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Best Hidden Spy Cameras in 2021

Since the last few years, the use of hidden spy cameras increased a lot. It the compact in structure and can easily install at a definite place without knowing anyone. As per your convenience, you can set up these cameras on things like wallpaper, clocks/watches, pens, outlets, etc. Their compact design and concealed structure would not let the intruders know about it. In this way, you can secretly spy in your home, office or any place whenever you are away. What is more, their small size allows easy portability and ease of access. Thus, you can carry it along with you or you can set it up at a place without informing anyone. Check this out if you are looking for Best Home Wireless Routers 

Prior to making the purchase, it is best to consider your needs and the place where you would set it up. Besides, it is important to consider the features anticipated and the budget prior to making a decision. Moreover, with a wide range of spy cameras available currently, take a look at the below-discussed hidden spy cameras to make a wise buying decision:

Best Hidden Spy Cameras Review

10. Hidden Camera AOBO Mini Spy Wireless WiFi IP

Hidden Camera AOBO Mini Spy Wireless WiFi IP

The use of this hidden camera from AOBO helps to eliminate the distant limitation for the user to view the surrounding. It is possible to record live feed as per your convenience. Likewise, this device is capable to work as a nanny camera and hidden camera according to your needs. Once these hidden spy cameras are successfully configured and properly connected to your smartphone, it is easy to employ remote monitoring. Thus, your home and office would stay secured and under complete control.

There are some people who are reluctant to use these kinds of spy cameras due to fear of set up hassles. This model of hidden spy wireless camera comes with easy setup. In addition, you just need to follow the instruction manual step by step. Its best part is it can function seamlessly for Windows/Mac system computer. Furthermore, one of the unique specialties is it comes in the super small size. Actually, this wireless hidden camera referred to as the world’s smallest camera equipped with eight diverse DIY lens buttons. According to your preference, you can make use of the buttons to stitch them on the clothes or tools.

  • This compact Wi-Fi hidden cam supports remote control via a free app. Also, those smartphones equipped with Android and the iOS system can avail access to the nanny cam.
  • It comes with the rechargeable lithium battery capacity to meet the portable recording for 80 minutes. In case you require more recording time, simply connect it to an electric outlet or power bank.
  • Whenever your SD card is full, it found that this wireless camera would overwrite the outdated video automatically.
  • There is no need to concern about SD card full stop recording.
  • It can support an SD card with a maximum limit of 68GB.
  • This hidden spy camera possesses a USB interface that could easily connect to a USB charger/adapter.

Those customers who tried using this spy camera expressed the ease of recording videos and capturing photos without enticing attention. Also, it is quite easy to set it up.

9. Brickhouse Security Camscura Micro

Brickhouse Security Camscura Micro

The Camscura Micro hidden camera considered one of the tiniest black box recording equipment on the present market. What is more, this Brickhouse Security hidden camera works to capture 1280 x 720 full HD video. Moreover, it also incorporates an extended battery capable to last for 10 hours of constant recording. When used in standby mode, it can work for 90 days. With the help of personalized recording triggers depending on motion, sound and vibration, you would certainly get the required footage.

Also, what entices the attention of customers about this product is it is possible to make your own custom hidden camera within a few minutes. Now you can transform any common household entity into an automatic surveillance system. Therefore, all you need to do is just conceal it inside plain sight or inside any common household object.

  • Dimensions of these CAM-MICRO hidden spy cameras are 1.7 x 3.5 x .7″.
  • The spy camera is capable to record vivid details in 1280 x 720 HD Video.
  • All the recorded videos would be saved inside an SD card, up to 64GB. Then, when the videos are recorded to an SD card, they can easily transfer to any computer.
  • The operating temperature is 0 to 45°C.
  • (32 to 113°F)
  • It is possible to record videos in different manners. These include sound-activated, motion-activated, vibration activated, continuous recording or time scheduled recording.

Glancing at the customer reviews, there are some users who complained about the incapability of these hidden spy cameras to record conversations. Except for that, the camera is an excellent low profile security device for video recording.

