Electronic Brush Versus Regular Toothbrush

Electronic Versus Regular Toothbrush

Teeth brushing are a daily activity to enhance good oral care and cleanness of the mouth. Information from the website of the American Dental Association (ADA) shows that booth the regular toothbrush and the electric manual electronic brush are functional at removing oral substances that cause diseases and decay of the teeth.

Electronic Versus Regular Toothbrush

The two types of toothbrushes both have their function with associated benefits. According to ADA, any of the toothbrushes are effective and safe for use. Here are some of the differences between the toothbrushes.

1. The vibration of the toothbrush

Electric toothbrush vibrates when in use to ensure the plaque does not build up in the gums of your teeth. The vibration creates a micro-movement of the teeth and the gums, which make it easy for plaque removal compared to the regular toothbrush, where someone needs to apply more effort to remove all the plaques.

2. Effectiveness of the brush

Effectiveness of the brush


Most of the dental associations in the world have confirmed the electronic and regular toothbrushes are effective in cleaning the teeth and the mouth. Studies done by various people have shown that electric toothbrushes remove more gingivitis and plaque compared to the regular toothbrush. The toothbrush that rotates in the mouth has more benefits compared to the regular ones.

3. Efficiency



The most efficient toothbrushes are the electronic ones, especially to people who have limited mobility. This toothbrush does a lot of work, thus, being beneficial to the user. People having diseases such as carpal tunnel and arthritis benefit a lot from this toothbrush. The regular toothbrush is effective but needs a person who knows how to use it. It needs a lot of water and requires a lot of energy to remove the plaque. It is easy to use any of the toothbrushes if you have some experience, but if you do not have the skill, they may do shoddy work.

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4. Timer


An electronic toothbrush has an in-built timer that helps some to control the time spend during brushing. One can set the brush to use the limited time and do a great job; this works with most of the people. The regular brush removes the plague and gums efficiently depending on the time allocated for brushing teeth; the more the person cleans, the more plaques they withdraw from the mouth.

5. Amount of waste

Amount of waste

It is economical to use an electric toothbrush because only the head is replaceable in case it fades. The replacement of the head is less wasteful and reduces the amount of municipal waste compared to the regular toothbrush that when it fades out, every component is a waste. Remember the single-use electric toothbrush you need to replace the whole brush.

6. Improving brushing focus

The use of the electric brush makes someone improve their brushing skills. The focus that people put when using an electric brush makes them concentrate on oral health more, and this makes someone have the desire to brush teeth now and then. The regular brush makes some people brush only the front teeth because of their complexity. The regular brush needs a person to have concentration when brushing but takes a lot of time when someone is brushing.

7. Accessibility

Regular toothbrushes are readily available at any shop or supermarket. The regular toothbrush does not have any manual for use, and it requires some to use it immediately. The electronic toothbrush comes with the guide to use it when brushing; this is because most of the people are not familiar with it.

8. Affordability


It is easy to purchase the regular toothbrush because they vary from 1-3 US dollars in a retail shop. The electronic toothbrush fits people who are living large because of their high price. Each brush varies from 15-250 US dollars in the retail shop. The cost of the brush does not finish there because of the disposable head range between 10-45 US dollars. The toothbrush requires a battery that cost between 5 and 8 US dollar in the retail shop. This high price makes electronic brushes more expensive to people who have limited income not to afford it.

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9. The durability of the brush

The durability of the brush

Regular toothbrushes have been in use from the beginning of the tooth brushing. This ancient use makes more people prefer regular toothbrush, which is a highly effective use for oral cleaning teeth and preventing gum disease. The electronic toothbrushes need some experience for one to use it efficiently; this makes it best for the people with someone skins.

10. Gums safety

The electronic toothbrush is best for the protection of gums because they do not hurt the enamel and the gums, but on the other hand, they enhance proper oral health. The regular toothbrush, if not correctly use, will destroy the enamel and the gums of the teeth. Brushing of teeth on both ends require sufficient knowledge to ensure your teeth are safe and healthy.

11. Fun for kids

Fun for kids

The majority of the kids do not love brushing teeth unless it is a family norm on daily occasions. The use of an electronic toothbrush makes it enjoyable or the brushing process. The use of more aggressive toothbrush makes the oral health of the child to improve.

In conclusion, both the electronic and regular toothbrushes have different advantages and disadvantages as the means for ensuring oral health. One of the differences between the two toothbrushes is pricing. The electronic toothbrush is costly, and most people cannot afford it. The cost of purchasing one electronic toothbrush equals to more than seven of the regular toothbrushes.

The use of batteries in the electronic toothbrushes makes them unfriendly to the environment and one of the significant challenges that accompany the use of the electronic toothbrush. Some children may end up opening the toothbrush with some anxiety; thus, they may consume the waste in the battery, which may lead to more problems compared to the regular toothbrush. The regular toothbrush is not sufficient, but they do well in terms of maintaining the health of the kids, and they learn how to brush normally with an easy thus if they practice regularly, they will enjoy the norm of daily tooth brushing.