Top 10 Best Toddler Pillowcases in 2020

We aren’t sure if a toddler needs a pillow or not, neither we have any clue about the medical answer to the question. There is one thing that can be said for sure, and that is having a toddler pillow, and toddler pillowcases with their favorite color scheme or pattern can surely make them happy and give their room’s décor a cute touch.

So, investing in toddler pillowcase isn’t going to be a bad idea as they surely deserve this as a reward for staying in their little crib all night long. The first thing that you will have to know is that you just can’t buy any toddler pillowcases. You will have to take a number of important factors into consideration such as the quality of pillowcase, the fabric used for making the pillowcase and numerous other things. Finding the right toddler pillowcase isn’t as easy as most of the people think it to be. If you think that you can’t do this on your own, then you are in luck as we have enlisted the best toddler pillowcases. Here’s our list:

Top 10 Best Toddler Pillowcases in 2020

1. Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillowcase – Elephants, 13 x 18

 Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillowcase - Elephants, 13x18 Inch

Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillowcase is made from 100% pure cotton for giving your baby the comfort that they deserve. These toddler pillowcases are soft, hypoallergenic and are quite attractive. The soft cotton of the pillowcase gets softer with every wash and shrinks to fit the pillow perfectly. This durable product is available in prints as well as solids.

2. 3 Toddler Pillowcases – 2 Pink and 1 White 

3 Toddler Pillowcases - 2 Hot Pink and 1 White - Envelope Style - for Pillows Sized 13x18-100% Cotton with Soft Sateen Weave - Machine Washable - ZadisonJaxx Bellacolour Collection - 3 Pack

In this pack of toddler pillowcase, you will be getting three pillowcases – 1 white and 2 hot pinks in color. Made of 100% cotton this pillow delivers great comfort and softness. The envelop style closure ensures that the pillow remains in place all night long. This pillow cover is hypoallergenic and is also machine washable.

3. NTBAY 100% Organic Cotton Toddler Pillowcases

NTBAY Cotton Toddler Pillowcases, 2 Pack Soft and Breathable Travel Pillow Cases, 13 x 18 Inches, Pink

The fabric of this toddler pillowcase is organic cotton. The fabric is environment-friendly and for the safety of your kid healthy dyeing technology has been used. The organic cotton which is hypoallergenic in nature is soft and safe for the sensitive skin of babies. The soft and cozy feature offers your baby a good sleep.


Ella & Max Toddler Pillowcase. Anchor Nautical. Soft & Cuddly. Fits 13x18 & 14x19 Toddler Pillows. Easy to wash & no Ironing. Handmade in USA. Made of Luxury Microfiber Fabric.

These handcrafted snuggly soft microfiber toddler pillowcases ensure that your baby gets the extra comfy sleep. These pillowcases are made of high-quality polyester and are super comfy. TODDLER PILLOWCASE by Ella & Max is available in different designs and textures too.

5. Zack & Ali 100% Organic Toddler Pillowcase (Safari)

Zack & Ali 100% Organic Toddler Pillowcase, Koala, 13 X 18, Made in USA!

Zack & Ali 100% Organic Toddler Pillowcase is made from 100%soft cotton fabric for offering best comfort to babies. This pillowcase is ideal for busy parents as it needs very less care. Beautiful prints and quality fabric makes this pillowcase a must have.

6.Kids Toddler Pillowcases UOMNY 2 Pack 100% 

UOMNY Kids Toddler Pillowcases 2 Pack 100% Cotton Pillowslip Case Fits Pillows sizesd 13 x 18 or 12x 16 for Kids Bedding Pillow Cover Pink/White Owl Baby Pillow Cases

Kids Toddler Pillowcases UOMNY is made of 100% pure cotton. This pillowcase is breathable, healthy and has lightweight fabric for delivering the best protection and care the tender skin of babies need. Therefore this pillowcase will ensure that your baby will have an excellent and comfortable night sleep.

7. Toddler Pillowcase by Dreamtown Kids

 Cotton Toddler Pillowcase (Solids and Polka Dots) (Blue)

Toddler Pillowcase by Dreamtown Kids is made from 100 % PIMA cotton. Believe us we have tested every product listed here and it is one of the softest toddler pillowcases you will find in the market. PIMA cotton is a stringer and longer cotton fiber, and thus it is durable yet soft. These handcrafted pillowcases can fit perfectly in standard size toddler pillows. These pillowcases are machine washable, and in addition to that, they get softer after every wash. The envelope type closure ensures that pillow remains inside the pillowcase.

8. Toddler Travel Pillowcase 100% 

 Roll over image to zoom in Toddler Travel Pillowcase 100% Softest Cotton Sateen Weave 500 Thread Count - Cases for Pillows, for Babies in Crib, Adult Travel in Cars, Airplanes...etc. Kids / Baby Pillow Case Fits a 12"x16", 13"x18", or 14"x19" Pillow - Naturally Hypoallergenic - Machine Washable Pillowcases (Pale Pink Stripe)

This toddler pillowcase is one of the softest toddler pillowcases available in the market. The premium cotton percale fabric of this pillowcase gives it softness and makes it ideal for the delicate skin of babies. The best thing about this pillowcase is that it is easy to take care of, as it is machine washable. This pillowcase has 500 thread count and is the most comfortable toddler pillowcase you will find.

9. 2 Blue Toddler Pillowcases – Envelope Style 

 2 Blue Toddler Pillowcases - Envelope Style - for Pillows Sized 13x18 and 14x19-100% Cotton with Soft Sateen Weave - Machine Washable

If you are tight on budget and have a desire to gift your baby a soft and comfy toddler pillowcase or have been looking for affordable travel pillowcases, then you should consider buying ZadisonJaxx blue toddler pillowcases. This pillowcase is machine washable and easy to care for. 100% pure cotton fabric and soft, luxurious sateen weave make this pillowcase ultra-comfy. Envelop type enclosure keeps the pillow inside the pillowcase secure.


Finding a pillowcase for an adult is an easier task as we can adjust with even a pillowcase with a little rough fabric, but things aren’t same for toddlers or babies as their skin is delicate and they need special attention. In order to help you choose the best product, we shortlisted the above products. In case if you are looking for a recommendation from the above list then you should know that through all the products listed above are ideal for toddlers, but if you are looking for extra softness in pillowcases then “Toddler Pillowcase by Dreamtown Kids, White, Envelope Style, 100% Luxurious PIMA Cotton. Made in the USA” is an ideal option for you.

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