8. Hidden Spy Camera

Hidden Spy Camera

Presented in perfect design, the present model of hidden camera is competent to provide security to your home and office. This full HD 1080P wireless camera masked inside a structure resembling a cube USB charger. If needed, you can easily plug this spy camera inside any socket or extensive power-strip. Anyone except you would not know where the camera is located and how it records. Furthermore, its unique specialty is it includes a 180° wide-angle lens for complete home security.

  • The phreilend hidden spy camera supports Wi-Fi streaming through the Android/IOS app. It can effortlessly connect to the internet network; therefore, you can seamlessly live-stream your footage wherever you located.
  • To operate this wireless spy camera, you just need to download the app and then follow the instruction book.
  • It is possible to monitor your home or office or any place on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Alarm notifications would send to your cell phone whenever the motion enabled. Besides, the camera also captures snapshot photos on APP.
  • High flexibility is presented with the use of a 150-degree wide-angle lens and four digital zoom HD displays equipped with H.264 compression.
  • It is easy to adjust the resolution from 1080P, 720P and 640P.

The 1080P hidden spy cameras commended for the wireless functionality and excellent protection as per the customer reviews. Initially, you may face problems in the setup process. Later, it is easy to use it in your home, office or any place.

7. MAGENDARA Mini WiFi Camera

MAGENDARA Mini WiFi Camera

This mini camera from MAGENDARA is actually one of the world’s smallest cameras and capable to fit for all types of portable tools. Generally, these wireless hidden spy cameras are found suitable for residential security purposes. Likewise, when used as a nanny cam, it supports real-time monitoring. Also, when used as a pet cam, you can monitor the activities of your pets and little ones.

  • These 1080P hidden spy cameras designed in a compact structure and found to be lightweight.
  • They are capable to support video recording and charging simultaneously. Moreover, they can support loop video recording and 128GB micro TF card.
  • When used in wireless mode, the spy cameras can support local and remote connections. The included WiFi can cover a maximum distance of up to 30m.
  • Facility of the password management secures your privacy.
  • Once the motion detected, these spy cameras would begin recording automatically.

For those willing to secure their place when they are away, these MAGENDARA compact spy camera works superbly. All you need to do is just set it up at the required place and follow instructions properly.

6. Titathink Wireless WiFi Camera

Titathink Wireless WiFi Camera

The professional compact spy camera with wireless functionality from Titathink uniquely designed to conceal without drawing anyone’s attention. In spite of its small size, the working operation is powerful and to dedicate to providing comprehensive protection to the surrounding where it installed. Basically, these wireless mini hidden spy cameras are weatherproof can be installed outdoor when the need arises. Glancing at the construction, this model of a spy camera is actually a DIY spy camera. What is more, the camera comprises the camera unit and the host unit. Both these units connect together through a 20 feet black cable. According to your requirement, you could separately position them in diverse places like a window, bookshelf, wallpaper, etc.

  • These IP security cameras allow crystal HD video streaming through a smartphone. Also, the presence of the advanced CMOS image sensor offers crystal-clear 720p video quality at the rate of 30 frames per second.
  • With the help of the included app, the users can flawlessly monitor live feed from any place.
  • Multiple storage facilities are available. You can easily save recordings to your SD card or straight to your NAS network storage, NVR security surveillance system, or the folder in PC.
  • The motion detection is customizable and you can avail yourself alerts on your cell phone or email. In total, there are four configurable motion detection windows along with sensitivities.

Some customers who tried this spy camera mentioned the difficulty while installing. Moreover, they complained about the lack of directions for installation. If the installation hassles not considered then overall, these wireless spy camera functions seamlessly.

5. WiFi-Spy Camera Hidden Camera Home Security

WiFi Spy Camera Hidden Camera Home Security

Now there is no need to worry about where to mount a hidden spy camera. The wireless hidden spy cameras from JOYTRIP could be easily mounted in any concealed place with the proper use of the magnetic bracket. To understand this, for instance, you can mount it inside the corner of the home, office, store, warehouse, and garden, etc. Additionally, it is possible to mount these mini cameras inside your pocket. The credit of this benefit goes to its compact size and lightweight structure.

