Google Wifi System Review

Google is one of those names in the tech giants which have managed to make a reliable position in the market. From its technologies, it endows to the users the devices it has launched for them everything is worthwhile and preferred by people a lot. With the name of Google people didn’t find any chance to doubt the authenticity of the product. The Google Wifi System is no exception in this case and thus leads to becoming the most promising one on the market. Here is a detailed Google Wifi System review which could help you gain access to the best system from Google for yourself.

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Internet in today’s date has become the need of time since it can accomplish most of the tasks within seconds. If you are lacking some food item in the home, order online; feeling hungry, order pizza online, going short of clothes; place an order for the best-suited piece of cloth for yourself online and what not. You can take care of yourself as well as your friends and family if you have a good internet connection. From browsing the internet to make your queries solved to entertain yourself with streaming videos, music and games, good internet connectivity with good Wi-Fi system has become a vital necessity of life.

The market is indeed flowing with numerous Wi-Fi systems. But the most trustable come from reputed brands like Google. Now let us take a deep insight into the Google Wifi System and review them individually. This Google Wifi System review would help in overcoming your confusions regarding it. We would like to help you with selecting the most promising one.

Google WiFi System

When we talk about the Wi-Fi systems available in the market the ones which have a great acceptance is Google. Although the market flows with numerous brands which claim themselves as the best. But the ones coming from Google are loved by the users as they endow the most desirable features in the easiest ways possible.

Google WiFi System

The most desirable requirement when it comes to Wi-Fi system is connectivity and coverage. While people crave for a strong connection which didn’t get weak every now and then, finding the one device which could cater it becomes hard. But with Google Wi-Fi system this dilemma get washed away.

The most alluring fact related to Google Wi-Fi system is the presence of wonderful connectivity as per the needs of the user. Making its presence felt for a long time there didn’t remain any reason to qualm on it. Let us take a sneak peek at some of the most enthralling features of the Google Wi-Fi system which makes it unique and one of its kind.



Since the Google Wi-Fi system makes use of a new connected system the connectivity it imparts to the users is seamless and free from all faults. The use of advanced technology helps making the connection to the internet as strong as it could be as makes working really easy and free of hassles.

The other alluring fact about the Google Wi-Fi system is the chances of dead zones or buffering goes to zero. Which indicated that there won’t be any hindrance when it comes to getting perfect connectivity. Not just the live streaming videos can be enjoyed with it but the online games can be played without any hindrance in the way. All this makes it the best device to look upon if you crave from perfect connectivity.

Google WiFi System


  • Coverage: The next alluring fact with the Google Wi-Fi system is great coverage and accessibility of the internet. With its advanced technology, it helps in endowing coverage of internet to a large area which makes the internet available to everyone in the house. Since there are three points of the Google Wi-Fi system which can be made use of one can choose as per the requirements. The three points can be used as:
  • One Wi-Fi point: If you are living in a small home or apartment which comes under the range of 500-1500 square feet. Then only one Wi-Fi point would be sufficient for your usage.
  • Two Wi-Fi points: In case you are living in a medium home which covers the area of 1500-3000 square feet. Using two Wi-Fi Google systems would be just fine to get the required access to the internet.
  • Three Wi-Fi points: In the case of large homes, you may need three Wi-Fi points spread in the area of 3000-4500 square feet.

So depending on the area you reside or work, you will decide on the need for Wi-Fi points. This Google Wi-Fi system review would be of great help if it is confusing as to how many points you actually require to get good internet connectivity. In case you need more connectivity, keep on adding more Wi-Fi points and gain the accessibility altogether.

How It Works

  • Compatibility- This is the most questionable point of the while Google Wi-Fi system review. Since most of the Wi-Fi systems become incompatible with some of the devices, it becomes really hard to work with them later. But Google Wi-Fi system id best in this matter as well. It is compatible not only with every major internet service provider of the time which includes Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon Fios. So no matter which internet service provider is endowing services to you the Google Wi-Fi system will go best with all.
  • The technology used: Google is one of the biggest technical giants makes use of advanced technologies. It does not only help in great connectivity but also retain the speed of the internet, making it fast and steady both. It selects the fastest and clearest path. Containing no hindrance or obstacle to provide a steady flow of the internet connection. This didn’t hamper the working and maintains a good workflow as well.
  • Security and control: Due to its ability to give parental control it makes working really easy. There is one app that helps one control the apps used. This way, things will come under control. The app not only allows you to control the devices but also prioritize them as per the needs and preferences. You can easily prioritize your devices and pause the Wi-Fi of the mobile or tablets of the kids during their study time; bedtime or dinner time to keep them away from distractions. You can control every device of your house that connects to the internet from an app.

