Portable Desk Fans

Top 10 Best Portable Desk Fans In 2021

Gradually, desk jobs are getting more and more common due to the increased workload and employment opportunities. For professional use or personal use, a person needs to sit on his/her desk and accomplish their work. For instance, tasks like writing, computer work, embroidery, drawing, painting, etc. can accomplish on the desk or table. During the warm season, it becomes difficult to solely concentrate on the work if the air circulation is not enough. This is where the portable desk fans come into play. They are essentially made lightweight and easy to carry.

For every individual, setting up an air conditioner unit is not feasible due to its expensive price tag. Also, there may be certain requirements where you need to frequently shift the fan unit from one room to another. In all such cases, the portable type desk fans are extremely useful. While looking for the purchase of such fans, you need to emphasis on size & design, cooling efficiency, durability, simplicity of carrying, portability and many more. The below list will highlight the description of the best portable desk fans.

Reviews of Best Portable Desk Fans

10. Hunter Home Comfort Hunter Retro Table Fan:

Hunter Home Comfort Hunter Retro Table Fan

The desired cool air can obtain from this retro table fan unit. This desk fan type appliance is highly suitable for living room, bedroom, garage, classroom, etc. Basically, this retro style fan is available in 3 unique finishes along with an elegant front-facing speed selector switch. This switch is suitable for style and convenience. All the accessories are offered in a fully assembled form and it is certain that the fan is dedicate to adding a cool breeze in the surrounding.

  • The all-metal construction assures high durability.
  • It comes with 3-speed settings and oscillation.
  • The included dust armor would repel 50% of dust accumulation.

9. Dyson Cool AM06 10 inch Air Multiplier Desk Fan:

Dyson Cool AM06 10 inch Air Multiplier Desk Fan

The Dyson AM0610 desk fans generate a strong stream of constant airflow. The same is facilitate with the implementation of the patented Air Multiplier technology. It is known that the constant airflow is create without utilizing the fast-spinning blades. So, the overall operation is completely safe for pets and kids.

  • The whole operation is powerful and noise-free to make sure there is no disturbance.
  • It is completely safe to clean the entire unit.
  • A sleep timer feature is available in these Dyson portable desk fans and it could be program to deactivate the fan after preset intervals.
    • These intervals range from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

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8. Comfort Zone Oscillating Table Fan:


Comfort Zone Oscillating Table Fan

While working on the desk or table, the whisper quiet fan operation is always desirable. Equipping this oscillating table fan on your desk would deliver reliable operation without any disturbances. Belonging from Comfort Zone, this 16″ oscillating table fan is proficient to ventilate and cool areas with strong airflow. It would not be difficult to assemble all its parts. With the assistance of an adaptable horizontal tilt function, the airflow is diapers in diverse directions.

  • The cooling effect will be spread into a broad area with a constant 90-degree oscillation. Provision of 3 adjustable speeds is capable to customize air flow. These speeds are low, medium and high settings.
  • Provision of 3 adjustable speeds is capable to customize air flow. These speeds are low, medium and high settings.

7. Arctic-Pro OSCILLATING Tower Fan:

Arctic-Pro OSCILLATING Tower Fan

Showcased in a compact size and sleek design, these Artic-Pro portable desk fans seem convenient to carry. With the included carrying handle, this mini desk fan is suitable for traveling. There is no need to compromise on the cooling effect and type of surrounding. On your desk, its compact design will appear alluring.

  • With the facility of the 2-speed settings, the users can easily select the preferred setting that suits the best.
  • It is extremely simple to adjust the airflow by using the included electronic controls along with LED indicators. Also, you may set the speed from low to high wind.
  • The 75-degree oscillation makes sure the whole area avails enough amount of fresh air.

6. TriPole Small Desk Fan:

TriPole Small Desk Fan

A powerful gust of air is guaranteed every time you operate this small desk fan. Inside its structure, there is a brushless motor that works efficiently to deliver strong wind output in less time. The presence of the fluid-mechanical cover is capable to strengthen the wind delivered from the blade. So, during the hot days, it would assist a lot.