Basically, these home security cameras provide HD resolution and also own night vision capabilities. In addition, they come with the full HD 1920x1080p 30fps resolution. Furthermore, there are six concealed lightless infrared LEDs intended to provide a crystal clear image. This image output helps you view the entire space irrespective of the lighting conditions.

  • It is quite straightforward to use and install these spy security cameras anywhere; just follow the manual to install.
  • Those smartphones equipped with Android and the iOS system can easily access this wireless camera. This made possible through the cell phone app “hdminicam”.
  • Presence of the superior quality 150° wide-angle lens enables the user to monitor pet activities and reduce the chances of theft.
  • In the camera app, you can adjust the sensor sensitivity manually. Whenever motion detected, these hidden spy cameras would send notification alarm to your cell phone and captures three 3 photos.
  • They come with the 320 mAh rechargeable lithium battery and also allow charging while working.

According to the reviews of customers regarding this wireless spy camera, the setup is easy. Besides, the audio and video recording when you are away is just fantastic.

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4. Mini Wireless Camera

Mini Wireless Camera

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the mini wireless cameras prove to be the perfect gift your friends and family members. When you present the camera as a gift, the receiver would be able to protect his/her belongings without any hassles. The versatility of these action cop cam allows it to be used in different forms. What is more, you can use it as a security system, nanny cam, sports action cam, body camera, or on a drone. Actually, there are no limitations regarding the place of installation. According to your own convenience, you can easily set up this indoor/outdoor spy camera anywhere. You just need to make sure it concealed and nobody should know where it is set up.

  • When operated in the full night vision mode, these wireless cop cameras capture every detail when you are asleep.
  • The construction of these hidden spy cameras showcases 6 LED lights. These lights concealed and so they are invisible to the human eye. It ultimately improves the efficiency of night mode.
  • It is possible to record up to 100 minutes of videos.
  • These tiny secret camcorders effectively pick up movement to facilitate recording instantly.

There are some users who disappointed to see that the built-in battery just lasts for an hour. Except for this disadvantage, the spy camera device works securely and found to be versatile.

3. Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera

The prevailing model of Wi-Fi-based hidden spy cameras from LUOHE represents the latest 2021 version of spy cameras. Efficient functioning of these wireless cameras allows you to monitor your kids, nannies, the old-aged people, pet animals, etc. within a few seconds, you can get the complete picture of your home or office wherever you located. When you are traveling, you can carry these cameras with you to stay protected in your hotel room. You can effortlessly set up these hidden Wi-Fi cameras on the wall for your home, bedroom, office, and business.

  • These nanny hidden spy cameras made completely undetectable to make sure no one knows about it. Their construction uses a monolithic housing and a rear panel equipped with concealed memory card slot.
  • On their surface, there is an absence of sounds and indicators to make it completely hidden.
  • The cameras support full HD 1080p resolution.
  • Availability of motion detection and loop recording enhances the overall working efficiency.
  • With the help of a Wi-Fi live view, you can remotely view everything from your phone.
  • It is quite easy to use the camera. You just need to install the app “luohe” on your smartphone that supports Android or iOS system. Next, you just need to connect the camera through Wi-Fi signal indicating “luohe”.
  • To enhance security and privacy, these concealed spy cameras come with strong security protocols. Besides, they are password protected.

Right from the construction to the working operation to the setup, most customers praised these spy cameras. They pleased with the easy setup process and use of advanced functionalities.

2. Hidden Spy Home Security Camera

Hidden Spy Home Security Camera

One of the appealing traits of these Wi-Fi enabled spy cameras is they are 100% wire-free. Now you can completely stay free from the hassles of cords and wiring mess. The latest photo frame HD wireless camera is capable to avail push notification alert instantly through a link to the video given on your smartphone. Therefore, it is quite simple to make a decision about how to respond. Those users who desire to observe every important detail, these FUVISION hidden spy cameras are just perfect.

