Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver

Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver

For a long time, it has been your dream to have to make recordings directly into your computer. This may no longer remain a mirage but is now becoming a stark reality. You are about to experience some of the best news on offer to this effect.Blue Yeti USB microphone – Silver is here. It can create that unparalleled and unrivaled break that you have always craved for. It is designed to use a proprietary tri-capsule technology engineered towards the production of pristine studio quality recordings. This is just the piece of good news you craved for.

In itself, it is made to feature four different pattern settings. This technology is great in that, with this equipment, you can facilitate the recording of vocals and instrumental music. Further, you can also record podcasts and interviews with so much ease.The technology’s design is in a way that, with just simple controls for headphone volume added to some operations such as pattern selection, instant mute and microphone gain, exceptional out of the box recordings are attained.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone-Silver Review

As we have highlighted, the product in question is made of a great technique and customized to your needs.
The product has a stereo mode that makes it ideal for use on both the left and right channel and thus captures the general sound image realistically. This in its way accords quality sound and gives you an edge over others.

It has a cardioid mode which gives it an advantage as it can record sound sources emanating directly from the front of the microphone. This notwithstanding, it is thus well suitable for functions such as podcasts, vocals or even game streaming. This quality is exceptional in that it cannot only produce sound but a full-bodied sound which is rich in quality.

In picking up voices from different directions, the Blue Yeti can pick the same equally due to its omnidirectional mode. The same is well endowed to capture the ambiance of being present in an event. This is the reason as to why it is apt for use in live recording of a band’s performance.

With the Blue Yeti, the list of the options is endless. The equipment has a bidirectional mode which records from the front and rear of the microphone. Thus this is great in recording a conversation between two people.


This is by far the most advanced USB microphone of all times in the in the market. You cannot imagine the fete the fete you acquire by using the combination of the three Blue Yeti capsules as well as the four different pattern settings. This product is amazing.

With the triple capsule collection, Blue Yeti is well versed to record in stereo or even three other specifically unique patterns. This product gives you a great choice in the acquisition of great recordings. It prides in the fact that its installation does not require any drivers. This means that your installation process is so smooth and fast. Yeti is now gaining popularity as the most diverse USB mic for use. Sound recording is climbing a notch higher thanks to Blue Yeti. Be assured that your sound recordings are at their best with Blue Yeti.


Blue Yeti is never short of unique and state-of-the-art features.
It has a tri-capsule array technology which enables you to record every situation at your disposal without fail. This is possible due to its three condenser capsules which are a unique but useful feature.

  • With cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo applications, the Blue Yeti pride is enabling you to enjoy clear service with these multiple pattern selection abilities. That is a plus since it is not common to all equipment in the field.
  • Blue Yeti USB Microphone-Silver is perfect with conference calls, field recordings, interviews and voiceovers among other unique services.
  • It is compatible with most operating windows thus making it work efficiently on most machines without necessarily needing any drivers’ installation. That includes a laptop, PC, Xbox, and PS4.
  • It is the best USB mic which is lighting up the airwaves.
  • Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver has a USB connector type
  • It has a USB Hardware interface
  • It has a PS hardware platform
  • Its output wattage is at 0.13 Watts
  • Its voltage is at 5 volts


This professional microphone has a hinge for easy adjustment sound source. This is a great and ideal way towards improving sound quality.
It is great in its work since it has no complicated drivers. Its performance is incredible because you simply plug it to the computer’s USB port and then ensure that you can align it with your operating system. After the plugging, it is all systems go, and it is ready to work. The performance after this is so professional that you may not imagine the result is from such simple equipment as it appears.


  • The Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver has hinges which allow you to adjust it to your like and context.
    With the product, it is possible to use it almost in all electronic appliances with ease.
  • The product does not require drivers to install. It comes with a cable that can allow you to plug to other gadgets easily.
  • The Blue Yeti is so versatile in its use that it covers the costs of other related equipment. In return, that reduces and manages your prices are therefore significantly.
  • The product comes to you with a headphone jack that allows you to listen to what you are covering. This enables you to choose between terminating the coverage or continuing with the same.
  • Blue Yeti comes with a lengthy two year warranty that guarantees you of repairs within the period.


  • Blue Yeti is prone to viruses hence spoil or even start to malfunction.


The setup of Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver is simple as indicated in the manual. The rest is also so easy since there is no need for drivers during installation.


Blue Yeti is the answer to most of your audio headaches. You need to have one and enjoy the best in audio needs. Am sure you are already considering this. Given the design as well as the features above, it would be a wrong move not to consider Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver when looking for a microphone. Think about everything above and see whether it will meet your needs.

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