The Best Dash Cams in 2019

When the requirement arises to record the prospect of a scene in wide angle, the dash cams are usually the suitable choice. Their compact size and lightweight structure allow you to carry them easily from one place to another. Within a few minutes, you can easily set up these cameras and begin using them.

Introduction:In simple terms, a dash cam is a video camera mounted either on the dashboard or windscreen of a vehicle. This equipment is used extensively to constantly record the outlook of the outside world through the windscreen. It is not easy to make a wise buying decision when it comes to the purchase of dash cam. This is because there are many aspects and factors to take into account in order to make your investment worthy. One of the most important factors to consider before purchasing dash cams is the image quality at the output. In absence of a decent quality image output, there is no significance of this camera.

In recent times, these cameras have become omnipresent among daily driver tools. With the rise in distractions and reductions in the attention spans, there are more issues of the traffic commutes. When you use dash cam, it would provide accurate proof of fault during the occasions of the accident. Right from build quality to the image quality, there are many factors to consider. Take a look at the best dash cams available currently to keep away confusion:

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Top 10 Best Dash Cams in 2019

Review for the Best Dash Cams | Record All Your Driving Footage

10. YI 2.7″ Screen Full HD

YI 2.7" Screen Full HD

The full HD dash camera from YI depicts a high-end video processor equipped with 1080p 60fps H.264 video recording. At the video recording speed, it is quite easy to record the outlook of the outside world. In this camera system, there is the implementation of the G-Sensor technology enabling this camera to automatically save footage. The saved footages will assist during the occurrences of the collision. In the case of the insurance disputes or other related tasks, the saved footage assists a lot.

Now you can drive your vehicle safely with the use of these wide angle dash cams. The reason behind this is the unit is equipped with the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) – recognized as the greatest advanced and optimized visual recognition algorithms. These algorithms present real-time Lane Departure. Through the efficient H.264 video encoding, this dash camera makes sure the output always consist of the clear images in high resolution. There would be great optimization of storage space for more footage.


  • In these wide angle dash cams, the output shows HD image quality and first-class night vision.
  • At the resolution of 1920x1080p and speed of 60fps, the high speed video recording functionality is presented. This flawless functionality assists the user to snap quick moving scenes. Besides, it would generate high resolution images at high speed.
  • There is the provision of the 165 ultra wide-angle in order to decrease the blind spots and attain full 3 lane coverage.
  • Outstanding night vision is guaranteed with the use of the F1.8 apertures and 3.0mx3.0m high sensitivity image sensors.
  • There is a built-in 2.7″ TFT LCD widescreen to show you the display even from far distance.
  • With the assistance of the intuitive YI Dash Cam App interface, you will be facilitated with big buttons and user-friendly icons. This kind of unique interface allows quick recognition.

Based on the customer reviews regarding this wide-angle dash cam, the mount is not extremely sturdy to hold this camera on the windshield. Except for this, the video recording speed and image quality at the output are excellent.

9. Rexing Car Dash Cam:

Rexing Car Dash Cam

Now you can arouse an elegant, bright picture of the road when you enhance the necessary details. This is possible when you set up this car dash camera from Rexing. The full-HD recording functionality is found in this camera unit to capture magnificent 1080p video at the speed of 30fps. Before purchasing dash cams, some customers always worry about the lighting conditions. When you go for this wide-angle dash cam, it is quite possible to capture snaps in any lighting situations. The wide dynamic range of this camera allows the unit to perform in any lighting conditions. With the proper adjustment of the exposure, you will find the balanced images and footage in the output.

Glancing at the structure of this Rexing V1 car dash cam, it comes with the discreet design. Its signature low-profile design makes it a concealed witness to capture images on the road. It is now possible to view real-time information about your driving speed, position, and many more. What makes this happen is the comprehensive GPS Logger software interface.


  • The FHP 1080p dash cam is equipped with the 170-degree ultra wide angle lens. This lens comes with the 6 layers glass that opens up to snap a comprehensive view of your surroundings.
  • You can effortlessly record video in 3, 5, or 10 minute intervals.
  • There would be no concerns regarding insufficient space. Whenever the storage limit is attained on the memory card, the oldest recordings would be automatically overwritten by the new recordings.
  • It can support SD memory cards up to 256 GB.
  • High security of the footage is ensured with the help of the included gravity sensor. When this sensor detects a collision, you will see that the current video would be locked.

Customers who used this dash camera from Rexing are happy with the controls of button to handle the entire functioning. The 1080p quality works excellently during the daytime. It is true that the night time quality is not so good but it is in the average limits.

8. HD PRO Dash Cam:

HD PRO Dash Cam

The WheelWitness HD PRO dash camera boasts the highest resolution presently accessible on any dash camera. The resolution supported is 2560×1080 / 2306x1296P super HD. When you begin using this PRO dash camera regularly, you will be amazed to see how everything is recorded in clear output quality. At the 2304x1296P resolution, you can easily see the most detail. While you are on your travel trips or adventures, you can make use of this dash cam with GPS to capture favorite road trips and memorable moments. Generally, this dash cam is an ideal travel companion and finds its uses in many applications.

