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Top 10 Best Blackout Roller Blinds in 2021

Summer UV rays are very harmful to your skin and may cause severe skin conditions such as skin cancer. But this is not good for you. Blackout roller blinds will ensure they have blocked the harmful summer rays; hence no light will enter your window. These blackout roller blinds will install at the back of your windows and will even prevent the cold winters from reaching your room. Their thermal backing and silver lining are perfect for ensuring you have the best privacy while you are in your room. Installing them is easy since they will come with the necessary hardware for installation.

Top 10 Best Blackout Roller Blinds in 2021

10. LUCKUP Horizontal Window Shade Blind Zebra Dual Roller Blinds 


These blackout roller shades feature excellent polyester materials that will offer proper ventilation. It is anti-static and dustproof too. It features a combination of sheer and reliable fabric. You will manually adjust the density of indoor light hence enhancing your privacy.

It has special protection for children and your pet and has a chain connector. You will either mount it on the inside or outside.

  • Excellent materials
  • Safe
  • Nice design

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9. ALLBRIGHT Blackout Window Roller Shades

This blackout roller shade is 100 percent polyester that will block 100 percent of sun rays. You will either install it on the inside on the outside. It has a thermal backing that will balance the temperature in winter and summer.

The roller blind has sturdy and thick striped textured fabric that is ideal for creating a warm environment in your house and shielding from sunlight. It is excellent for the bedroom, living room and kitchens.

  • Child safe
  • Easy installation
  • Classic design

8. Deconovo Faux Linen 100 Percent Beige Blackout Curtains

This blackout roller blind features 100 % polyester and hence is ideal for blocking direct sunlight rays. They have a black lining that makes this curtain dark. It will come with two panels that have eight anti-rust silver grommets.

The roller blinds will reduce noise and are windproof too. It only will make your window closed hence blocking away unwanted noise. Its thick black drape will keep away 99% UV rays.

  • Protection against UV
  • Noise reduction and dustproof
  • 100% polyester.

7. Kyle & Bryce Blackout Roller Shade

The roller has a classic and sleek design and is stiffer and will provide a stylish and excellent presentation for you. They are ideal for kitchens, bedrooms, offices and study rooms. It is of high quality and will not trip off or tear.

It will genuinely block out total sunlight hence offering a conducive environment to all those who love working in dark backgrounds. Mounting is easy and effortless.

  • Has high-quality fabrics
  • Easy to mount
  • Has a sleek design

6. ALLBRIGHT 100% Blackout Manual Roller Shades

When you have this blackout roller blinds with you, you will successfully block away harmful UV rays, and its microfiber will keep away summer heats and will shield you during the cold biting winter colds. This blackout roller blind is perfect for your kitchen and bathrooms.

You will easily install it and will come with all the required hardware. Its innovative ball chain design is effortless to lift. It is safe for your children’s too.

  • Features 100% polyester
  • Noise reduction
  • Has a classical design

5. HOMEDEMO Window Blinds and Shades Blackout Roller Shades

HOMEDEMO blackout roller blinds have 100% blackout fabric, and the back of this blind has a silver coating that will successfully shield against UV rays in s hot summers and block the cold and chilly air during winter.

It does not have dangling cords hence making it ideal for your children and pets. This blind will operate through a spring system and will work silently. Your indoor environment will look excellent and presentable.

  • Features 100% blackout fabrics
  • Easy to operate
  • Safe for child and pet

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4. SUNFREE Blackout Window Shades Cordless Window Blinds

The black roller blinds are easy to install since all the mounting and installation hardware are in the package. Cleaning is easy, and you will only wipe out with a wet cloth, and you are good to go. It will block 100 % sunlight.

These roller blinds have a built-in spring system that has an automatic lifting, and the rate of raising this roller is adjustable. It will shield against UV rays and keep away summer heat and block the winter air.

  • 100% light blocking
  • Shield against UV lights
  • Features a cordless safety design

3. Chicology Cordless Roller Shades Snap-N’-Glide

Chicology roller blind will not only block away from all the light but will also add a modern touch to your home. It features high-quality fabrics that will offer much-needed privacy in your room.

They are safe for homes and will not cause harm to your children or pet. This will successfully filter out light, darken your room, and are ideal for use in nursery, dining, bedroom, office and living room.

  • They will glide up and down smoothly
  • Safe for your homes
  • Easy to clean

2. Grandekor Blackout Shades Blackout Blinds Cordless Shade Roller Shades

These Blackout blinds for windows feature 100% blackout fabric and have a back-silver coating that will block sunlight and harmful UV rays. The roller blinds will operate by a spring-loaded mechanism that makes it easier to control the up and down of the blackout blinds.

They have a cordless design that will eliminate the dangerous dangling cord system that is a risk to your children. It is ideal for use in children’s rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

  • Has a spring-loading mechanism
  • Safe and secure
  • Will block out harmful UV rays

1. Achim Home Furnishings Cordless Celestial Sheer Double Layered Window Shade

The blackout roller blinds are safe for child and pet since there are no dangerous cords. It will filter out the light and create an incredible lighting effect in your living room kitchen or bedroom.

Cleaning it is easy, and you will clean this roller blind using a moistened piece of cloth. It features 100% polyester and a matching stylish aluminium headrail that will add beauty to your house.

  • Cordless
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable height

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A curtain is not enough to guarantee you total blackout of sun rays. You will need a blackout roller blinds to ensure you achieve the 100% total blackouts. These blackout roller blinds will come in various designs and are safe. As a buyer goes for the best roller blind according to your budget, the size of your window and other factors will prevail while choosing for the best roller blind. Cordless blackout roller blinds are the most secure if you have small kids and pets in your room. Why don’t you try any of the above blackout roller blinds for total privacy?

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