Best Cup Heaters Review In 2022

Best Cup Heaters Review In 2022

Cup heaters are one of the most amazing inventions that help me get through the day. Having several cups of tea or coffee is pretty normal for an average working person. And when you get caught up with loads of work, oftentimes your hot beverage gets cold. It feels like hard work when you have to get up and reheat it or make another one.

These cup heaters save the day by keeping the beverage warm. If you are interested to buy one, you don’t need to go through multiple sites to find one that suits your needs. We did a bit of research and brought you a list of top 10 cup heaters in 2021 that are available on Amazon right now. Just go through our list and you can find one that suits your workstation or home aesthetics.

Best Cup Heaters Review

10. VOBAGA Cup Heater

VOBAGA Cup Heater | Cup Heaters

This is VOBAGA’s Coffee Mug Warmer for office desk use. This comes with different settings and it is perfect for you when you are busy working on your office space. This cup warmer is flat and thin. So it is very adjustable to any type of workstation. It has a slightly concave bottom, so you can safely rest your mug without worrying about spillage.

  • Provides 3 different temperature settings.
  • Comes with auto shut-off after 4 hours.

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9. Norpro Cup Warmer

Norpro Cup Warmer | Cup Heaters

This is Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer. This is a great option from our list. And the aesthetics of it is very versatile. It can fit in an office desk, and also make a good decorative piece at home or dorm. This cup heater is small and has an amazing design. As the name suggests, the visual aspects of it separate it from other products on the market.

  • It provides a nonstick heating plate.
  • Comes with a neon light indicator on the power switch.

8. Mr. Coffee Cup Warmer

Mr. Coffee Cup Warmer | Cup Heaters

This is Mr. Coffee’s Mug Warmer. This is a great cup warmer for home or office usage. You can use it for coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or any hot beverage. It is very easy to travel with. The size is very compact and light. The surface of the plate is easy to wipe and clean. There is a light indicator on the power switch.

  • Provides 17 watts to warm beverages.
  • Provides space for mugs of different sizes.

7. Disney Mickey Mouse Cup Warmer

Disney Mickey Mouse Cup Warmer | Cup Heaters

This is a Disney Mickey-themed cup heater. This is a perfect cup warmer for anyone who loves Micky Mouse. It’s designed to be completely Micky Mouse themed. It has a Micky power light that glows when it’s on.

  • Comes with a ceramic mug.
  • Provides convenient cord length.


BESTINNKITS Cup Warmer | Cup Heaters

This is BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Warmer. This is the perfect cup warmer for office usage. It has a waterproof design that will protect itself from unwanted spillage. The heating plate is covered with thermal conductive glass. And it is very easy to clean.

  • Comes with an auto on/off gravity induction system.
  • Comes with waterproofing technology.

5. OneBuyOne Cup Warmer

OneBuyOne Cup Warmer | Cup Heaters

This is OneBuyOne’s Mug Warmer for desk usage. This a great option for your office workstation or your bedside buddy. This cup heater has a thin and flat surface. This can support ceramic or stainless steel too. They recommend a flat bottom cup for the best results.

  • Provides an easy to clean surface.
  • Comes with a gravity induction system.
  • Comes in a compact design.

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4. YEOSEN Cup Warmer

YEOSEN Cup Warmer | Cup Heaters

This is YEOSEN’s coffee warmer. This cup warmer comes in a sleek design that will match the aesthetics of your home perfectly. This is a device that can remember the last temperature you used, and serve you the beverage at the same temperature. This feature makes it stand out from the rest of the cup warmers on our list.

  • A gravity switch that turns off when you lift the cup.
  • Auto switch off when you forget.
  • Fireproof material.
  • Provides low power service.

3. POWERGIANT Cup Warmer

POWERGIANT Cup Warmer | Cup Heaters

This is POWERGIANT’s Coffee Mug Warmer for desk usage. This is an amazing product for your office and your home. You can keep your latte and tea warm all the time. This cup heater has a unique imitation wood design. This can elevate the aesthetics of your home if you match it properly with the background. You can turn this into a nice decorative piece in your living room. You can use pottery, stainless steel, and glass on this device.

  • Comes with an aesthetic finish.
  • Provides auto shut off the warmer plate.

2. KUWAN Cup Warmer

KUWAN Cup Warmer | Cup Heaters

This is KUWAN’s Coffee Mug Warmer. This is a nice desktop cup warmer. This can be a great gift for coffee lovers. This has an electric film heating technology that provides a quick, stable, and uniform heating area. So you can enjoy your perfect warm beverage all day.

  • Provides two temperature settings.
  • Provides auto shut off system.
  • Comes in a practical and small size.

1. Salton Cup Warmer

Salton Cup Warmer | Cup Heaters

This is Salton’s Coffee Mug warmer. One of the simplistic cup warmers on our list. This has an illuminated switch that indicates power. The design is tailored to ensure the safety of the mug.


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You can find a lot of cup heaters on the market. Some have amazing features and some are simple but have good quality that lasts long. You can pick anyone from our list that matches your taste.