Top 16 Coolest Gadgets for College Students

Top 16 Coolest Gadgets for College Students

Coolest Gadgets for College Students

Going to college is an exciting time – you’ll meet new people, learn new things, and experience dorm life. You’ll also be able to grab some of the best techs for college and enjoy all the fun and fancy gadgets meant to make your life easier.

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By combining these helpful services and some handy gadgets, you’re sure to ace the college experience. Read on for the techy tools that students in Australia are taking to school to help earn their degrees.

Best Electronics for College Students

Top 16 Coolest Gadgets for College Students

1. Noise-canceling headphones

You don’t have to suffer at the whim of an annoying roommate or overcrowded study hall. Instead, don a pair of noise-canceling headphones and you’ll be able to focus anywhere.

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2. Smartwatch

Keep track of the time, your heart rate, and your step by wearing a smartwatch. This is a great way to keep an eye on how much you move and an easy way to check texts in class without pulling out your phone.

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3. Portable charger

The drawback of tech: it needs a charge. Bringing a portable charger with you means you can keep your gadgets juiced up.

4. Bluetooth wireless keyboard

Even small laptops can be annoying to pack around. Opt for a Bluetooth wireless keyboard and you can rely on a lightweight tablet instead.

Dorm Room Gadgets

Top 16 Coolest Gadgets for College Students

5. Personal coffee maker

Caffeine makes the world of higher education go round. Dive into the coffee culture by purchasing a small coffee maker that can easily fill your to-go mug in a minute.

6. Tub Shroom

If you or your roommate share a bathroom and either of you has long hair, you’ll want to invest in a tub shroom. It catches hair before it goes down the drain so you have to deal with a gross clog later.

7. Wake-up light

Do you hate waking up? Most college students do. You can make it a little easier by waking up with a natural alarm clock.

8. Surge protector

Losing your homework is the absolute worst, and old dorm rooms are notorious for faulty wiring. Guard your papers and other assignments by plugging in a surge protector.

Best Tech for College Studies

Top 16 Coolest Gadgets for College Students

9. Smart notebook

If you’re looking for a high-tech way to take notes, nothing beats a smart notebook. You can easily turn your handwritten notes into computerized documents for easy reading and sharing.

10. Smartpen

In the same vein, you can make writing and keeping notes easier with a smartpen. Whatever you write will be uploaded via Bluetooth to a synced device.

11. Portable printer

Somehow colleges still get away with charging extra for printing service. Skip the hassle and invest in a portable printer so you don’t have to worry about being short on time or change.

12. Reading light

Ideally, you and your roommate will live in perfect harmony. When that doesn’t pan out and you’re up earlier or later than your roommate, you can use a reading light to keep studying.

Cool Gadgets for College Students

Top 16 Coolest Gadgets for College Students

13. Charging backpack

You’re going to shove your phone, tablet, and laptop into your backpack anyway. Why not purchase a charging backpack so that you can keep everything powered up while you’re traipsing across campus or sitting in class?

14. Earbud Organiser

Earbuds have a pesky habit of tying themselves up in knots. If you’re tired of detangling them, you can purchase a pocket-sized organizer to keep them sorted.

15. USB fan

Dorm rooms are known for being too stuffy and hot and humid to function. Don’t count on AC – instead, buy a little portable fan that can plug into your computer to help you stay cool when you’re working hard.

16. Microwave rice cooker

You probably can’t (or shouldn’t) sneak a rice cooker into your dorm, but you can bring a microwave. The solution? A microwavable rice cooker. You can cook rice, but you can also make pancakes, eggs, and soup. It’s a one-size-fits-many solution.

Don’t be left behind or suffer needlessly in your college dorm. Make sure to pack well and bring a few gadgets to make things easier. If nothing else, at least invest in that surge protector so you don’t lose assignments you’ve worked hard on (and forgot to save).

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