Bike Storage Rack

Top 10 Best Bike Storage Rack in 2021

If you are finding it quite difficult to be able to store the bike, then bike storage racks will be able to offer you the complete solution. The bike storage racks are very ideal for the people who do have limited spaces and they offer very good protection to the two-wheeler. It is quite easy to be able to use this product and they come in a very simple design. One can easily be able to mount as well as hang the bikes safely on them. You will not have to worry about the bikes falling down.

Ask any cyclist and they will tell you that it is not safe to have your bike in the open. This is because they are exposed to elements as well as extreme weather conditions. An excellent way to be able to store the bike is to use the bike storage rack. This is a simple but useful device that will not just protect the bike from damages but also be able to save a lot of space overall. With the bike storage rack, you should install a rack in the garage or even on a shed for good measure. Here are the best bike storage racks in 2021.

Bike Storage Rack Reviews

10. Feedback Sports Velo Wall rack

Feedback Sports Velo Wall rack

To start our list of the best bike storage rack is Feedback Sports Velo Wall rack. If you do need extra care on the pristine house garage wall, then this is an excellent choice.

It has a design to be able to get a bike as close to a wall and this is thanks to two arms that move independently while at the same time keeping a bike as well as the wall very secure. In addition, it will not hurt the frame of the bike since it does have a soft rubber cradle. This rack does come with all hardware as well as a manual guide to be able to make installation and use it a lot easier.

  • Easy installation.
  • You can screw into any standard wall stud.
  • The soft rubber cradles do protect the frame’s finish.

9. Allen Sports Wall Rack

Allen Sports Wall Rack


Are you looking for the best bike storage rack which shall be able to offer you easy as well as fast access to the bike? If this is the case, this is an excellent choice.

This is an excellent choice for the bicycle storage in a garage, apartment or home. The patented design does fold up out of the way when it is not in use. It can be able to serve you as the repair stand. You will easily install with a single wood screw. This bike does come fully assembled and it does feature a streamlined design that takes only 1 screw to be able to install.

  • Easy to assemble as well as install.
  • Lightweight rack to be installed anywhere in the house.
  • Good storage solution.


8. LifeStore Adjustable Bike Rack

LifeStore Adjustable Bike Rack

LifeStore by the Coastal Provision is an adjustable wall mounting bicycle rack for a wide variety of bike frames. This an excellent bike storage racks that are made of the welded steel.

This rack does fold upwards to be able to add to the space efficiency. In addition, it does come with the wall mounting hardware to be able to help secure bike in position. There is a set of screws that are included for easy installation on the stud-mounted walls.

  • Adjustable to easily fit any size as well as the type of bike.
  • Rubber protects the base.
  • Well organized with joints hence no tools are required.

7. Bike Nook Bicycle Stand

Bike Nook Bicycle Stand


This is another great bike storage rack which can hold your bike well and intact. Upright design that is easy to use means that you shall not struggle to be able to lift as well as hang the heavy bikes to make the room in the house.

Having this bike storage rack will be able to prevent the bikes from damaging or scratching the walls, cars, ceilings and more. Keeping the bike inside protects it from the thieves as well as other damage. This position is going to save a lot of space. Ensure that the front wheel with a strap for more stability.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • It does save so much space.
  • Highly durable.


6. Bikehand 1-3 Bicycle Bike rack

Bikehand 1-3 Bicycle Bike rack


This is a free-standing bike storage rack that is great when you need the flexibility to be able to move the bike around, whether it is in the garage, bike store or race.

With two pulley design with an adjustable position, it will serve its purpose. It does fit bikes with the wheel size that ranges from 24 to 29 inches, It does not bring any scratches on bike’s frame, disc, cassettes or disc rotors.

  • It can easily be adjusted.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Holds the bike firmly.


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5. Dirza Bike Rack

Dirza Bike Rack

If you are looking for the best bike storage rack that does not assemble, this is an excellent choice. Its fixed unique safety hook does allow one to be able to hang as well as access the bike in a jiffy manner without accidental release.

The metal hook is usually covered with a thick rubber for preventing this bike from any scratches. The rack is able to offer 65 pounds maximum hanging capacity. It is sturdy enough for the MTB road bike, the kid’s bike, etc.

  • It comes with an anti-scratch rubber hook.
  • Unique design.
  • Suitable for various sizes and types of bikes.

4. Simple Houseware

Simple Houseware

This bike storage rack has been made of very strong but thin aluminum tubing which cannot break or even bend. Therefore, it does hold the bikes separately but in a very secure position.

The rack can easily be separated into five independent racks for more flexibility. In addition, the rack is fairly easy to assemble as a result of its intuitive construction. It has been built to last and it is a very sturdy rack in relation to the others.

  • Easy to assemble and adjust.
  • Stable floor rack.
  • Durable.

3. Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall

Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall


Ibera is a high-quality bike storage rack that does have a horizontal mounting wall hanger for a single bike hence saving a lot of space. This wall hanger can easily be adjusted to be able to keep the bike level.

Designed as the horizontal mounting wall hanger for a single bike to be able to save space. The weight limit is 39.6 pounds. Sturdy, as well as durable construction, has been made out of aluminum makes it safe for the bikes to hang onto the wall.

Double arm hanger does have padded ABS arms to be able to keep the bike very secure as well as protect against any paint damage. Suitable for the majority of the conventional bike frames. The hanger beam length can be adjusted to fit narrow or even wide handlebars.

  • Durable construction.
  • Non-scratch frame holders.
  • The length of the hanger can be adjusted.


2. Bikehand Bicycle Floor

Bikehand Bicycle Floor


This is an excellent bike storage rack that does have a simple push-in design. The stand’s front holder will be able to tilt when you pushbike into this rack. Patented great design will be perfect for heavy bikes.

Simple 1 pull knob will be able to allow you to fold this stand into a flat shape within a few seconds. This does save storage space when not in use or even carry it into your vehicle when going on a ride.

  • Foldable and portable.
  • Super durable quality.
  • Excellent push in design.

1. Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci

Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci

Are you looking for versatile as well as a heavy-duty rack? This will be able to accommodate any wheel size and can accommodate a maximum load of 40 pounds. The storage hooks look very good on a wall without the bike.

It has a space-saving design which makes storage easy. You can be able to hang any bike bicycle in a vertical position within a few seconds. The installation is very simple and there is no assembly that is required.

  • Convenient storage for the bikes.
  • The maximum load is 18kg.
  • Sturdy and easy to mount.

With the bike storage racks, you will have to keep in mind that they do differ in terms of their shape as well as size. Despite them being an excellent alternative to leaning the bike against the wall, storage racks can be quite a hassle to set them up. The older models gave one a rough time to set them up. Good racks are able to provide secure storage without impeding access to the bike when there is a need.