Google Wi-Fi System

The control feature also gives you permission to share your passwords with the guests and pause or disallow any one of them instantly. The app allows you to sneak over the devices connected to your internet even when you are not present there physically. Google WiFi System

Due to the presence of attic basement, not only the connectivity of the device is appreciable. But it also ranks well in the Google Wi-Fi system review.

Technical specifications:

With every Wi-Fi system, the need for getting detailed know-how of their technical specifications becomes extremely essential. So here in the review, we have jotted some of the most vital technical features of the device which are appealing enough to compel people to have them.

  • Due to the presence of expandable mesh Wi-Fi, the device becomes better than many other competitors present in the market. It makes use of AC1200 2×2 Wave 2 Wi-Fi and excels in the field of connectivity.
  • There are WAN and LAN on the primary Wi-Fi point. This makes use of 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports for maximum coverage and superb connectivity both at the same time. This also helps in giving a secure connection to the users.
  • The next alluring fact about the Google Wi-Fi system is the presence of simultaneous dual-band Wifi in the range of 2.4GHz to 5GHz. It can give great compatibility, connectivity, and coverage.

With these technically wonderful features, it excels in the field of Wi-Fi systems and attains a superlative place in the hearts of users. While each technical feature makes the Google Wi-Fi system worthwhile the extremely easy installations makes it best to splurge upon.

Best of the Product

Now when we start installing some device related to the Wi-Fi system, there are a few extremely important things to have. So let us take a look at the requirements needed while setting up the whole Google Wi-Fi system.

  • The foremost thing a person requires before installing the Google Wi-Fi system is an account on Google. The Google account requires just a few simple steps by filling some basic information about you. Upon registering the account, you are all set to take up the next step.
  • The second thing which becomes essential for having a Google Wi-Fi system is the need for one Android device. This at the same time also supports 4.0 version. If you do not have an android device, an iOS with 8+ could go fine as well. But the need of these is a must before proceeding further.
  • After you get one android device and create an account, you need one Google Wi-Fi app downloaded on your device. This Google app will help you in the further steps of installation.
  • The need for broadband internet connection is also one essential requirement for installing Google Wi-Fi system in the house or office.
  • Other than these things if you do not have a modem, your work won’t get finalized. So getting a modem before installations also become very essential.

These major and promising features and specifications have made it one of the most desirable and trustworthy Wi-Fi systems of the time.

While on the one hand, its compact design makes it alluring, its great connectivity makes it worth every penny. The dimensions of the device are 4.2 x 4.2 x 2.7 inches and it weighs only 11.8 ounces. The small and light weightiness of it makes it easy to place anywhere in the home. Its beautiful design looks very elegant. The very first impression of the Google Wi-Fi system comes as a classy one owing to the stylishness from manufacturing. The white color makes it even more elegant and poise device which is placeable anywhere in the room.


Having a perfect Wi-Fi system has become the need of time splurging upon the best out of many smart choices. There may be a number of similar devices flooding in the market. But when it comes to reliability and authenticity, no one can surpass Google and Google Wi-Fi system.

Google WiFi System

Today every member of the house needs internet connection whether it is a kid or an aged person. While technology has made us its servant, it has also made life very easy and simple. No matter what the query is people start looking for its solution on the internet. Making lives easy and hassle-free and making us dependent upon it is the biggest achievement the internet has made in the past decade. No wonder it is the hub of information and gaining information never goes out of fashion.

All this leads to having a good internet connection with a good Wi-Fi system as well. This Google Wi-Fi system review helps keep in mind the dilemmas people face when choosing the best system for in-home installation. While some systems fail in proving good connectivity some didn’t fulfill the need for great coverage area. Google Wi-Fi system surpasses every other competitive product and thus becomes the best to splurge upon.

Since this Google Wi-Fi system review has given you an entire knowledge about it, it’s time to get a Google Wi-Fi system installed in the home as well.

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