Do NVIDIA And AMD Monopolize The Graphics Card Market?

In recent years, there has been stiff competition between AMD ad NVIDIA graphic card production companies. The rivalry begun after NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang responded to the free AMD’s seven-nanometer graphic card. Jensen thrashed the innovation by downgrading its performance and claim, and there is not new AMD Company has done because the card set does not have any trace of 7nm. These two companies, AMD and NVIDIA, have dominated the world graphic set through stiff competition through innovations. None of the companies wants to remain behind in the development of a modern graphic card set.

NVIDIA CEO needs to play safe because Radeon VII is better than RTX 2080 in many ways, such as 3d animation and video editing duties; it is better in 4K resolution. A few days after the development of 7nm by AMD, NVIDIA developed the 12nm graphic set for the RTX series. This development of 12nm graphics left AMD on a shock because their innovation did not have any impact on the graphic world. If AMD does not concentrate so well on its developments, then it will be out of the market in the coming days. Here are some of the reasons why NVIDIA will monopolize the graphic market.

Do NVIDIA And AMD Monopolize The Graphics Card Market?

Shrinking of the Chips

Do NVIDIA and AMD Monopolize The Graphics Card Market?

NVIDIA has dominated the market on graphics pc because of its performance at CES 2019 best, according to some users. The PC graphic will own the gaming space in the laptop through the new RTX design because different manufacturers of the PC have come up with light and fasts tools on the GPU. NVIDIA has managed to share its chip to contain Max-Q GPU RTX 2080 to fit on a 4.5-pound laptop.

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Do NVIDIA and AMD Monopolize The Graphics Card Market?


NVIDIA announced the launch of G-SYNC, which will certify the number of monitors packing. DURIG The test twelve laptops, Haung said that only a few would have to be approved. These cards are not compatible with AMD graphic cards.

Marketing Strategies

Do NVIDIA and AMD Monopolize The Graphics Card Market?

The strategies used by the NVIDIA to market its products have made the majority of the users to them more compared to the previous years. Currently, more than 72.8 percent of the laptops in the market use NVIDIA products according to the research done in the year 2019. The growth of NVIDIA is superior to that of Intel. THE shipment of NVIDIA product increase by 70.3 percent compared to those of Intel, which was by 5%. In contrast, that of AMD increase by 7.6%; this shows that NVIDIA will dominate the market in the future, and others compared the initial projection.

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Customers Preferences

Do NVIDIA and AMD Monopolize The Graphics Card Market?

Most of the customers prefer the NVIDIA chip compared to Intel because the graphics in the NVIDIA have integrated all the GPU and OEM into one cylindrical GPU. NVIDIA has a quality graphic for gaming, which accounts for about 43% of the gaming market. The NVIDIA’s product that is causing sleepless nights to other companies in the discrete GPU market and gives customers value for their money.

AMD is the second company in the market by the increase in a sale because the product world demand increased by 7.6%, which is higher than Intel. In some years, Intel was the dominant company due to its quality products. The main thing that makes Intel decrease is being slow in significant volume content such as gaming is hard, and handling of extensive data takes a lot of time. The laptop, which contained NVIDIA GPU, had a high market demand in the year 2019, and the trend is likely to increase this year. These laptops were TUF and ASUS’ which were the best gaming laptops of the year. The Radeon VII has insufficient tricks to meet the standard of NVIDIA, but the CEO HAS acknowledged that and there is hope in the future. The CEO said the customers currently do not look at the generation benefit, but they look at a specific need. This factor above has what makes some companies thrive.

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NVIDIA and AMD will control the future of the graphic card market because they are investing in research and innovation. Shortly, if other companies will not come with any idea of GPU, they may fail. NVIDIA is the leading company that will lead to a monopoly in the graphic market because of the sharp increase in its product.


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