Top 10 Best Porta Potty in 2021

If you have been to concerts, festivals, construction sites, you must have seen and used Porta Potty. These portable toilets are really popular because of their usefulness. You cannot imagine going to places like festivals or construction sites without toilets, can you?

They can be used for a short period of time at any place like concerts. Because of the price, mostly they are rented. So if you are thinking of owning them so you can rent them, later on, is actually a good idea. The thing is where and which kind is the best.

Today, we are going through 10 of the most seen and used Porta Potty. These 10 chemical toilets are popular because of several reasons that we will illustrate below. So if you seriously want to own the best with a reasonable price, let’s start with the review of the top 10 bestselling Porta Potty on the market recently.

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Review of the Best Porta Potty 

10. Century Portable Toilet 2.5 Gallon Holding Tank,

Century Portable Toilet 2.5 Gallon Holding Tank - Porta Potty

Going to a campsite will be much more fun with this 2.5 gallon holding Porta Potty. It can be used with convenience everywhere even on a boat or other recreation.

The design is quite nice with the ability to hole 3.2 gallons of fresh water ready for use. It can also hold up to 2.8 gallons of waste-water in its tank.

You don’t have to worry when using these Century portable toilets as the leak-proof is so tough that it guarantees zero percent leak. It guarantees this because of the high-density polyethylene that is used to make the tank.

  • Easy transport
  • 100% leak-proof
  • Completely self-contained



This mini white body Porta Potty seems like a pretty good deal for anyone looking to own one. The white color makes the appearance of this portable little toilets quiet elegance. You can surely use it without any disgust feeling flying around. The seat and cover though are also nicely designed which brings a refreshed and modern look to this little useful guy.

Thetford Porta Potty will never go wrong with being portable. A redesigned valve handle is included for convenience. It is an ergonomic handle that you are willing to carry.

With a tank that can hold up to 2.6 gallons of water, it can be flushed up to 27 times.

  • Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Clean seat and cover design
  • Modern Appearance

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8. Thetford Corp White 92814 Porta Potti 

Thetford Corp White 92814 Porta Potti 345- Porta Potty

Well we have looked at Thetford before and we know how good they are. Now we are trying to dig deeper and see how good they can be. This version of Porta Potty is an upgraded version of what Thetford has made in previously.

The modern appearance is still there which is incredible. The ergonomic carrying handle has now become more-ergonomic carrying handle which is perfect. The rotating pour-out spout though is exclusive. All these make Thetford 345 Porta Potty the industry-leading performance.

The fresh water tank is getting bigger now as it can hold up to 4 gallons of water. You can now flush this portable toilet up to 33 times,

  • Bigger Water Tank
  • Standard Lid latch
  • Exclusive rotating pour-out spout

7. Thetford Corp White 92820 Porta Potti 365,

Thetford Corp White 92820 Porta Potti - Porta Potty

Thetford has been doing a great job on providing one of the best types of Porta Potty in the industry. But still, things can always get better and now Thetford has made it even better.

The upgraded version is finally in the market and it is called the 365. The previous version (345) has already rocked the market with what it can do. Now the 365 is here to fill any gap that the 345 can’t reach.

The appearance is undeniably cool. It is modern and it always looks refreshed. The seat and the cover is as good as the one you have looked at before. The standard of the lid latch is still there and of course there’s no wonder it’s there.

  • 5.5 gallons of fresh water
  • 56 flushes
  • Conveniently portable

6. SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet with Carry Bag

SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet with Carry Bag- Porta Potty

SereneLife is everybody’s best travelling partner. Wherever you go, this portable toilet will accompany you and make sure that you have the best trip as always. With Serena Porta Potty, you can go camping, sleeping outdoors by nature with your beloved one and never have to worry about access to the bathroom.

The tank of this chemical toilet is extra-large that it can fit 5.3 gallons which makes it larger than most camping toilets. As for being one of the Porta Potties with the largest tank, it is even easier to empty this chemical toilet. A splash-free rotating pour spout of this movable toilet will let you do the trick in a blink of an eye.

