Linksys E1200 N300 Wi-Fi Router Review

Best of Linksys E1200 N300 The Linksys E1200 N300 wireless router is part of the latest E collection of the wifi leader Cisco. If you need an affordable router, the N300 is the cheapest in the series. The wireless router has a single-band design suitable to use in the home. If you are not technically […]

Best Headphones in 2019 For Music Lovers

The headphone has grown up and gone through different stages from the old days. These days you find them packed with technology offering you the best sound and some are even great to use hands-free. You can buy sweat-resistant headphones for fitness, active noise-canceling cans and more. The headsets available these days have over-ear, in-ear, […]

Top 20 Best Gaming Headset in 2019

War-games are one of the most played video games online you need to take your gaming audio serious. Using the best gaming headset solves this problem. Imagine the following scenario: You hear commands barked at you via your team leader to get into position. Grenades are exploding, bullets are flying overhead, and the enemy is […]

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo is an excellent headset for the gamers. With PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo, you can be able to experience everything. From big booms to the whisper-quiet warnings in the stunning 7.1 virtual surround.  Also, continue chatting with friends through the hidden noise-canceling microphone. PlayStation makes The PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo. It comes […]

JBL Boombox- Best Choice

JBL Boombox is a large cylinder with a wide built-in handle which you can use for carrying it around. When it comes to the influence of Boombox on the music is quietly indisputable. The portable sound system is the ones that gave rise to the subcultures (think of the hip-hop as well as breakdancing). This […]

Top 10 Best Bookshelf Speakers in 2019

Bookshelf Speakers come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms, and bookshelf speakers are just one of the many. The main difference between regular speakers and bookshelf speakers is that the latter is meant to be on elevated surfaces. It does not necessarily have to be a bookshelf, but can also be a high table, […]

NETGEAR EX6200-100NAS AC1200

Communication has taken a different angle in this era of technology. With globalization, purchasing items and communication is now done through the internet. Accessing some the global sites such as Amazon or even reading emails requires strong and fast network connectivity. Modems have of late become unreliable for this purpose. This is why we have […]


In this era of technology, internet connection has turned out to be a basic necessity for every home. Real estate developers have realized this too. This is why most new estates or homes are fitted with a router. However, getting a quality NETGEAR AC750 Wi-Fi range extender may not be easy especially if you don’t […]