Every parent knows this, the moment they hear an outbreak, at any point, they would just go and grab, like 2 years’ worth, of baby supplies. That’s right, be aware, social distancing is going to be rough, plus many stores might close down in order to help flatten the curve as well. So, mothers, get plenty of those diapers, baby formulas, baby food, clothes, napkins, bottles, and all the other baby-related stuff.

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Health and household supplies

Health and household supplies

If your family contains many members living in the same household, then be well prepared and get enough health and household supplies. These supplies may include, pots, pans, utensils, blenders, mixers, cushions, bed sheets, blankets, dressers, sofa covers, etc. Those are only examples of household goods but do remember to get only those you know, that you might need during this long period. Why? Because most or all stores might be closed by then.

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Pet supplies

Pet supplies

Pet owners and pet lovers, don’t have to remind you right. Since their like basically a friend or family member of yours already. Getting them their foods, toys, their soap, shampoo, their medications and all those essential things needed to care for them. Stock up on those as well.

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Finally, you have everything ready. You’ve got the supplies needed for you, your families, your household and even your pets to be embarking on your social distancing journey. Good for you, to try and help out yourself, society, community, city, country and literally the world. One person could make a significant difference, and now imagine if we all joined forces. We would all fight through the spreading and rise in victory.

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