  • Splash-free rotating pour spout
  • Large tank
  • Carrying case included

5. Camco Premium Portable Travel Toilet

Camco Premium Portable Travel Toilet- Porta Potty

Stop stressing out about how to have the best camping experience because the choice is on you now. Camco designs such a well put together Porta Potty to solve this problem. With Camco, your next boating, camping or other recreational activities will be guaranteed with fun.

The detachable tank of this portable toilet can hold up to 5.3 gallons and yes, it is detachable. Apart from being detachable, the holding tank is firmly sealed which guarantees zero percent of leakage because that is the last thing in this world that you want to happen. So now you understand that nothing will leak, you can then let the pump flush to thoroughly rinse everything for you.

  • Easy pump flush
  • Detachable tank
  • Leak proof

4. Reliance Products Fold-to-Go Collapsible Portable Toilet

Reliance Products Fold-to-Go Collapsible Portable Toilet- Porta Potty

Take a quick look and you think that this is a chair, aren’t you? The design is so attractive, it is undeniable. This Porta Potty is so unique with its design and the leg locking system is also included for the better. Moreover, this 300-pound weight capacity portable toilet is really easy to take from one place to another. You can always fold it when you move and it will just be as high as 5 inches. Isn’t this a perfect deal for you?

As for being a highly portable toilet, this Porta Potty comes with an integrated handle that makes it even easier to carry around.

  • Integrated handle
  • Fold to 5 inches’ high
  • 300-pound weight capacity

3. Porta Potti White Thetford Corp,

Porta Potti White Thetford Corp- Porta Potty

If you have heard of the White Thetford Corp, you have heard of the number one Porta Potty that is famous for its versatility. This is an award-winning portable toilet that suits best in most scenarios such as camping or any other fun outdoor activities.

Thetford specially designed this for the homelike look. The bowl and the seat high are spot-on which is pretty comfortable to use. The battery that will be used for the flush is already increased. This guarantees a nice clean flush every time you use it.

With the nice design and the work quite well function, this chemical toilet with a nice handle will be your best camping partner.

  • Increased of battery
  • Homelike look design
  • Increased of bowl size

2. Camco Portable Travel Toilet

Camco Portable Travel Toilet- Porta Potty

Now we are down to one of the best sellers of Porta Potty in Amazon recently. Camco is so famous for its detachable holding tank. This tank can hold up to 5.3 gallons which is really good. Moreover, the flush tank is as large as 2.5 gallons which is a great deal for this good looking chemical toilet.

The construction is sturdy plus the weight of this product is light, just like what customers have been asking for. Even better than this, leakage protection is guaranteed to be perfect. The customers of this great portable toilet though always confirm that it is true.

  • Perfect leakage protection
  • Lightweight
  • Detachable holding tank

1. Drive Medical Steel Folding Bedside Commode,

Drive Medical Steel Folding Bedside Commode- Porta Potty

You don’t need a second look at this product to see how amazing and unique the design is. Those for legs stand so steady that you don’t have to worry about falling or feeling uncomfortable using it. The special thing about those legs are that they are made out of elastic cord. This means that you can fold them and the size will be reduced. This makes it perfect for storing as well as transporting from one place to another.

This Porta Potty comes in a complete set. The carry handle is included. The cover and the splash shield are all included.

  • Durable plastic Snap-On seat
  • Great Strength and durability
  • Elastic cord legs

In brief, we have now looked at 10 of the bestselling Porta Potties in the market recently. All of them are great with their own look and functions and especially all of them have their own uniqueness. Their uniqueness surely makes all of them stand out in the market.

It is even better now as we have seen in this review that most of them are upgraded to a better version. They have fixed their old little problems and included a whole lot of new perfectly used functions. This action really satisfies the customers and you will be too.

Now you know that your next trip will not be any difficulty. You can now start planning for what you want to do at the camping site you are thinking of going. You can just pick one up right now and you can ensure that your next camping or boat trip can be guaranteed full of joys.