There is the provision of the automatic and continuous recording in these dash cams. The camera can be used in form of evidence to dispute motor vehicle collision. The recorded evidence can be used to present in front of police, court, and insurance companies. Those persons who are driving their vehicle recklessly, this dash cam provides safety and protective mechanism.


  • With the presence of the 170 degrees extra wide angle lens, the users can conveniently capture absolutely whatever they see in front of their vehicle.
  • Execution of the WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) / HDR technology facilitates supreme quality night video.
  • To fit in multiple vehicles, there is the facility of three mounts. These include 2 sticky mounts and a suction cup.
  • The operation of these HD PRO dash cams is plug & play. After you insert a microSD card inside, you just need to plug the camera unit into the cigarette lighter outlet. Once done, it would begin recording automatically.
  • This camera unit would initiate recording automatically; once the memory of the microSD card is full, it would begin deletion. It would automatically delete the oldest file and substitute the same with the new. In this way, you will be guaranteed with the fully automatic and constant playback.

There are many users who praised the built-in GPS module accessory allowing the camera to capture many aspects. This GPS module is helpful to capture the location, speed, and coordinates of the vehicle. Initially, you may find some hassles to set it up; after that, the entire working is flawless.

7. Z-EDGE Dash Cam

Z-EDGE Dash Cam

With the advancement in this camera compared to the previous version, this unit is called the upgraded version dash cam. In this car dash cam, the ultra HD 2.5K video showcases the cutting-edge A12 Ambarella chipset and CMOS image sensor. These components make sure the output comprises of the reliable image quality in all light situations. Now you will be able to capture more detail from far distance through the use of the optimized field-of-view. This functionality is helpful to reduce the fisheye image distortion. You will be able to see the output clearly with the help of the 3.0″ display screen.

When using dash cameras, chances are there for the accumulation of light/dark spots. The execution of the HDR technology balances these spots and exposure. Through a single touch of a button, excellent low light compensation is presented. You will be facilitated with the outstanding video quality with the help of the six glass lenses. This video quality is helpful to drive your car during the night.


  • The accurate and optical glass lens exhibits a real 155-degree wide angle. At this angle, these Z-EDGE Z3 dash cams are capable to record the front and side situations. During the process of recording, the distortion is kept at a minimum.
  • There will be no loss of details in the output.
  • You can trigger the High Dynamic Range (HDR) night vision to avail proper lights during low light conditions.

Glancing at the opinions of the customers regarding this car dashboard camera, the whole working is easy to use. You just need to follow the instruction manual properly. Actually, this dash camera is packed with plastic safety covers on the video screen and the lens. This avoids the issues of scratches.

6. PAPAGO Car Dash


Presented from the commendable brand PAPAGO, the GoSafe 535 camera is specially designed to snap whatever comes in its path. With the assistance of the 1296p super HD resolution and the wide angle of 160 degrees, this camera boasts supreme quality videos. There would be no concerns to capture images during day and night. If the weather condition is inclement, there will be no severe effects on the output image quality.

The availability of the on-the-go cable enables the user to directly plug their camera to an Android device. Earlier people used to wait to go home and upload the shot videos to their PC. Now with the assistance of the CAM ON app in this camera, it is easy to share videos instantly.


  • This super HD dash camera supports up to 64GB microSD card. This presents approximately 8 hours of recording at 1080p setting.
  • In total, there are 3 recording modes in these PAPAGO dash cams. Names of these modes are automatic recording, monitor mode, and motion detection.
  • There is the implementation of the driver to assist safety features such as Stop Sign Recognition, Stop-and-Go, Headlight Reminder, and Driver Fatigue Warning.

Taking a look at the reviews of the customers about these super HD dash cams, multiple recording modes help excessively. It is extremely simple to record the optimal footage in any light conditions. At the output, the video is amazingly sharp.

5. Mobius Action Camera

Mobius Action Camera

Whenever you want to capture the outside view while riding on a mountain bike or hiking or just traveling, this mini sports cam is the best. Its versatility allows the camera to be used for a wide range of applications to fulfill your needs. Basically, this Mobius Action Camera retains your point-of-view in beautiful Full HD video with audio. Its functionality and the output quality are commendable. In addition to that, this mini sports camera would easily fit inside your pocket due to its compact size. Therefore, you can easily carry it along with you wherever you go. There would be no issues regarding the lack of accessories. The Mobius camera is equipped with a lens cap, tripod screw hole, mounting sleeve, and touch-fastener strip. According to your convenience, you can wear this mini dash cam or can mount it on your gear.