It is possible to use these photo frame spy cameras in the wireless mode because they are WiFi enabled. There are no hassles to remotely control the camera, download images and videos to your smart device, and stream real-time video anywhere. You will certainly admire the quick setup of the YIEYE app on your smartphone to remotely monitor your home or office.

  • These home security cameras record at 1280x720p for crystal HD video recording.
  • The included “No Glow” night vision LEDs are capable to monitor up to 20 feet in a dark environment during the night.
  • Availability of hidden 15 degrees downward viewing angle camera lens can find. This lens equipped with a daylight HD color video of the 65-degree camera to seamlessly record the place.
  • There is the presence of the advanced PIR: motion sensor alarm for motion detection. Once the motion detector is enabled, the outlet IP cameras deliver an alert to your smartphone. Later, it would begin recording a small 10-60 seconds clip to the SD card.

Glancing at the reviews of the customers about these FUVISION security cameras, they referred them as top-notch quality spy cameras. Right from installation to the wireless functioning, there are no troubles to use them.

1. Mini Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera Security

Mini Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera Security

Whenever you are looking for a compact-sized spy security camera, you can consider investing in these Kaposev DIY compact spy cameras. These 1080P wireless spy cameras equipped with a small lens to secretly record the surrounding. The size of the lens is as small as the clothes buttons, so it is easy to hide. Apart from installing these spy cameras on different things, you can carry them in your pocket. Extensive versatility of these small security cameras allows you to be monitor nanny, kids, pets, elderly people, etc.

  • The compact size of these Wi-Fi-enabled hidden spy cameras allows you to effortlessly fit inside a pocket.
  • Without anyone’s attention, you can utilize them to secretly record videos or capture pictures.
  • They facilitate you with the high resolution of 1920x1080p/30 fps videos. At this resolution, it is possible to watch and control your home or office. There would be no loss of any details while monitoring.
  • They support loop recording; also, they can record and playback with the use of local micro SD cards.

Those users who do not fully acquainted with the use of these Kaposev hidden spy cameras faced setup hassles. When you follow the instructions properly, such hassles can eliminate. Most customers pleased with the excellent monitoring abilities of these spy cameras. Overall, the picture quality and recording are decent enough.

To avoid chances of theft and to ensure complete security, the hidden spy cameras work excellently. Apart from securing your home, office, business, etc., these cameras are capable to secure your family members, friends, colleagues, and pets. The use of advanced functionalities and excellent monitoring makes them unique.

Why Should You Buy Hidden Spy Camera?

There has been an increase in the number of hidden spy cameras available in the market. The world today has embraced the camera. It is on almost every mobile phone device. A camera is a device that records an image using optical instruments. The uses are taking photos and videos for social media purposes, evidence collection, and even for security. Examples of modern cameras are smartphone cameras, compact digital cameras, hidden spy cameras, bridge cameras, and many more.

This article will focus on the hidden spy camera and the reason why you might need one. Have you been in a situation that made you wish for a hidden spy camera? Well, worry no more since technology has made the camera smaller and more compact for use in a hidden spy camera. A hidden spy camera design will fool almost anyone as it ensures that the lens location is beyond the subject’s view. They are low-cost camera devices with high-quality imaging and video capabilities whose use is increasing as legitimate surveillance cameras, entertainment as well as other purposes.

What is a Hidden Spy Camera?

A hidden spy camera is a video or still camera that records without someone’s knowledge. The camera is hidden and disguised to look like another object such as a clock, smoke detector, ball caps, motion detectors, plants, as well as mobile phones.

The uses range from household surveillance, industrial security as well as spying for government agencies. Some of the cameras are wired or wireless, depending on the form of data transfer to the DVR. High-end hidden spy cameras have an audio recording device to capture audio.

Wired camera devices view and record in devices such as a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Memory card, Television, a network video recorder, or even a VCR. For wireless hidden camera devices, videos or images can transmit within a small area. Activation of a hidden camera can be by remote control, manually, or even by a motion sensor.

