Top 10 Best Home Gyms In 2021

Having the best home gym not only saves you money in gym fees but saves you time as well. So if you want to get into shape using one of the home gyms reviewed with a proper diet and regular sleep can help. However, you will also need some discipline, as well. Invest in one of the top home gyms today and start getting into shape now!

Best Home Gyms Review

10. Marcy Smith Home Gym

10. Marcy Smith Home Gym

The home gym system has a durable structure equipped with aircraft cable that comprises of the tensile strength of 2,000 LBS. You can do multiple workouts from arm presses to dual-action leg strengthening. Furthermore, it has an Olympic weight rack with six weight plate pegs provided in the frame.

  • All-in-one workout station
  • Offers you both arm and leg workouts
  • Made with a heavy-duty frame
  • Designed with off-the-floor base
  • Comes with a 2,000 LBS cable length
  • Equipped with a pop-pin adjustable bench
  • Organized assembly a must

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9. Body-Solid Home Gym

9. Body-Solid Home Gym

Home gym with a durable metal frame and excellent paint job, pick the Body-Solid model. You get aircraft cables to work the upper and lower body. Furthermore, it presents you with multiple ways to do arm presses and has a pull-down bar as well.

  • Offers you adjustable resistance
  • Designed with weight plates sold separately
  • Space-saving design and build like a tank
  • Presents you with a wide selection of workouts from shrugs, multiple presses, to squats
  • Made for strength building only

8. BOWFLEX XCEED Home gyms


The following home gym has power rods for resistance. You can adjust the resistance according to your needs. The appliance takes up little space with the foldable design and offers you an upper and lower pulley system. You can develop your leg muscles with the developer and has an aerobic rower. Furthermore, you get a triple-function hand-grip and ankle cuffs with an instructional placard.

  • Affordable
  • Compact for storage with the foldable design
  • You can use it to perform up to 65 different movements
  • Designed with adjustable power rods for resistance
  • Not suitable for the best lower body workout

7. Body-Solid Powerline Home Gym

7. Body-Solid Powerline Home Gym

The home gym from Body-Solid presents you with a compact design that is not foldable. The seats adjustable and has a three-position pulley system. The appliance comes with a metal weight stack with adjustable resistance. On the other hand, it has a durable steel frame with aircraft cables. You get a lat bar with low row bar and ab crunch harness.

  • Compact multi-gym system
  • Equipped with a metal weight system
  • Durable build
  • Needs little assembly
  • Temperamental quality control

6. BOWFLEX BSG10X Home Gym



Here we have another home gym with adjustable power rods and a folding design taking up little space in the home. You can work your upper and lower body with the pulley systems and develop leg muscles with the leg developer. Furthermore, it has a squat bar with an aerobic rower and an instructional placard. On the other hand, you get a triple-function hand-grip with ankle cuffs.

  • Durable construction
  • Helps with strength building
  • Adjustable seat
  • Compact with a folding design
  • Equipped with a lat bar, abdominal harness, and low row bar
  • Versatile to use with flexible weight stack and pulleys
  • You need to replace the cable yearly

5.b Total Gym XLS Home Gyms

5.b Total Gym XLS

For bodyweight training, it helps to have the Total Gym APEX G5 home gym. You get adjustable resistance with a folding design for storage. The glide board has comfortable padding with nylon strap handles and leg pull accessory. Furthermore, it has a wing attachment with a wall chart, and you get up to five workout DVDs, a nutrition plan, and workout cards.

  • Folds for storage
  • You can do up to 80 different exercises with this home gym
  • Great for improving yoga and pilates moves
  • Not suitable for strength building

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4. Marcy MWM990 Home Gym

4. Marcy MWM990 Home Gym

Here we have a stylish home gym with a vinyl weight stack and adjustable resistance. The unit does not fold, but still has a compact design that takes up little space. You can do upper and lower body workouts with the pulley systems and offers you a multi-angle pull-down bar with a removable preacher pad. Furthermore, it has two action press arms with leg extender, lockable weight stack, ankle straps, and a workout chart.

  • Stylish and versatile design
  • Equipped with everything you need for a full-body workout
  • You get a workout chart
  • Assembling the gym takes time
  • Not made for tall athletes

3. Gold’s Gym XRS 55 Home gyms

3. Gold’s Gym XRS 55

With the home gym, you can get a full-body workout in the comfort of your house. The equipment has a 125-pound weight stack with up to 330-pound resistance. You can use it for different strength training exercises for the upper and lower body. Furthermore, it has a four foam leg developer and adjustable vinyl seat.

  • Affordable
  • Looks great in your home
  • Offers a good weight stack of up to 330lbs
  • Adjustable pad to help develop arm muscles
  • Not as stable as other units

2. WEIDER Ultimate Body Gym

2. WEIDER Ultimate Body Gym

The home gym offers you both bodyweight and resistance bands. The resistance you can adjust, and it has a folding design for storage. You get a pulley system with nylon strap handles and a removable base plate with handles. You can use the unit to do more than 50 different movements in the comfort of your house.

  • Excellent design with an affordable price
  • You can use it to do multiple workouts
  • Designed with adjustable resistance bands
  • Compact and foldable
  • Not suitable for tall athletes to use

1. BodyBoss Home Gym

1. BodyBoss Home Gym

For an inexpensive option when in need of the best home gym, you will find this model from BodyBoss exceptional. In the kit, you get resistance bands with adjustable resistance. Furthermore, it has a folding design for storage, taking up little space. You can use it to do multiple workouts, and you get a squat bar, handles, and ankle/wrist straps.

  • Compact to take with on vacations
  • Affordable price
  • You get multiple attachments to use with the home gym
  • Can get additional resistance bands to buy separate
  • The base does not feel sturdy

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When you need an affordable gym to use at home, we hope you find the best home gym here with us. With the list, you can search for an affordable unit to use in the comfort of your house or apartment. The models reviewed offer you a compact design with multiple ways to use it to build your upper and lower body strength. Pick one today and start working out at home without paying the high cost of gym fees.