[Infographic] History Of Wi-Fi

WI-FI in complete words means wireless Fidelity. It is a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) that connects many devices at the same time to allow the sharing of information. In addition to that, the primary mode of connection that Wi-Fi relies on are radio waves which...

10 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

With Wi-Fi being the most significant innovations since the evolution of the internet, the need to boost your Wi-Fi signal is as strong as ever. A Wi-Fi is the most critical thing in the life of people across the globe. Imagine a scenario where you are browsing the...

How to Find Your Router’s IP Address?

As you already know (and if not, you are now going to learn it), both the routers that we buy as well as the ones installed by the telephone companies have an internal web page from which all the parameters of the same can be configured. You can configure everything...

What Is A Gigabit Router?

Gigabit routers are the best in the market if you are looking for a high-speed router for your PC, laptop or any other device that needs a high-speed internet connection. But many do not know the right kind of router for the purpose. Routers these days come with...

What Is A Good Internet Speed for Gaming?

The gamers all around the world have taken a liking towards online games rather than the sandbox games that were used to be the only way of gaming a few years ago. Online multiplayer games give the gamer a feeling that he/she is part of something bigger, and there is...
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