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Top 10 Awesome High-Tech Gadgets for Teachers

Smartphones. Laptops. Projectors. E-book readers. Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by technological gadgets in our schools, colleges, and universities. The classroom experience has undergone a major change with the advancement in technology. Innovation has no boundaries, and when it comes to teaching, it is a whole different ball game. These devices and technologies are helpful for both the students and the teachers and take the learning process to the next level. These high-tech devices not only boost the productivity of tutors but also allows them to impart knowledge in a better and innovative way. With so many technological devices out there, it gets really hard to choose the ones that will be the most beneficial. This is where we come in! We have put together a list of 10 awesome high-tech gadgets for teachers that are a must-have!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

10 Best High-Tech Gadgets for Teachers

1. Document Camera

Want to share a document with your entire class? Instead of getting copies for everyone, you can simply project it on a screen with the help of a document camera. Without any complexity, fuss, and unease, you can display anything on the screen!

With the help of this wide-angle camera, you can easily capture the entire document. Moreover, it has audio and video functionalities as well so that you can stream and record your lessons. Sounds heavenly, right?

2. Wireless Keyboard

You must be thinking, why do I need a wireless keyboard when I have an on-screen keyboard in touch device? Well, it is all about mobility and flexibility! You can attach a wireless keyboard with any of your devices and perform multiple functions such as typing, editing, displaying documents over the projector, etc. with a level of ease and comfort which an on-screen keyboard can certainly not compete with!

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3. Wireless Microphone

If you are teaching in a lecture theater or a large classroom, it can be pretty hard to ensure that the pupils at the back can hear you. Instead of straining your voice and going hoarse, you need to get a wireless microphone.

You can easily pair it with speaker systems or existing devices, and make sure that everyone is hearing what you are delivering. Moreover, you can move anywhere in the classroom without worrying about the wire of the microphone cutting your mobility short!

You can also get wireless presenters such as trust wireless presenters to enhance the quality of your lessons.

4. iPad Air

If you are a teacher, you are going to love this iPad. With the help of this gadget, you are going to get unrivaled tools, mobility, and flexibility in your teaching experience. With the help of educational apps on this device, teachers can have control over their lessons, schedules, and content, both in and out of the classroom.

Tutors can also connect with other classroom devices and share/transfer your work as well. With the help of the online Apple Store, several study applications can be downloaded into this iPad. Furthermore, it is light and sleek, even though it is slightly expensive.

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5. E-Book Reader

With the help of E-book readers, there is no need to carry heavy textbooks from one classroom to another. You can easily keep all of your books, lessons, references, etc. in the top quality E-book readers. They are small and compact. Moreover, they come at very affordable prices as well and have pretty good battery life.

6. Apple Watch

What better way to keep current than with the help of reminders, notifications, emails, timers, etc. on your Watch? What’s more, it acts as a presentation remote that allows you to control your slideshows, play & pause videos and audios, and a lot more!

Additionally, it acts as a replacement for your phone since you can manage all your notifications on it without checking your phone constantly. Pretty handy, right?

7. Digital Sketching Devices

Taking notes is not only a part of learning but teaching as well. In the technological age of today, pen & paper can’t cut it. You can get a sketching tool that will allow you to create drawings on any surface and then transfer it directly to your laptops, smartphones, and computers.

8. Interactive Whiteboard

With the help of an interactive whiteboard such as pneumonic intelliboard interactive board, teachers can’t only display slideshows and presentations. Still, they can also draw or write over these high-resolution, projected images with the help of a stylus that acts as a pen or a mouse.

9. Label Printer

Even though making labels for various things is a pretty simple and straightforward task, it can be time-consuming and annoying. If you get a handy label maker, you will not have to spend hours of your time making labels, especially if you’re a preschool teacher!

If you need to print detailed reports, you can get a laser printer as well.

10. Audio Speaker

Going to deliver a lecture in a packed auditorium? With the help of a good-quality audio system, you can easily ensure that your audio is being transmitted to every corner of the lecture theater!

With the advent of technology, things have become easier for us in every sphere of life, including teaching. If you use the right tech gadgets in your lessons, you will not only feel comfortable yourself, but you will also be able to teach your students effectively. Do not hesitate to consider these high-tech gadgets for teachers here!

Happy Teaching, Folks!

This article was written by Adam Johnson, a professional writer in the sphere of technology from PapersOwl. He has worked in various tech firms and has published several articles on tech and its effects on our world. Now, he offers top-notch tutoring on the subjects of writing, editing, and telecommunications.

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