Top 10 Best Graphic Design Tablet In 2021

Graphic design tablet will assist you as a graphic designer to accomplish your daily tasks with ease using an electronic device that is of help. You will sketch, draw, paint, enhance photos, and do more by use of these gadgets. They will come with powerful processors that will handle the sophisticated graphics without having a delay. Don’t only rely on manual sketches since today we have devices that will assist you in your graphic design work. They are not expensive, and they are portable enough even to fit in your college bag. These gadgets are compatible with your computer and charging them is effortless.

Best Graphic Design Tablet Review

10. Graphics Drawing Tablet M708 UGEE 10 x 6-inch Large Active Area 

Graphics Drawing Tablet M708 UGEE 10 x 6-inch Large Active Area | Graphic Design Tablet

With this graphic design tablet, you will achieve much of your design work. This tablet is compatible with multiple software and will perform well on windows 7, 8, and Mac OS. It has a large screen with a papery surface that will provide a smooth drawing.

You will accurately draw straight lines thanks to the more affordable passive stylus technology. Setting up is easy and has eight customizable shortcut express keys.

  • Easy to set up
  • Compatible with several OS
  • Features passive stylus technology

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9. Huion H610PRO V2 Graphics Huion H610PRO V2 Graphics | Graphic Design Tablet

Connecting this graphic design tablet to your phone is simple and effortless. It is compatible with higher versions of macOS or higher versions of window 7, and android 6.0 or a later version. It has a battery-free stylus pen that is comfortable to use.

With its 10×6.25 inches, you will have a large working area, and it has 5080LPI pen resolution. This design tablet has eight customizable express keys and 16 hotkeys along with top shortcuts.

  • Battery-free stylus pen
  • Eight customizable express keys
  • Has a large screen

8. VEIKK A15 Pro 

VEIKK A15 Pro | Graphic Design Tablet

Do your loved ones love the design and they are having a hard time selecting for the best design tablet? Buy for them this tablet. It will come with 12 customizable express keys for efficiency and convenience, hence saving you time on editing and drawing.

For you to use this device, you must use it with a computer and is compatible with Mac and windows and also compatible with other designer software. It comes with a large working area. The tablet will have a type C input design.

  • Type C input design
  • Large drawing area
  • Features intelligent passive technology

7. 2019 HUION HS610 

2019 HUION HS610 | Graphic Design Tablet

This graphic design tablet is known and preferred for its accuracy and smooth drawings since it features a battery-free stylus pen. It will fit well with mobile phones, 6.0 and above version of which is android. It will connect over an adapter to your phone. 

Moreover, it is compatible with versions of Windows or earlier, Mac OS 10.12 or later and Android or later. This tablet could work with mainstream drawing software such as PS, SAI, Corel Painter. Carrying it will not cause you headaches thanks to its slim and portable design.

  • Accurate
  • Slim and portable
  • Compatible with phones and computers

6. 2019 Huion Inspiroy H1161 Graphics 

2019 Huion Inspiroy H1161 Graphics | Graphic Design Tablet

This design tablet comes with a large working area of 279x174mm that will provide a large working area. It is compatible with both your PC and Android device. Android devices must be of android 6.0 while windows machine must have windows seven or higher versions.

It has a battery-free stylus pen that will work with pressure sensitivity and has a tilt function. No charging of the pen is needed and is environmentally friendly. The device has a type C interface and a touch strip. It also has ten press keys and 16 soft keys.

  • Has a battery-free pen
  • Type C interface and touch strip
  • Ten press keys and 16 soft keys.

5. XP-PEN Artist12 11.6 Inch FHD 

XP-PEN Artist12 11.6 Inch FHD | Graphic Design Tablet

The artist will have a large working area thanks to the 11.6-inch display area, it has a traditional pencil-like feel and featuring a unique hexagonal design. This graphic design tablet has an HD IPS display that is ideal for animation sketching, photography and image editing.

XP-PEN Artist 12 graphic design will support MAC OS 10.10 and higher, Windows 10/8/7(32/64bit), also compatible with popular digital art software such as SAI, CDR, sketchbook and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.

  • Has an 11.6-inch display
  • Features an HD IPS display
  • Nonslip and tack-free flexible design

4.  Simbans Picasso Tab 10 Inch 

Simbans Picasso Tab 10 Inch | Graphic Design Tablet

It is easier for you now to take notes or draw using this tablet thanks to its pre-installed Auto desk sketchbook App that will allow you to take notes or sketches in the classroom. Connecting your tablet to a WIFI network is easy, and you can take this tablet wherever you want.

This graphic design tablet has a large disk for storage, a superior CPU for high processing capabilities, and a clear screen for better user experience. It also has a clear IP HD screen resolution.

  • Large and clear screen
  • Powerful processor
  • Wide connectivity options

3. Huion GT-191 KAMVAS Huion GT-191 KAMVAS | Graphic Design Tablet

You will have to connect this screen to your computer to use this device. It has a large IPS screen that is of 19.5 inches with a perfect ratio of 16:9 and has an HD resolution of 1920x 1080 full HD. It will come with amazing colors that are of 72% NTSC color gamut.

The graphic design tablet will come with two digital pens, and they will have a GT-191 and 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and comfortable and ergonomic design. This design tablet is lightweight and has long battery life.

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Better display effect

2. Wacom One Digital 

acom One Digital | Graphic Design Tablet

When you use this graphic design tablet, you will draw clear and precise artwork thanks to its 13.3-inch display that has natural surface friction that is ideal for initiative drawing.

You will sketch or paint anything you want directly on the screen, enhance photos, annotate documents, delete and edit and also draw diagrams since you will have all the digital freedom.

  • Has a 13.3-inch display
  • Digital freedom
  • Full range of colors

1. Wacom DTK2200 Cintiq 22HD 21-Inch

Wacom DTK2200 Cintiq 22HD 21-Inch | Graphic Design Tablet

The graphic design tablet has a fantastic and large working area since it has a 22 inches HD display that features full HD resolution and an extra-wide viewing angle. You will work naturally and intuitively direct on your screen.

This tablet will incorporate advanced pressure and tilt sensitive pen technology and will replicate the natural effects and experience of working with.

  • Has a 22-inch display
  • Easy to use
  • Features express keys.

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In the world of graphic design today, manual sketches are essential too, but you will need an electronic graphic designer tablet that will ensure you have achieved much as a designer. You will store your digital work securely when you use a graphic designer tablet. These gadgets will feature different specifications and it is upon you as a graphic designer to choose the best design tablet for you. Ensure you go for the device with the best display, high processing capability, easy to customize, portability one with an HD LCD to ensure you have the most impressive artwork altogether.