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Top 10 Best Storage Benches In 2021

One of the best parts about such equipment is they suit in almost all room in home or office. The important factors to take into account while purchasing storage benches are size, design, storage space, simplicity of use, durability, and many more to name a few. To get acquainted with the best storage benches look below

Review of Storage Benches

10. Simpli Home 48 inch wide Storage Bench

Simpli Home 48 inch wide Storage Bench

It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression and this storage bench creates a decent first impression. When you go for this Simpli Home storage bench, you will be benefited with the decent storage facility. This version of the 48-inch wide storage bench is uniquely design to guarantee that the home’s entrance is attractive. Its stylish appearance enables your interior design to shine uniquely. Spacious storage facility and elegant look appear decent in any room or entryway.

  • The spacious storage bench is hand-finish with a medium rustic brown stain. Moreover, it includes a protective NC lacquer to highlight the grain and the exquisiteness of its structure.
  • On its surface, 2 persons can comfortably sit.
  • In this bench, the lift up bench lid would open through safety hinges to reveal 2 huge internal storage compartments.


9. The Sole Secret Button Tufted Ottoman with Shoe Storage:

The Sole Secret Button Tufted Ottoman with Shoe Storage

Signifying an innovative design for home shoe storage, these storage benches come with lots of functionalities. With the assistance of the included, removable dividers, sufficient shoe slots space will be create. This slot space is capable to accommodate shoes up to size 12 for men or size 14 shoes for women. There will be no troubles to detach the wooden dividers in order to generate a bedding chest.

  • High durability is indicate by the fact that the shoe storage bench is upholster with premium fabric, hardwood, and foam.
  • Hassle-free opening and closing are facilitated through the 10 hand stitched top button tufting and convenient lift hydraulics.
  • The storage space of 50″ x 17″ x 20″ provides enough space for bags, shoes or any clutters.

8. Otto & Ben 45″ Storage Folding Toy Box:

Otto & Ben 45" Storage Folding Toy Box

Anyone can easily gauge from the name of this storage bench that it is widely use as a toy box. Furnished with the cushion foam padding, this folding toy box provides excellent seating comfort. Vivid colors are capable to accentuate any space. Additionally, this 45-inch smart lift top ottoman storage bench is made multi-purpose so you may use in different surroundings. The corresponding hidden storage perfectly serves the home and decor needs.

  • With the implementation of the smart lift top, the lid can open on either side. Hence, you need not clear the top every time you wish to open it.
  • It can be easily folded into a flat board and could be easily stowed inside the lid.
  • The process of setup is not time-consuming –just unfold, align the base piece and cover.

7. Linon Laredo Storage Bench:

Linon Laredo Storage Bench

Found to be very simple to assemble, this storage bench comes with all precise and sufficient directions. In its structure, all the holes can be lined up impeccably and there is the presence of felt pads at the base to streamline the shifting hassles. Generally, you may include 5 to 6 pairs of shoes inside in a neat manner.

  • The Linon Laredo storage benches can placed in the kitchen to accommodate all the kitchen utensils. Your kitchen will appear adorable when you set these benches.
  • With the excellent stability, it would hold the items perfectly without any shifting concerns.

6. Convenience Concepts Garbo Storage Bench:

Convenience Concepts Garbo Storage Bench

Designs4Comfort Garbo product i.e. storage bench is recognize as a versatile piece of furniture. Being multipurpose, you may set it up in any room. Essentially, this model of the Garbo storage bench proves to be a decent choice when there is a need for more storage and functionalities. You may set it up in a bedroom to store bedding items or you may place it in an entryway.

  • Structure of this Garbo storage bench showcases a cushioned bench seat along with button-tufted accent.
  • With the help of legs and rolled arms, easy shifting is possible.
  • Its magnificent silhouette would seamlessly complement traditional and contemporary furniture.
  • The corresponding seat can open to provide a spacious arrangement for storing different things. So, you may store books, pillows, purse, etc.

5. Ravenna Home Reeder Entryway Upholstered Storage Bench:

Ravenna Home Reeder Entryway Upholstered Storage Bench

A conveniently spaced storage bench, this upholstered is ideal for setting up in mudroom or entryway. Generally, this entryway storage bench comes in the undamaged form. Children can easily climb over it and adults can use it for seating or storing different items. In order to begin using it, you just need to assemble the top rail capable to hold the cushion.

  • Dimensions are sufficiently spaced i.e. 15.7″Lx 31.5″Wx 17.7″H.
  • In these storage benches, the wood is furnish with espresso walnut laminate and cushion.
  • Its clean transitional style would perfectly blend any décor.

4. Ameriwood Home Penelope Entryway Storage Bench:

Ameriwood Home Penelope Entryway Storage Bench

Present your home an alluring appearance with the set up of this entryway storage bench from the Ameriwood Home. Its huge top with a comfortable cushion and 3 spacious cubbies is capable to hold books, bags or shoes. Through a warm espresso finish as well as a beige pillow, it is this bench that proves to be a superb addition to any home. With the assistance of the particleboard and laminated hollow core, this bench would appear enticing in the entrance or hallway.

  • The massive top possesses a comfy cushion to fulfill the seating needs.
  • The elegant espresso finish with the neutral Beige cushion complements any decor.
  • It would be tremendously simple to assemble.

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3. SONGMICS Sturdy Shoe Rack Bench:

SONGMICS Sturdy Shoe Rack Bench

SONGMICS is a popular brand name when it comes to decent quality furniture. Capable to perfectly fit your hallway, living room, closet, bedroom, patio, bathroom, living room, etc., this shoe rack bench is exquisite. It is extremely simple to set up and assembles. Within a matter of a few moments, the setup can be successfully accomplish. With the support of the galvanized and corrosion-resistant metal parts, this rack bench would maintain excellent stability.

  • Superb stability is provide through high-quality bamboo.
  • It is extremely stable and robust due to the use of 100% natural bamboo plank along with stripe patterns.
  • These storage benches come with maximum weight sustaining capacity is 264 lbs.

2. Linon Home Dcor Cynthia Storage Bench:


Linon Home Dcor Cynthia Storage Bench

Now you may create an extra storage and seating provision in any space through this practical yet attractive Cynthia Storage Bench. In this Linon Home Dcor bench, there is a flip top lid. This type of lid enables the user to effortlessly access the stored items.

  • Its slat designed back and sides are made sophisticate by the walnut finish.
  • All the included parts are labeled properly and they can easily assemble.
  • You may use it as a bedside place to place your basinet for newly born babies. So, it would present adequate space for keeping all the baby care items.

1. SONGMICS Black Shoe Rack Bench:

SONGMICS Black Shoe Rack Bench

The classic black colored SONGMICS shoe bench looks excellent when positioned in your entryway. So, it would present a warm welcoming approach to guests. In manufacturing, bamboo is include with a black finish to complement the decor of furniture. Using these storage benches, you can just sit there comfortably to place or take off your shoes with great ease. Moreover, there will be an exclusion of clutter to make the surrounding tidy.

  • If you are in a short of space then this shoe rack bench will fit precisely. Moreover, it is uniquely prepared to fit perfectly in the entrance or hallway.
  • Within less than 15 minutes, every hole would be lined up. Besides, the screws can be easily fit and the bamboo used is of decent quality.

To serve the dual purposes of storage and sitting, these storage benches are extremely functional. They will not occupy much space and would appear exquisite in any room or surrounding.