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If you would like to set up a booming T-shirt business that would attract many customers from far and wide and have insane profits, then you need to have a screen printing machine. You have to start by investing in the best screen printing machine. When you have a top-quality screen printing machine, it enables you to produce beautiful and eye-grabbing t-shirt imprints that your clients will love to have. There are a ton of these screen printing machines available now in the market.

This sounds like hearing good news. There are so many options available, and this may confuse you of choice. Don’t get overwhelmed when you try to figure out the best screen printing machine for your business. You don’t have to go through all that hell. We have got you covered with this article here as we help you. We have had our research team out, and we are glad to bring to you the results of the research and how you can go about choosing them.

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The Best Screen Printing Machine in 2019

Best Screen Printing Machine Reviews 

8. VEVOR Screen Printing Machine 

VEVOR Screen Printing Machine 

At the top of this list, we have the super land screen printing machine four color silk printing machine. Our research team has picked this machine because of the ability of this machine to pick up to four screens simultaneously. Once it is installed, the screen layer rotates independently to allow you to add up to four t-shirt printing while still making progressive proofs.

The superland machine comes with a practical design which gives you an easy time when you are operating it. This features a big supportive structure which keeps it stable and also balanced when you are working on your fabrics. In addition to this, it also comes with an all metal, durable construction that makes it a long lasting machine. This is not enough; it also features advanced electrostatic spraying plus electroplating which further enhances the durability while making it increasingly easy and rustproof.

Business people that have used this machine before really love the table type and the combinatorial design that it has. This is because it occupies much less space compared to the other models and this makes it ideal for those with limited rooms. It has a compact size of 56x56x7 inches. The versatility of this machine is something else that you will love and enjoy. It has easily adjustable double spring devices that allow you to work with screen frames of different weights.


  • Measures 56” by 56” by 7”
  • Adjustable spring devices
  • Advanced electrostatic spraying and durable electroplating

7. Mophorn Screen Printing Machine 

Mophorn Screen Printing Machine 

The happy buy screen printing machine press is the perfect volume or multi-color printing machine which makes an excellent choice for anyone that is planning to start a small printing shop. Just like the previous machine which is above, this model features durable, all-metal construction that helps to extend the lifespan. Not only that features advanced electrostatic spraying which makes it rustproof and also easy to clean.

The other thing you are going to love about this equipment is that it comes with double spring sub-devices that make it possible for you to work with screen frames that have different weights. The screen clamp is also highly movable and can move up and down.


  • A multicolor printing machine
  • Measures 32” by 7.9” by 55”
  • Highly durable materials of high quality

6. Mophorn Screen Printing Machine Silk Screen (4 Color 2 Station)

Mophorn Screen Printing Machine Silk Screen (4 Color 2 Station)

The orange screen printing machine is the perfect choice when you want to print a wide range of items. It can be used to print on the t-shirts, circuit board, ceramic tile, copybook and many more. The fact that it is a four color two station model then means that you can use to print up to two multi-color items simultaneously.

Just like the other top screen printing machines, the model comes with a durable construction metal that enables it to serve you for a very extended period of time. It also has an electrostatic spray that makes it easy to clean while ensuring that they do not rust and corrode. This enhances the durability of the machine compared to many others. The tabletop combination is another thing that you will love about this machine; it helps to save space and easy to transport to any location.
This model also makes it easy to work with screen frames of different sizes. It has a double spring that is fully adjustable.


  • Fully adjustable double spring
  • Electrostatic spray for ease in cleaning
  • Multi-color design

5. Simple Single 1 Color 1 Station Silk Screen Printing Machine NS101

Simple Single 1 Color 1 Station Silk Screen Printing Machine NS101

If you have been looking for a one color one station screen printing machine, then you will not go wrong with the simple single one color one station t-shirt silk screen printing machine. The quality of construction is one of the fascinating things about this machine. It has a full metal structure with stainless steel materials that are covered by advanced electrostatic spraying that enables easy cleaning, elegant appearance and is rustproof.

The machine comes with a dedicated t-shirt pallet which delivers accurate positioning as well as good quality printing effect. There is an easily dismantle pallet that comes with it, and you can change according to your substrate to match the varying printing needs that you have. It is extremely easy to operate this machine. It has spring devices in the screen that quickly adjust up and down making it easy for you to work with different colors.


  • Has a platen size of 17.7” by 21.2”
  • An elegant design that is perfect for cleaning
  • Makes use of combination and table type design

4. Top horn Screen Printing Machine 1 Station 1 Color Screen Printing 

 Top horn Screen Printing Machine 1 Station 1 Color Screen Printing 

If you are looking for a screen printing machine that is on a limited budget, then we would recommend you invest in this machine. This model comes with a large screen measuring a 21.7×17.7 inch. It is also over printable, and this means that you can use it to print onto the t-shirt, bags, and pillowcases.

It comes with a removable pallet that allows you to print multiple images at the same time. All you need to do is put your substrate on the pallet then adjust the screen position.


  • Machine size is 32” by 7.9” by 55”
  • Features adjustable double spring devices
  • Universal use for printing T-shirt, bags, pillowcases and many more

3. 6 Color 6 Station Double Wheel Screen Printing Machine 

6 Color 6 Station Double Wheel Screen Printing Machine 

If you are looking for a screen printing machine for the large t-shirts business, then this is the machine you don’t want to miss. It is a six color 6 stations double wheel screen printing machine. This means that it can hold up to six screens and works on multiple color projects and is ideal for a printing business.

The double wheel is very user-friendly and easy to operate. The screen clamps can be adjusted so easily depending on the type of and size of the screen that you are using. It also comes with special spring devices that translates to high accuracy spring intensity.


  • Spring devices for ease in adjustments
  • Double wheel hence ease in operating
  • A 6 color 6 station printing machine

2. Ridge yard 4 Color 1 Station Silk Screen Printing Machine 

Ridge yard 4 Color 1 Station Silk Screen Printing Machine 

We highly recommend this particular machine to all other small t-shirt printing machines that are out there for your business. It is an affordable machine that produces the best quality of work. One should invest in this machine because of how it works to four screens. The four stations and one color design have great help. The machine operates independently and making it ideal for four-color overprint.

The machine comes with a special t-shirt pallet that gives you more accuracy and convenience when printing. This Ridge yard features adjustable double spring tension that makes it convenient for screen frames.


  • A platen size of 21.7” by 17.7”
  • All metal construction that is highly durable
  • Adjusting double spring tension

1. Double Rotary Manual 6-6 Colors Silk Screen Printing Press Machine 

Double Rotary Manual 6-6 Colors Silk Screen Printing Press Machine 

If you are looking for a heavy duty screen printing machine, then you may consider investing in this Double Rotary manual 6-6 colors silk machine. It is a six color printing machine that has up to 6 stations and comes designed such that you can rotate both platens and frames.

The machine also comes with adjustable tension springs that are situated in each arm. They are for fully supporting the frame weights as you pull it down onto your printing pallets. These springs can also adjust the springs easily to accommodate larger screen frames without compromising the spring tension.


  • Machine size is 190” by 190” by 110”
  • A 6 color and 6 stations screen press
  • Advanced electrostatic spraying
  • Highly durable through the all-metal construction
  • Adjustable double spring devices


In this era, screen printing is gaining more popularity every day, and if you would like to venture into it, then you need to have the best machine for the task ahead. The first step that you will have in setting up the screen printing business is to get the best quality printing machine that will meet all the printing needs you are going to have. These machines here are our best pick will help you a great deal in starting your journey.

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