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Top 10 Best Fabric Paints in 2021

Fabric paint is a must have product for people who are into DIY (Do it Yourself) activities. Let’s say you want to design a shirt by painting. Do you need to specifically use fabric paint? Or can you use other kinds of paint to do it instead? The answer is it doesn’t require any specific types of paint but it is recommended to use fabric paint.So Check out more with the top 10 best of Fabric Paints !

Best Fabric Paint Review

10. Tulip Soft Fabric Paint

Tulip Soft Fabric Paint

Tulip soft  is an affordable paint that can transform your clothes into art. All colors are bright and anyone can use it.

This product is totally safe to use. It dries fast and leaves you with soft wearable clothes. It comes in a clear tube so you can see the color clearly before buying.

  • 5 tubes per pack
  • 0.9ounce per tube
  • Bright colors

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9. Tulip Dimensional 

 Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint

Tulip Dimensional is a great item to add into your crafts. It will turn your whole wardrobe into colorful art.

These pack features nontoxic 3D paints. They are all in vibrant colors and last for a long time. They dry quickly and will stay on the fabric permanently. Beside clothes, you can use it on shoes, backpacks etc.

  • 6 colors per pack
  • Can wash in machine
  • Long-lasting

8. Tulip I Love to Create Kit-Metallic

Tulip I Love to Create Fabric Mini Spray Paint Kit-Metallic

This version of fabric paint from Tulip is what every fan has dreamt about. It is a kit of top selling color combined

This pack contains 7 bottles of spray paint. All of them are different from each other. It is suitable to use on clothes, objects, and group activities as well. These paints are nontoxic and eco-friendly.

  • 24ml per bottle
  • Safe to use
  • Long-lasting

7. Mont Marte Permanent 

Mont Marte Permanent Fabric Paint 

Monte Marte permanent  is a set of acrylic paint in bright colors. They are perfect for most art and craft.

This product glide smoothly and dries really fast. Once it is dried, it has a glossy finish. The consistency of the paint is creamy and it has high pigment that can cover anything.

  • A pack of 8 different colors
  • 20ml per container
  • Great lightfastness and gloss finish

6. Tulip Dimensional  Party Pack

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint Party Pack

Tulip Dimensional  party pack is perfect for gift giving and group activities. It is a set that has variety of colors.

This product is not toxic and can be used by people of all age. They come in both rainbow colors and neon colors. Once the color is dried, it won’t crack or peel off.

  • Machine washable
  • 20 bottles and colors per pack
  • 22ml per bottle

5. KIDDYCOLOR 3D Permanent Fabric Paint

KIDDYCOLOR 3D Permanent Fabric Paint

KIDDYCOLOR 3D permanent paints are best for you if you want to own a lot of colors of paint. It contains foam paints, metallic paint, glow in the dark paint, and glitter paint.

This product is nontoxic and both kids and adults can use it. This set has 40 colors and most of them are vibrant, making it perfect for designing. It is long-lasting and won’t crack or peel off after drying.

  • Foam paint
  • 3D metallic paint
  • Glow in the dark paint
  • Glitter paint

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4. Crafts 4 

Crafts 4 All Fabric Paint

Crafts 4 All fabric paints are another option to choose if you want shiny and vibrant shades. It can be used as 2D and 3D paint.

This product is safe to use because they are nontoxic. The paint is odorless and you can use it on more than fabric. It can be used on wood, paper, glass etc.

  • 24 colors per pack
  • 29ml per bottle
  • Ideal for projects in all sizes

3. Arteza Metallic Fabric Paints

Arteza Metallic Fabric Paint

Arteza metallic fabric paints are for who if you are looking for lustrous colors. It comes in a pack that also contains gold, silver, sapphire blue, and pearl rose.

This product is made of safe ingredients and won’t harm anyone. It is a permanent clothing paints and dries in just a few minutes. It doesn’t peel or crack and can be washed in machine and dryer.

  • 14 colors per pack
  • 60ml per bottle
  • Can use on things beside fabric

2. KEFF Puff Paints Kit

KEFF Puff Paint Kit

KEFF fabric paints are kit that will let you create the most attractive art. All colors are bright and has very smooth consistency.

Just like most fabric paints, this one is also nontoxic and safe to use. Anyone can use it and it can be applied on any kinds of fabric. It is quick-drying and creates impressive 3D arts.

  • 30 colors per pack
  • Come with markers, brushes, and stencils
  • Great for all projects

1. U.S. Art Supply Children’s Washable Tempera Paint Set

U.S. Art Supply Children's Washable Tempera Paint Set

US Art Supply is probably  fabric paints you can find. Unlike the other paint that stays permanent on clothes when it dries, this one is doesn’t.

This item is manufactured specifically for kids so it contains no harmful substance. It is a tempera paint set for children and grown-ups. They can use it on almost any surface.

  • Washable
  • 18 colors
  • 6 primary colors, 6 neon colors, 6 pearl colors

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After reading this article, we hope you have found what you are looking for. Don’t worry about being allergic because they are all safe to use. furthermore, most of them can also be used on things beside fabric so it is totally worth the money.