Best Window Air Conditioners in 2020

To eliminate the concerns of suffocation and perspiration, a suitable air conditioner unit is inevitable. For homes and offices with a limited size of the room, it recommended going for the window air conditioners. This is because they can be effortlessly fitted in the window and makes the whole room’s environment cool. Moreover, regardless of the intensity of temperature, you will not feel suffocated. Generally, you may have seen such air conditioners fitted in the window of the home, office, educational campuses, government offices, etc. Also, the air conditioner usually comes in a single compact unit and incorporates all the components in a single box. In this single unit, you would find the motors, compressors, heat exchangers and connecting pipes. Thus, the whole air conditioning unit would rest on a single base.

Compared to the wall air conditioners and other types of air conditioners, these units are cheaper in price. There is no compromise in the cooling intensity and working efficiency. Furthermore, you will astonish to see how the entire environment gets transformed into a cool and refreshing one in no time. With different kinds of window air conditioners available currently, take a look at some of the best ones discussed below:

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Best Window Air Conditioners in 2020

Review for Window Air Conditioners

10. Haier Air Conditioner

Haier Air Conditioner

The prime aspect to focus on while purchasing a window air conditioner is its cooling efficiency and noise during the operation. When you go for the Haier ESAQ406P conditioner, you will amaze to perceive its noiseless operation. In addition, the Serenity Series from Haier presents world-class cooling through its different window air conditioners models. Compared to the typical air conditioners, this model would produce dramatically lesser noise. The lowest sound levels during the operation achieved by reconfiguring inner mechanisms and advanced design. Hence, the incorporated advance design redistributes airflow and enhances the working efficiency of the air conditioner.

Generally, this 115V air conditioner unit found perfect for cooling a room up to 250 square feet area. Some of the noteworthy functionalities of this unit are energy save mode, a full-function remote, auto cool sleep mode, dehumidify mode, and a 24-hour on/off timer.


  • This air conditioner unit delivers the high efficiency of 11.2 EER.
  • It can easily mount on a window without any hassles.
  • Its operation utilizes the standard 115V electrical outlet.
  • There is a total of four modes to let the user select one of them according to their preferences. These include cool, fan, energy saver, and dehumidify.
  • There is the presence of the compressor blanket for decreased noise. This leads to silent operation; the noise produced is only 43 decibels.
  • To employ a strong and smooth airflow, the window air conditioner unit comes with a cross flow fan.

Most customers pleased with the silent operation and decent airflow from this Haier air conditioner unit. They mentioned how quickly their room gets cooled to eliminate the heating concerns.

9. Keystone Air Conditioner

Keystone Air Conditioner

With continuous advancements brought in the manufacturing and designing of the window air conditioner units, the wise decision matters. When you go for these window air conditioners from Keystone, you will be able to perceive excellent cooling efficiency and simplicity of use. Furthermore, it is quite easy to see, adjust and maintain your room’s temperature. The air conditioner unit equipped with electronic controls. Also, the included LED display along with temperature sensing LCD remote control allows you to control the operation with great simplicity.

There is the inclusion of the energy saver mode allowing you to save the electric energy when not in use. Moreover, it comes with the programmable 24-hour timer as well as a sleep mode. This will indirectly save your money and keeps you cool inside the room. Therefore, with all the necessary accessories included in the package, the process of installation is a piece of cake.


  • The Keystone 5,000 BTU unit is ideal for cooling a room is perfect for cooling a room up to 150 square feet.
  • In this unit, the dehumidification is up to 1.3 pints per hour.
  • There is a ‘follow me’ remote control included to control the operation with simplicity.
  • Implementation of the electronic controls with LED display enables the user to choose options through the touch of button.
  • Facility of auto-restart would save your settings.
  • With the assistance of the adjustable 2-way air flow direction, it is simple to control the wind direction.

Taking a look at the customer reviews regarding these Keystone window air conditioners, the overall cooling efficiency is excellent. It may seem difficult to get familiar with the use of electronic controls initially. However, with regular use, it is quite simple to operate the unit.

8. MIDEA Window Air Conditioner

MIDEA Window Air Conditioner

It is necessary to cool home or office area instantly and quietly during the summer season. The excellent blend of quick and silent operation observed in this Easycool AC from MIDEA. Basically, this unit is a 3-in-1 window air conditioner unit capable to cool and dehumidify the surrounding. It comes with a rating of 6, 000 BTU and it is perfect for rooms up to 260 square feet. What is more, there is the facility of lots of modes to operate the unit with ease. On its clear LED display, you can easily see and change the modes like sleep mode, energy saver mode, and timer mode.

Implementation of the 3-in-1 functionality combines air conditioning, fan-only, and dehumidification modes. All these modes work collectively to enhance the comfort of the room. Without significant modification to the prevailing window frame, it is quite easy to install the unit. Also, all the mounting accessories and a screwdriver are included for hassle-free installation.