Types of Hidden Spy Camera You Should Know

Body Worn Spy Cameras

Body Worn Spy Cameras

A body-worn spy camera is a camera that covertly films while on the move. People who mostly put them in use are private detectives, mystery shoppers, and insurance investigators. The camera is usually in everyday clothing items as well as luggage.

  • The camera stores data in the internal memory or an SD card.
  • They have high-end microphones that can record whispered conversations.
  • It has two activation modes, that is manual and voice activation.

Wi-Fi Spy Cameras

Wi-Fi Spy Cameras

A Wi-Fi spy camera gives the user the ability to be in two places at one time. It enables the user to check the camera’s feed-in real-time from anywhere in the world.

  • They have a motion-activated recording.
  • The viewing angles are wide.
  • For storage, the device can store data in an SD card or on the cloud.
  • Some of the Wi-Fi cameras have night vision capability.

These cameras are very affordable, and they make home and office security easier.

Nanny Cam Spy Cameras

Nanny Cam Spy Cameras

The manufactures of nanny spy cam cameras embed the camera with everyday household items so they can record as well as monitor the activity of a nursery maid. There are three main types of a nanny spy camera hidden nanny camera, self-monitored security camera, as well as cameras part of a monitored security system.

  • They have a dynamic angle of view.
  • Some support continuous recording and other motion detection recording.
  • The two-way audio capability is available.
  • The nanny camera is night vision enabled.
  • Remote-controlled viewing is supported either using the web or via smartphone applications.
  • Self-monitoring security cameras have an in-built assistant that is google assistant or Alexa.

Night Vision Spy Cameras

Night Vision Spy Cameras



A night vision camera can record or take still pictures in total darkness. They make use of infrared technology for night vision capability.

  • The camera delivers excellent HD video.
  • Easy to embed into other objects such as smoke detectors, fans, clocks, and many others.
  • They can store footage in any preferred storage device, and some can utilize Wi-Fi signals to provide a live video feed.
  • It offers a wide range of views that is 20 to a 160-degree field.
  • Those cameras that use a battery have a motion sensor fitted to save on battery power.

Why should you own a Hidden Spy Camera?

A hidden spy camera can be easily accessed and are not a rare spectacle in the modern world. Since technological advancement has made it easy to install and hid, most people are using them to enhance security. The following are reasons why you should consider owning a hidden spy camera.

  • You should purchase a spy camera for safety reasons. Especially for people who travel a lot, a hidden spy camera will help you monitor your house wherever you are in the world. This camera will always keep you one step ahead of burglars as they won’t be aware of the camera’s existence, and thus, they may not care about covering their faces. In such a situation, the footage can be of use as evidence in court.
  • They help monitor your children. It is hard leaving your children at home, but due to unforeseen circumstances, work, or other reasons, you might leave the children with a babysitter. This camera will help you monitor how the babysitter is taking care of your children.
  • It will enable you to protect your business. Owning a business requires lots of capital, hard work, and perseverance. To protect your effort, you need to take strict measures, and a hidden spy camera is an affordable way to keep a close eye on your property as well as inventory.

A hidden spy camera is an excellent investment for security. The features that a hidden spy camera provides makes it the best cam to consider when protecting the people you love and cherish. It has a miniaturized high definition camera that can monitor your business or home.

They are easy to install, and they provide a remotely controlled live feed. So, if you are considering adding a camera to your security system, then a hidden spy camera is the best purchase.

What is a hidden spy camera?

What is a hidden spy camera?

This a device that records occurrences in a given area without an individual or subject being aware that they are being recorded. The subject is not supposed to know that they are being watched, which makes them use a disguise. Generally, they work to get actual happenings, especially in getting sensitive information such as entries into a room by persons.

A hidden spy camera enables you to secure a place or room at a meagre cost as they are relatively cheaper than most surveillance units. They use strong lenses to get unobstructed views in a given space without their raising attention on the subject.

Where can we put hidden spy cameras in the room?

Placement of a hidden camera depends on the needs of an individual or organization. However, they generally fit and function in areas with a clear and extensive view without raising attention. Among the commonly used locations for these devices include.

