Why Choose Canary all in one Home security Device (black)?

The canary home security device is the all- in – one indoor and outdoor HD security camera. It is named so as it is a camera bundled with incredible functionality. It has a built-in siren with a climate monitor and an air quality alert. This device works best with Alexa. The Canary security camera is waterproof, weatherproof with an operating temperature of approximately -20°C to 50°C. It comes loaded with an array of unique features which guarantees to offer the most vigilant and top-notch quality home security services.


Basic Features

Canary’s weatherproof indoor and outdoor home security device allows precise positioning as well as access to a number of pre-populated first responders. It can withstand any climatic condition with full functionality. It has a 360-degree swivel base which is magnetic. The device allows the consumers to view live activity all day long and also sends smart alerts whenever the camera detects any strange motion.


The Canary Home Security Device comes with an extensive range of amazing features. Some of these features include:

Self Regulating arming and disarming feature

This amazing device has a unique feature of arming as soon as you leave as well as disarming when you return. This feature is very helpful since it aids in protecting your house when you are not there even if you have forgotten to set an alarm.

Video Recording initiated by motion

The device automatically records an HD video or audio. It ensures to send the recorded video or an audio approximately 30 seconds to your phone as soon as any strange motion is detected.  Also, all the recorded videos are properly stored and secured using AES 256 bits encryption which is available for about 24 hours.

Emergency Access at just one touch

The Canary all in one security device allows emergency access from anywhere at just one touch. With the help of this device, you can contact local police, security guards or call out for help immediately as soon as you find something unusual. This feature operates within the app from the phone in just one touch.

Confidentiality Mode

The coolest and the most amazing feature of this home security device is that it comes with the privacy settings which are available with no other home security camera. In this device, there is a built-in privacy setting which allows you to shut down its microphone and camera at any time and from any place. That’s not all while recording, the device offers extensive security measures so as to protect your data most efficiently.
Plug into or Wireless feature- This device can serve as a wire-free or a plug into the device. It ensures that you can go wire-free with the help of its built-in battery which is rechargeable. It can easily re-charged since it comes with a power cord. Which helps in making the charging process easy while the camera is still fulfilling its promise of securing your home by monitoring your home.

Smart Motion and Real-time person Alert signals

The Indoor / Outdoor Canary device works very efficiently and features very unique machine learning and integrated AI technology. This feature focuses on filtering out all of the unimportant motions and takes initiatives to identify all the very important activities. Thus, ensuring to alert you only for the things which are most important and which matters to you.
You will receive all the significant notifications whenever the motions or the people are detected. Let us consider, that if by chance you missed anything. Then this device will send all the unseen footage to emergency phone no. registered in the app.

Alarm to scare off the burglars and intruders

This all-purpose home security device comes with a built-in alarm system. This special built-in siren is perfect for scaring always all the unwanted visitors and intruders. In case of emergency, the sound of the siren goes up to 90 decibels and more. The device also comes up with ambient light, capacitive touch and a 3- axis accelerometer.

Two way talk feature

The device offers the latest two-way talk feature which makes this device capable of the two way interaction between the residents and visitors before giving them entry into the house. Thus, the device can be used to protect the house and the loved ones. You can say Hi or greet the users using the device and enquire the purpose of the visit of the unknown visitors so that you do not allow thief or kidnappers inside.



The Canary all-in-one home security device is a highly rated home security device because of its wide range of features. For its sound quality, it can rate 3.5 stars approx. out of five and when it comes to material and picture quality rate 4 stars approx. out of five thus making it buyers first preference for sure.

Hardware and setup requirements


The Canary home security device comes with a built-in battery which is rechargeable and can also connect to a power cable. It has a built-in speaker and a microphone which is capable of use for real-time conversation recording and It has an easy set up for activation and doesn’t require any extra wiring. It works best with the Alexa which uses for voice control.

Now make securing home easy with the help of all new Canary All -in -one Home security device which not only offers night vision and 147° wide-angle lens but also great audio quality. The device includes cloud storage and also allows to respond to recent events as it offers live streaming of video since it can connect to your Android device or IOS. Thus, it efficiently allows you to secure your house even with a simple touch on your smartphone. Therefore, Make house security easy and at ease with the help of the all- in – one Canary home security device.

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