Netgear vs TP-Link Router Comparison

If you want the best Wi-Fi router, you have a choice of selecting two of the most popular brands available on the market. This is why our editor’s choice of the Netgear vs TP-Link Router comparison available here, will help you make the right choice in choosing one. Both of these companies are heavyweight brands […]


In recent times, there is a trend of using Bluetooth speakers indoors and outdoors. These kinds of speakers are equipped with excellent connectivity and powerful sound output. The JBL Boombox speaker delivers powerful sound output sound along with the hardest hitting bass. Now you can relish continuous sound for different occasions with the use of […]


The requirement of small, rugged outdoor speakers arises frequently to users of all age groups. These kinds of speakers can use on walks, trips, gym and during physical training. Both the speaker UE Wonderboom and the Sony SRS-XB10 are suitable for outdoor applications. The Wonderboom speaker is considered as the latest ultra-portable speaker belonging from […]

NetGear R6400 Vs R7000

The NetGear R7000 proves worthy of comparison to the latest router models. This gives us enough reason to compare the NetGear R7000 to the NetGear R6400. The two routers have a lot in common but they also have many differences that may mean a lot to the user. In terms of performance, ease of use, […]

Eero vs. Luma: Wireless Mesh Network Comparison

Eero vs. Luma: Wireless Mesh Network Comparison  Eero vs. Luma: A Comparison The below article is an Editor’s Choice. Users all over the world are developing a love for all-enveloping the Wi-Fi, which will provide us with smooth, fuss-free connectivity no matter which part or floor of the house. In steps wireless mesh network, the […]

NightHawk AC 1900 Vs NightHawk AC 2300

NetGear is known for the production of top-notch routers. This article compares two of the editor’s choice routers; the NightHawk AC 1900 and the NightHawk AC 2300. The NightHawk AC 2300 came into the market when the NightHawk Ac 1900 has already made a name for itself. We would want to check if NetGear has […]


You might have heard that both the ASUS RT-AC3200 and D-Link DIR-890L routers are great to use in the home to be connected. The problem is which one you should choose as the ASUS vs D-Link router battle continues making it difficult for you to decide which one to buy. This is why we have […]