  • On smoke detectors

A smoke detector is a conventional electronic in any home or office which forms an excellent disguise for a spy camera.

  • Bulbs and other forms of lighting

A hidden spy camera fitted on a bulb acts as a great disguise without raising attention to its existence.  You can make installations on different kinds of lights without its functioning being affected or that of a lighting unit.

How long do hidden cameras record?

The uptime of any hidden spy camera depends on the specifications of each kind. While some record for one hour, others have the capacity to continue recording for hours going to 24 hours a week. Extra storage and recording capabilities come with the connection of a given camera to a phone, tablet, or pc over WIFI. The most productive pieces focus on ensuring a continuous recording.

A combination of direct charging and use of rechargeable batteries enables continuous and uninterrupted recording. Connecting to other devices also ensures that the feed continuously recorded has room for storage and from which quick and secure retrieval is equipped.

 Advantage and disadvantage of using a hidden spy camera

Having a spy camera works to your benefit while also creating some problems. However, looking at the benefits of these devices helps to overlook their shortcomings for maximum utilization.


  • It helps to have control and awareness of the affairs of a given space.
  • They assist in making discrete but sensitive records without causing any distraction of usual happenings.
  • The cost of installation and management falls relatively low compared to other forms of surveillance.


  • It creates constant distractions, especially with constant alerts.
  • The devices deprive the subjects of their privacy.

Why Should you buy it?

Why Should you buy it?

Purchasing and installing a hidden spy camera is a great idea even with shortcomings such as deprivation of privacy. In most cases, they ensure that you get accurate information at certain times, especially when you are away. Here are the reasons that call for the use of these devices.

  • Creating a watch over your children and pets while away.
  • Checking the performance of workers secretly.
  • Determining the behavior of certain animals and pets while on their own.
  • Identifying individuals who visit or enter your premises without raising the alarm.
  • Undertaking investigations of an unclear crime or occurrence.

 How to hide your hidden spy camera’s in the home

After identifying and acquiring the best hidden spy camera, the other most crucial thing is ensuring that they fit perfectly and deliver as expected. Hiding the camera is, at times, hard, but with the following tips, the exercise is simplified.

  • Use high grounds for their placement.
  • Keep away any item or piece of furniture that may distract the view.
  • Ensure a proximate power source without creating attention while charging or powering the device.
  • Keep of easy reach and keep the children unaware of their existence.
  • Place the device where conditions that affect its performance, such as smoke and water, are absent.

The easy ways to Detect Hidden spy Cameras

The easy ways to Detect Hidden spy Cameras

Determining whether a particular space has got a hidden camera is not easy considering their size and other elements such as the disguise used. Identifying them becomes complicated from their small size and random placements. However, the following tips help you determine their existence.

  • Check the number of connected devices on your WiFi, which rats out those which use WiFi.
  • Simply check those areas where they mostly work from, such as bulbs, corners smoke detectors.
  • Check out your electrical wiring and connections
  • Use a phone to check for radio frequencies from which most of these cameras use.
  • Using fingers, check the gap between your thumb and the mirror where a tip to tip image of your finger indicates the presence of such a device.
  • Using a flashlight to detect any unusual reflections, preferably at night as these reflections could be from the lenses of spy cameras.

 Hidden Spy Camera Tips You Need to Be Following

The productivity of a hidden spy camera requires an understanding of their functioning and elements that can affect or undermine their performance. These tips should offer guidance on the installation, use, and maintenance.

  • Always gather sufficient information on a particular camera to understand their abilities, specifications, and suitability to your needs.
  • the most productive outcomes require the strategic placements of these devices, preferably on higher places such as the ceiling to ensure a clear and unobstructed view.
  • ensure that the power connection runs all the time, especially for those that require occasional recharging for continuous performance.
  • continuously check the remaining storage backing up previous footage to ensure every hour, minute, and day has footage.
  • occasionally check their performance to identify problems such as hacking, especially those that have a WiFi connection.
  • call in professional assistance for complex and sensitive issues to avoid the creation of more significant problems due to the absence of repair skills.