  • There will be no loss in the video details. This is because the loop recording functionality comes with the 5 minutes clips with 1-second video overlap.
  • In these mini sports dash cams, there are two user-selectable video modes. You can toggle these modes through the use of mode button. Any of these modes can be chosen to record the scene at 1080p-30fps or 720p-60fps or 720p-30fps.
  • In a single go, the Mobius camera can flawlessly record for approximately 80 minutes. It is possible to include a power bank to enhance battery life.

According to most customers’ opinions, the lightweight and compact size of these dash cameras allows easy portability. Overall, the image and video quality at the output is excellent and free from distortion.

4. Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam

Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam

In absence of speaker and microphone, it is not possible to capture premium quality audio free from distortion. With the use of this dual dash camera, you can easily capture decent quality audio without any hassles. In case you do not need to record voice then you can turn off the microphone through the single press. For recording inside and outside view, this dual 1080P dash camera is one of the best cameras in the market. Important components of these Vantrue dash cams are Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor, Novatek NT96660 CPU, and OV4689 image sensor. All these components work collectively to simultaneously capture road front at 170° and the inside cabin at 140°.


  • The facility of the loop recording replaces the oldest footage with the new recorded footage. This way, memory insufficiency based issues are resolved.
  • Presence of the adjustable sensitivity G-sensor automatically detects an abrupt collision and instantly locks the footage to “Event File”. This avoids the issues of overwriting the video.
  • The unit is found to be resistant against cold and heat.
  • With the support of the PC and ABS housing, the N2 pro dual dash cams resist heat in range of -4 to 194 degrees.

Few users mentioned about the low-quality GPS mount creating the instability issues. This is the only downside and the overall functioning is suitable for different applications.

3. OldShark Dash Cam

OldShark Dash Cam

To relish your memory, it is now possible to capture every moments with this car recorder. Regardless of the light conditions, the dash cam works well provided you have adjusted the exposure in the setting. The highly-detailed recordings during daytime and nighttime are possible with the use of the premier sensor. There would be no severe effects of temperature on this camera unit. In order to present high durability and heat dissipation protection, the car recorder is prepared from zinc alloy metal shell. It is not important to be an expert to mount this dash cam. All you need to do is simply mount it to windshield and make a connection with the power cable. Once this is done, this OldShark dashboard camera would automatically begin recording.


  • This crystal dash camera from OldShark exhibits full glass f1.6 aperture sensor. This sensor is capable to capture 1080p clear video footage.
  • A feature of the 170° wide angle allows the user to capture the scene of the whole road. You will always be protected from issues of the accident.
  • It comes with the automatic on/off applicable to the most car models.
  • There is the provision of various zoom levels and various sensitivities for the G-shock sensor.

In these 1080P dash cams, durability and sturdiness are noteworthy aspects according to customer reviews. The downside regarding the wide angle is that it could distort some of the depth views.

2. Pruveeo MX2 Dash Cam

Pruveeo MX2 Dash Cam

Capable to work automatically, the Pruveeo MX2 dash cameras come with the auto on/off functionality. The camera begins recording once the engine is activated and stops whenever it is turned off. In these front and rear dash cams, there is the facility of the loop interval recording to the micro SD Card. This functionality makes sure the recording is seamless without any gaps between recorded files.


  • With the support of the two special cameras fitted on this unit, the driver could easily adjust the preferred angle. It is possible to flawlessly record the inside and outside view of the car.
  • The camera unit would stay concealed from the external view when mounted over the windshield.
  • It comes with the 320-degree rotation potential and120-degree viewing angle.
  • Excellent video quality is shown at the output through the 720P & 480P resolution accomplished at 30 fps.

Users of these dual cameras are amazed to see the easy setup functionality. You just need to be careful with appropriate mounting of these dash cams to make the most of them.

1. Magellan MIVUE DashCam

 Magellan MIVUE DashCam

Whenever the need arise to capture the situations happening in the front and rear of the vehicle, the Magellan MiVue 480D Dash Cam is suitable. Basically, this 480D camera is a dual-camera solution specially engineered to capture the scene in super HD quality. There are no doubts regarding insecurity during accidents. In these Magellan dash cams, the front camera is furnished with an enormous display. This display lets it simple to play back and view recorded footage. It displays the outlook of both cameras while recording.


  • The forward-facing camera is fastened to the front window and it is capable to record strikingly clear Super HD.
  • In this dash cam with GPS, the rear-facing camera fastens to the rear window. This camera is competent to record scenes in crystal clear Full HD.
  • The 2.7″ display simplifies the hassles related to viewing playback. Also, this display helps to control the entire dash camera system.

Initially, it may happen that you get confused to figure out the wires during set up. Except for that, the output quality is clear and working mechanism is flawless.


To avoid chances of accidents and to record scenes in outstanding quality, the dash cams are the best gadgets. They can be easily installed in a limited space and will stun you with their wonderful working mechanism.


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