  • These 6000 BTU window air conditioners unit come with the 24-hour timer. The unit saves electric energy by syncing the 24-hour timer to your schedule. Hence, it would turn on automatically prior to your entry in the room.
  • Innovative features of this unit include a clear led display present on the front panel.
  • You will gain access to different modes like sleep mode, timer mode, and energy saver mode.

There are many users who satisfied with the excellent air flow of this window air noiseless conditioner unit. Furthermore, they are happy to use different options for multiple settings. All you need to do is just be careful during the installation.

7. LG Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

LG Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

Presented in classic white color, the window air conditioner units from LG would save energy considerably during the operation. In spite of saving the energy, there is no compromise in the cooling efficiency. With the implementation of the Wi-Fi control, it becomes quite easy to control the operation of this 8,000 BTU 115V unit. Generally, the unit is suitable to cool a room up to 340 square feet. In this unit, there is the availability of the fan mode and a normal cool mode to customize the operation according to your preferences. During the situations of heat waves, storms or high wind leading to a power outage, this unit automatically activates when the power returns.


  • These window air conditioners come with the energy efficiency Ratio (EER) of 12.1.
  • At the 8,000 BTUs rating, the units are capable to cool a room up to 340 sq. ft.
  • There is the execution of the Wi-Fi control through the LG SmartthinQ app. Generally, this app found compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • To present cooling flexibility, there are 3 cooling speeds available.
  • With the facility of the 4-way air deflection, the unit directs cool air to the required place.

Customers are happy with the hassle-free control of these LG window air conditioners through the included app. Also, there are some users who complained that the unit stopped working occasionally. This is the only downside found rarely in some models and the entire working is flawless.

6. hOmeLabs Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

hOmeLabs Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

The mission of the brand hOmeLabs is to provide user-friendly gadgets that are easy-to-use and efficient. One of such units from the brand is this window-mounted air conditioner unit with 5000 BTU rating. Recommended for cooling in the small room, this heavy-duty unit is capable to cool indoor spaces up to 150 square feet. Moreover, you may consider this unit as a summer addition to your office, living room, bedroom, apartment, etc.

When you use this unit, you will find that it comes complete with all the essential accessories. It includes a start-up kit comprising of side panel leaf covers, a support bracket, window seal foam, and a user guide. Thus, you will benefitt with some supplementary features like backflow drainage. This functionality avoids the water dripping issues.


  • The window mounted AC unit dedicated to present the super fast cool time with excellent cooling flexibility.
  • In these window air conditioners, there are 7 temperature settings to enhance cooling flexibility.
  • There is the presence of the adjustable high or low fan speeds and two-way air direction control. These functionalities efficiently and instantly decrease hot temperatures in less than 15 minutes.
  • The included reusable eco filter can be easily cleaned with hot water and dish soap.

Glancing at the reviews of the customers, they satisfied with the instant cooling mechanism of this unit. Initially, there may be some hassles regarding installation. Once installed properly, you will enjoy hours of cooling in your room.

5. Frigidaire Smart Window Air Conditioner

Frigidaire Smart Window Air Conditioner

It is now possible to cool your room anytime, anywhere through Frigidaire 8, 000 BTU window air conditioner unit. From the convenience of your smart devices, you can effortlessly cool a room in home or office with great simplicity. You can use your smart devices to turn the unit on/off, alter the temperature, regulate modes and many more. What is more, now you can save money spent on the energy costs due to some of the advanced functionalities installed in these window air conditioners.

Compared to the typical window air conditioner units, this one comes with the elegant design and modern look. Any room of size up to 350 square feet is efficiently cool through this unit. It is simple to program the unit during AC day and night, week, and during weekends.


  • The Frigidaire smart window AC functions well with Amazon Alexa for voice control.
  • To operate the unit from your smartphone, the unit comes with the Frigidaire smart app.
  • The unit possesses the energy efficiency Ratio (EER) of 12.0 and it can cool the room with 1.7 pints per hour dehumidification.
  • It is possible to enjoy uniform cooling through these smart window air conditioners. The advanced, 2-way slanted louvers guide the airflow in an upward, rounded motion.
  • You would always stay informed with the up-to-date alerts like clean filter indicators and several other notifications.

According to the reviews of the customers, initially, you need to get familiar with the working of the Frigidaire app. Once accustomed, you will be able to control the operation through remote at your own convenience. Also, the only downside is it is difficult to adjust the correct temperature through the temperature gauge.

4. Friedrich Air Conditioner

Friedrich Air Conditioner

In this model of the Friedrich window air conditioner, the powerful 8,000 BTUs of cooling power accomplished to cool rooms up to 350 sq. ft. According to the available space and your preferences, the unit can install in a wall or in the window. Due to its ultra quiet operation, the AC unit makes sure the operation noise is cut. Moreover, uniform air distribution for even cooling is provided throughout the room. This is regardless of the size of the room –small or large. The credit of the uniform cooling goes to the Auto Air Sweep swing louvers. Also, excellent energy efficiency is the other key aspect of this conditioner unit. Its money Saver setting helps you save your money spent on the electric bill. This made possible by operating the fan only when the cooling is desired.


