10 Things You Should Not Miss Packing For A Camping-Cum-Hunting Trip

10 Things You Should Not Miss Packing For A Camping-Hunting Trip

A camping-cum-hunting trip can be intimidating for first-timers because hunting and camping have different prerequisites. The entire venture can be very rewarding if you go about it right, but also very disappointing if you mess it up. 

Planning a camping-cum-hunting trip? 10 things you should not miss packing

1. Hunting license

10 Things You Should Not Miss Packing For A Camping-Cum-Hunting Trip


First and foremost, make sure that you don’t forget your hunting license while arranging for camping and hunting equipment. Put your hunting license in a plastic bag in your daypack to ensure that it doesn’t get wet and become illegible when the game warden comes checking.

2. Knife

It is essential that you carry a pocket knife for camping and dressing your game. A bowie knife, for instance, can fulfill both the requirements quite efficiently. It can chop wood for the fire, but also skin an animal after the hunt. It can be helpful for cutting rope and chopping vegetables or slicing meat for cooking. It can also come in handy for self-defense.

3. Rubber gloves

Your hunted animal could be infected by some germs or viruses. You don’t want to touch it and get infected. The rubber gloves will come in handy when you touch to check your game.

4. First-aid kit

10 Things You Should Not Miss Packing For A Camping-Cum-Hunting Trip

One of the essential things that you should never miss out on is the first-aid kit. Required for both camping and hunting, a first-aid kit can come in handy if you’re injured during the hunt.

5. Flashlight or headlamp

You’ll require this while setting up your camp in the dark or keeping a track of the animal you had shot after sunset or you’re in the process of dressing it. A flashlight will help you follow up on the injured game, set camp, even when it’s dark.

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6. Trash/ game bags

Carrying a trash bag is a responsible thing to do when camping in the wilderness. You don’t want to dirty the place that gave you shelter during the hunt.
Game bags will help you pack out your game. You don’t want to let your game rot in the wilderness or junk the entrails out in the open.

7. Camping gear

Carrying your camping gear is a safe thing to do when your hunt lasts after sundown. You don’t want to freeze in the wilderness after a taxing hunt. It can also be your resting place where you can freshen up,  have food when hungry, track your game to resume with the hunt.

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8. Lighter or matchbox

10 Things You Should Not Miss Packing For A Camping-Cum-Hunting Trip

If you are camping at night, you will want to build a fire to cook your food or simply to keep yourself warm. Fire can also be used to ward off wild animals.

9. Rain gear

You don’t want your hunting accessories and survival kit to get wet when it rains suddenly. So it’s better that you carry your rain gear to cover yourself and your camping/hunting gears if it rains.

10. Water

No matter the weather, it is essential to stay hydrated. You don’t know how long it’ll take to hunt your game, so it’s always advisable to carry ample water and save the majority of your pack’s weight to store water.

Overall, pack light. Hunting and camping require enough equipment already and you don’t want to add weight to your luggage with clothes and shoes. You have to carry only what is necessary. Avid hunters have been on the field and know what works for them. But for newbies, it’s a trial and error. With some thought and planning, you’ll have a great experience.
Worry no more as we refine what you need and provide a packing checklist that’ll cover your camping-cum-hunting trip.