  • Operation of this TriPole table fan is driven by 18650 rechargeable battery. This battery possesses 2000mAh capacity capable to support the continuous airflow for 2.5 to 6 hours.
  • The built-in USB charging cable is found compatible with different USB ports like a typical socket, power bank, and computer.
  • Durability of the structure is guarantee through the premium quality, environmental-friendly ABS material.

5. Fancii Small Personal Desk USB Fan:

Fancii Small Personal Desk USB Fan

Relieving you from the hassles of batteries or using an electric outlet, this desk USB fan can plug to any USB port. You just need to connect the included USB cable inside your PC, power bank, or some other USB ports. When used with a power bank, it is found that this personal desk fan is capable to cool anytime, Compared to other similar models of the portable desk fans, this one is 40% more powerful and 25% quieter.

  • Implementation of the twin turbo cyclone-blade technology offers a quiet yet powerful flow of cool air.
  • There is a special arrangement for 2-speed settings along with touch-sensitive control. The user just needs to press the power button to transit between high and low speed based on your cooling requirements.
  • Its durable aluminum handle conveys 180-degree rotation.

4. Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan:

Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan

The Pivot air circulator fan is recognize as the newest addition to the existing line of Vornado personal circulators. Glancing at its design, the height is 6” and the overall size is made perfect to beautify your desk or nightstand. Based on your needs, you may set up this air circulator fan in the office, home, study room or a laundry room.

  • To regulate the direction of airflow, there are 3-speed settings and a pivoting axis.
  • Extra convenience is offer through the 6-foot power cord.
  • Its compact size gives an assurance that it does not occupy much space.

3. Honeywell HTF090B Personal Fan:

Honeywell HTF090B Turbo

Prepared in small size and with excellent portability, this compact sized personal fan seems quite simple to use. Its operation is either USB power or battery operated. Now you can get rid of the annoying heat during summer and can experience complete comfort. Also, there are no much energy costs involve. In addition to portable desk fans, Honeywell also offers a wide range of floor fans, tower fans, and oscillating fans. So, you can pick the one that suits the most.

  • It is easy to avail cooling effect through a 3-foot air circulation range and a built-in handle.
  • The implemented aerodynamic turbo design intends to boost air movement, so provide the intense cooling effect.

2. GLAMOURIC Small USB Desk Fan:


The exceptional build quality is the prominent trait of this small size desk fan. Made from metal, the entire unit is made durable and resistant to corrosion. The stylish vintage copper color appears exquisite in any surrounding. Moreover, the anarchistic style gives an assurance that the fan is a decent decoration piece for any desks. During the hot season, it will prove to be your perfect companion. Furthermore, its superb portability allows you to carry it anywhere, anytime.

  • The efficiently working brush-less axial motor along with 4-inch aluminum blades generate strong airflow. This airflow will flow at an approximate rate of up to 3.0 m/s and makes you feel relaxed.
  • It can swivel vertically and it also comes with the free angle adjustment.
  • A steady stream of cool air will offer in the desired direction.

1. Holmes Heritage Desk Fan, 6-inch:

Holmes Heritage Desk Fan, 6-inch

When you set up an adorable portable fan on your desk, you will find great pleasure while working. Presented in cute design, this 6-inch desk fan is perfect for bedside table or desk. in spite of being portable, its structure is well-built. A nice cool breeze will push out every time you turn it on. The elegant classic look is showcase through its high-end metal finish.

  • The 6-inch blades make sure the overall working operation is quiet.
  • The facility of the two-speed settings delivers optimal airflow to suit your preference.
  • Provision of the tilt-adjustable fan head guides cooling air to the precise place you need.
  • Unlike other portable desk fans, its operation is simplified through the manual on/off switch.

The portable desk fans are now in high demand due to their simplicity of use and satisfying airflow at the output. You can pleasantly accomplish your desk work or can just unwind by turning on the portable desk fan unit.