  • The energy star qualified window air conditioners can effortlessly install in a window or through walls up to 7 1/2″ deep.
  • Implementation of the 24-hour timer allows the user to program on & off times.
  • To employ uniform cooling throughout the room, there is the facility of the auto air sweep.
  • The presence of the remote control allows you to make comfort adjustments wherever you located in the room.

Some users complained about the misalignment of the fans in this 8000 BTU air conditioner unit. Except for that, there will be no hassles right from the installation to the cooling efficiency.

3. SPT Window Air Conditioner

SPT Window Air Conditioner

The energy star window air conditioner units from SPT are useful for the hassle-free cooling mechanism. It is now quite easy to cool a room, office or studio with this unit. Generally, the people worried about how to set the unit for vertical opening windows. Additionally, now such hassles almost removed because the unit’s kit includes necessary accessories for the same. Some of the supplementary advantages of these 12,000BTU window air conditioners are their user-friendly controls. With the convenience of a remote, it is easy to control the operation with ease. Therefore, the display prepared from decent quality and presents bright output to let you see from far distances.


  • To customize the cooling according to your preferences, there is a total of 3 fan speeds. Names of the different modes supported are Dry, Energy Saver, Auto, and Sleep.
  • In these window air conditioners, there is the availability of the fresh air vent for uniform air circulation. Also, there will have no bad odor in the room.
  • The unit equipped with the easy to remove washable air filter along with a helpful reminder.
  • The electronic controls clearly showed on the bright digital display.

Generally, the customers who tried using the window ACs from SPT are happy with uniform cooling in their room or office. The only drawback is the loud noise of the fan during the operation.

2. Koldfront WAC10002WCO Window Air Conditioner

Koldfront WAC10002WCO Window Air Conditioner

Now you can keep the summer heat at the minimum and relish the cool wind when you set up this Koldfront unit. This 10,000 BTU window air conditioner is a compact unit specially designed to deliver cooling up to 450 square feet. Its regular use will give you the feeling of usefulness in your office, living room, bedroom, etc. Also, according to your convenience and the available space, you can effortlessly install this Energy Star-certified AC.

You can assume how effective the working of this unit is since it is energy star compliant. The conditioner unit meets the strict requirements placed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, this makes sure the unit ensures eco-friendly operation without any hassles. The air conditioner unit presents several energy-saving features like sleep mode, thermostat-controlled operation, check filter alert and many more.


  • The 115V window air conditioner from Koldfront uniquely designed to fit windows whose width ranges from 23 inches to 36 inches. Moreover, it can fit those windows whose minimum height is 15.5 inches.
  • In these window air conditioners, the included remote control controls the operation settings and features within the distance of 16 feet.
  • There is the presence of the sleep mode guaranteeing you to rest comfortably. Moreover, this feature allows you to save money spent on the electricity bill.
  • Implementation of the energy saver mode would cycle the fan for two minutes at the intervals of 10-minutes. The fan cycling continued until the ambient room temperature is higher than your set temperature. At this temperature, the compressor would resume cooling.

Based on the reviews of customers, these conditioner units from Koldfront found to pack in lots of features. You can easily customize the settings according to your needs. During the initial few days, you may find difficulty with the use of remote controls and customizable settings. Overall, the entire working is fantastic and cooling efficiency is superb.

1. LG Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

LG Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

When you want to get rid of the heating issues in your home or office, you can go for this model of window-mounted AC. Equipped with the 10,000 BTUs rating and 3 cooling speeds, it is possible to get the required cooling in the room. Moreover, the conditioner unit dedicated to offering cooling effect up to 450 square feet. With the assistance of the four-way air direction, you will avail the cooling in the area where you need it. No hot-spot is left without cooling because the four-way direction directs air upward, downward, left or right. It is possible to control the room’s temperature at the desired cooling pace.


  • With the simple push of a button, it is convenient to control the temperature of your room. The fashionable full-function remote control is extremely simple to use and enables the user to customize the settings.
  • The use of the thermistor thermostat maintains the set temperature.
  • These window air conditioners would last longer due to the gold gin anti-corrosion coating,
  • There will conserve in the energy due to the energy saver function.
  • Whenever the power goes off, the auto-restart saves your settings.
  • It is quite easy to clean the unit with the assistance of the slide-out mesh filter.

Glancing at the reviews of the customers regarding these LG LW1015ER window air conditioners, the cooling capacity is sufficient. Some users may find hassles during the installation if the instructions do not followproperly. Overall working and the cooling effects are soothing.


The window air conditioners available now are equipped with energy efficient functionality and excellent cooling mechanism. You can be relieved from the heating issues and suffocation with the choice of decent quality air conditioners of these types.


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