Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset

Keep it light as well as breezy with the newest member from Sound Blaster Family namely Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset. Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset is an excellent pair of the ultra-light headset which is wireless. It does provide you with the freedom to be able to roam in comfort irrespective of how long the playlist is. Untangled and untethered. The freedom can never get any sweeter when you can be able to play, personalize as well pause the audio experience with the bass enhancement. Remember, all this is within a single click.

Creative Sound Blaster Jam Ultra-Light Bluetooth Headset 

Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset Review

Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset

Allow the taste you have for music to be as easygoing as the Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset! Complete with the Bluetooth 4.1 and the Near Field Communication technology, you can be able to pair as well as play with no much fuss. Get to enjoy the power of freedom as well as flexibility. This is because you will not have scrimping on the audio quality of up to 12 hours of the wireless playback. Is there anyone who thought that you could be able to kick-start your party with this wireless headset? Let’s learn more on Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset.


If we want to discuss simplicity, the ease of use or even the helpful features, super-aural Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset is the winner when it comes to the design department. It is extremely lightweight build and comfortable over the long listening period. The simple on-ear controls are laid out intuitively. On right ear’s outer panel, the central button does control Play or Pause, Pairing and Call answer or end — the dedicated volume controls which do work independently of, not together with the phone volume levels, double as track navigation controls.

This depends on how long you are going to hold them.
The ‘Bass’ mode button along outer rim which allows the user to boost bass response with so much ease. Many times, Bluetooth on the ear controls are quite confusing to operate.

This is since you do have to rely on touch, but everything on jam is quite easy to find with the fingers. The microphone has been located on the right earpiece. From the layout and the functionality standpoint, Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset is a huge success. From the visual standpoint, no one will ever look at the black plastic headphones. You can say with no doubt ‘Those headsets looks excellent.’
Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset logo does take things to the realm of slightly cheesy.

It is quite fortunate as headphones sound and also feel great. This is especially when it comes to the price. It is very easy to pair with the iPhone 5s. You can be able to pair the NFC compatible devices by being able to tap to headphones. The battery life can last for 12 hours when it is fully charged. But the results are going to depend upon how loudly you can be able to play the tracks. You can also be able to listen to the audio from the PC through the USB charging cable.


Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset

  • Item weight: 8.8 ounces.
  • Product Dimensions: 7.7 x 2.6 x 8.7 inches.
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries needed.
  • Design: Ultra-light wireless headset.
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless.

It has been made in a way that it is ergonomic fit with the soft ear cushions. They ensure comfort and long listening hours. Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset makes the use of wireless connectivity technology. Made of the exceptional lightweight materials that minimize bulkiness and helps increase mobility.

Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset has an extended Bluetooth playback. You can get twelve hours of the wireless audio streaming with Sound Blaster Jam. With a single tap, bass enhancement adds punch to the music. This is within a one-touch on ear cup of the headset. Experience convenient charging via the USB through Mac / PC.


Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset

Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset delivers a deep bass which is strong given the headset modest frame. This bass does not distort at the top volume with Bass mode activated. You can expect the compelling performance, and can never be compared with any other in the market. It features high-quality Neodymium drivers, Sound Blaster JAM which allows you to hear very crisp power that is clean with no wires in sight.
With Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset provides you with the music boost.

This is also with the bass enhancement and allow the good times to roll. Your voice is going to get more sparkly with the excellent quality Omni-direction microphone. Get to hear and also be heard on the phone. You will be heard with the clarity and has details shining through the conversation and recording. These devices are a well-hidden gem within Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset.

With the music getting much more comfortable with the best headsets, this has stood out. Here are some of the pros and cons of Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset.


  • The audio quality is good.
  • Easy to pair and the NFC is available.
  • Charges very fast and stay for long.
  • Lightweight, hence you won’t have a hard time wearing it.


When you get to open the box, you are going to find a plastic pouch that has USB charging cable, manuals, and headphones. Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset provides the NFC pairing but irrespective of how you do pair, it is a simple process. They have made use of the lossy Bluetooth compression, no aptX here. Bluetooth range is 30 feet, and the headphones work fine with the range. Buttons have their location on right ear cup are for turning on and off as well entering the pairing mode.


Creative has been able to come up with a device which seems like it should cost more than it does. They are a fair option which you can choose. Forget about the tangling of the cables as you are running! With Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset, enjoy nothing than the best sound quality.

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