Future of Smartphone in the next 10 years

Future of Smartphone in The Next 10 Years

It’s horrendously insane to see how technology is advancing so fast year to year and how much of a huge impact it’s bringing to our world. The innovative design such as computers, laptops, headsets, wireless earbuds, smartphones, and many other creations have really brought a tremendous change to Earth, in a positive light of course. Despite all that, we are only going to focus on the main tech that everyone around the globe can’t live without and that is smartphones and about the Future of Smartphone.

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Future of Smartphone

Smartphones are portable phone which allows one to access the internet and has a touch-sensitive screen as well. The revolutionary years of smartphones has now made it to be of button-free too. This means it’s just a plain full-screen phone which you could use to call, listen or stream music or podcast, watch videos on YouTube, download applications, web searches, play games, video chat and many more.

Now imagine, smartphones are already superbly advance, but you would never know what could happen in 10 years’ time? Since, technology waits for no one, here are some predictable enhancement possibly integrated into futuristic smartphones:

Cameras (Front & Back)

Cameras now are giving way and way more clear-focus captured images. The picture quality is so vivid and lifelike, it’s just like the actual environment or surrounding it was taken from. And that’s only in this current decade. So, now you won’t be able to tell how much more of an HD quality, cameras in the next future possess. Don’t even mention the selfie, front cam. In the Future of Smartphone, it won’t be as blurry as before, it would be of extreme HD.

Cellular network connectivity

Future of Smartphone in the next 10 years - Future of Smartphone

Recently, 5G has been made possible for usage in certain countries and sooner it will be available worldwide. As 5G is of such an efficient speed most smartphones or devices aren’t built able to handle 5G cellular networking yet. Therefore, in the next 10 years or so maybe not only 5G which could be used on your smartphones. Maybe even 6G is introduced into the world by then, thus, the innovation of smartphones continues nonstop.

Cordless charging

People are going to find ways to make phone charging way more simple, which doesn’t require for them to plug a cord in it. Hence, cordless charging is achievable and is going to make life simpler and easier. Wireless charging is the way to go.

Slimmer hold


As you have seen, smartphones that get released into the market one after the other keeps getting slimmer in design. Because people like it more when it fits perfectly in their calms and is light-weighted and extremely portable. A desirable trait that never grows old in the realm of smartphones.

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Voice commands

Already, slowing being incorporated into your phone tech is a voice command function. For iPhones, you have Siri. Microsoft, you have Cortana. For Amazon, you have Alexa and for Samsung, you have Bixby. This current voice command robotic response would be able to do more than just simple functions in the next 10 years.

Storage capacity

Crazy how a smartphone keeps getting slimmer and slimmer yet has an incredible storage capacity. Sooner, smartphones would be able to store up to the capacity of a hard disk, because that’s how technological advancement works.

Holographic visuals

Just like in those Sci-Fi movies you’ve watched, when people have computerized holographical system portrayed in the air with functions and control buttons floating high off the ground, that’s what it is going to be like with your smartphones, probably. In the next 10 years or so visuals on your screen would be holographic, pop up in 3D format.


Don’t forget that in recent years smartphones are at a certain degree of water-resistant, but in the future your smartphones would be able to stay underwater for as long as you want and would still come out functioning fine with no damages or malfunctions.

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Seriously, how do they do this no one would never know. Making a smartphone that is so slim and yet has extremely long battery life. You got to be kidding me. That’s only now, that means in the future it’s going to last even longer. That’s amazing.

Screen foldability

Future of Smartphone in the next 10 years

Talk about being able to access two apps at once, and have them both projected on the screen, is truly astonishing. Well, it’s going to happen in the next decade or even less. Screens that fold, making it possible for people to access 2 or 3 apps without shutting either one-off, is freaking unbelievable. And, I guess that’s what the future of smartphones hold.

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