Top 10 Best Motion Sensor Cameras In 2020

It is now not a difficult task to protect your home or office from the attacks of intruders or burglars. The surprising aspect is complete protection can be achieved even if you are not present. The occurrences of robbery and intruders’ attacks are increasing day-by-day. One of the best solutions to stay protected under all such instances is to set up motion sensor cameras. For everyday situations, these cameras are capable to accurately depict the activities going on. Besides, the use of a superior quality lens and camera system makes sure the output images and videos are of high quality.

With the inclusion of motion sensor lights, now you can return home during the dark environment. The burglary attempt can be effectively controlled since these camera units would capture footage. Moreover, they would also daunt package theft in case you have things conveyed to your front porch. The credit of great security goes to the implementation of motion activation technology. You can set up any one of the below motion sensor cameras because they work excellently.

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View of Best Motion Sensor Cameras

10. Reolink Go [US Version] 1080p Security Camera:

Reolink Go [US Version] 1080p Security Camera

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One of the smart security cameras in this list, this Reolink Go camera is equipped with the 4G-LTE and 3G GSM network connectivity. The camera device supports 3G and 4G-LTE networks. Besides, it is IP65 certified weatherproof so it can typically work in all weather conditions. Its operation is either solar powered or based on the rechargeable battery. It can be used indoors or outdoors even without internet access. For instance, you may set it up in hotels, for hunting, in the workspace, warehouse, etc.

  • To deliver continuous power, these Reolink Go motion sensor cameras could be charged by universal 5V 2A phone adapter and the Reolink solar panel.
  • Output will be clearly displayed on the 1080p full HD. Moreover, it comes with the 33ft starlight night vision feature.

9. Amcrest 2K 3MP Wireless Outdoor Security Camera:

Amcrest 2K 3MP Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

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Capable to work in different conditions whether day or night or whether it is rainy or shiny atmosphere, this camera is a versatile device. One of its appealing traits is it showcases a heavy-duty metal based weatherproof IP67 casing. When you wish to know whether everything at home is fine and your kids or pets stay protected then this security camera is a preferred choice.

  • There are built-in IR LEDs to attain wonderful night vision potential up to 98 feet.
  • Many motion sensor cameras come with monthly fees but this one comes with no monthly fees. Also, it comes with 4 hours of free cloud storage.

8. CANARY (CAN600USBK) HD Security Camera:

CANARY (CAN600USBK) HD Security Camera

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If you want to view live activity 24/7 or wish to record HD video then this HD security camera is a perfect choice. You will be benefited with automatic night vision and also attain smart alerts whenever motion is detected. Typical uses include front porch, backyard pool, nursery, small business, home office, etc. With the use of a wide-angle lens, you can operate it during day and night. It is possible to use it in wired or wire-free form.

  • For voice control, this Canary camera functions with Alexa.
  • There is the facility of one-touch emergency services like fire, local police, EMT numbers in the app.
  • Presence of the 360-degree magnetic base allows you to mount this HD security camera on a wall or you may mount it upright.

7. Bestguarder HD Waterproof IP66 Ghost Camera:

Bestguarder HD Waterproof IP66 Ghost Camera

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Bestguarder prepared this 12MP HD IR trail and game camera in a compact size. Moreover, it delivers one of the greatest performances in the market. The patented motion detect function is beneficial for surveillance and cold-blooded animals. It is possible to concurrently capture full resolution images as well as videos on each trigger.

  • The provision of 36 black IR LEDs enables the camera to capture full-color photos and videos during the daytime. Furthermore, these LEDs allow capturing black & white images and videos during the night up to 75 feet distance.
  • The illumi-night sensor offers vivid, clear nighttime images.

6. Zmodo EZCam Wireless Home Security Camera:

Zmodo EZCam Wireless Home Security Camera

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Shooting videos at the 720p HD quality, this home security camera offers 115° wide angle. There is the special 4x digital zoom function in order to generate vivid images. It is found that the 720p HD camera allows you to capture clear images during day or night. Zmodo made it uniquely to function with Alexa for voice control. There is a built-in anti-noise filter microphone to let you communicate with your families and pets.

  • This Zmodo home camera contains superior quality integrated microphone as well as a speaker to decrease background noise. Also, there will be a great improvement in the audio output.
  • Implementation of the high accuracy activity detection technology allows the camera to send instant alerts into your mobile phone. The camera would attain an alert and a video clip once motion is detected.

5. YI Outdoor Security Camera:

YI Outdoor Security Camera

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All the motion sensor cameras do not present full HD video quality but this device from YI guarantees superb full HD videos at the output. The images will be captured in 1080p resolution and the included 110° lens delivers high clarity. All these Outdoor cameras are made waterproof, so the users could use them indoors and outdoors. There is the special provision made to send the motion-activated alerts into your phone whenever movements are detected.

  • The included 12 infrared LED beads present a night time viewing distance to the maximum reach of up to 50 feet. This feature guarantees superb low light performance.
  • Availability of the 360° noise-canceling hypersensitive microphone removes additional environmental noise. So, clear sound quality is provided at output.

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4. Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera:

Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera

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Now anyone can monitor their home in 1080p full HD quality and could catch activity as it occurs. With the use of the Cloud Cam mobile app, it is possible to check in on your home whenever you want. The users will be benefited with replay motion alert clips and live video streams. It would be easy to know when Cloud Cam senses activity.

  • The Amazon Cloud Cam boasts everything you require to maintain the safety of your home. Whenever Cloud Cam observes any activity, a notification will be received. So, you can keep an eye on your home.
  • Implemented always-ready motion detection feature assist you to capture all the activities from the start. All the motion sensor cameras do not come with this feature.

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3. Ring Floodlight Camera:

Ring Floodlight Camera

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Substitute your obsolete security lights with the set up of this Floodlight Cam. Basically, it is a motion-activated HD camera facilitating two-way talk. There is an arrangement for siren and lights. You can easily communicate with your kids, pets of family members. The lights will shine on all your blind spots and the siren would get activated on suspicious activity. The users can activate the siren from their phone, PC, and tablet to deter suspicious activities.

  • It is easy to thoroughly monitor your property in HD video quality. Besides, you can check-in on home whenever you want by using the Live View on-demand video & audio.
  • The incorporated motion sensors deliver alerts on your phone, PC, and tablet.

2. Reolink Argus Pro (Pack of 2):

Reolink Argus Pro (Pack of 2)

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The key specialty of all the motion sensor cameras belonging to the present model of Reolink Argus Pro is its wireless installation. It would be a straightforward process to install these cameras both indoors and outdoors. There is no need to seek professional assistance. Due to the IP65 weatherproof certification, the camera assures great durability against severe weather conditions.

  • Working operation is either based on rechargeable battery or it is solar-powered. The users would be able to save on battery replacements due to the built-in micro USB port.
  • With the 1920×1080 resolution, the Argus Pro is capable to capture crystal-clear videos.

1. Rexing V1P 2.4″ LCD Dash Cam:

Rexing V1P 2.4" LCD Dash Cam

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Prepared with the utmost care, this LCD dash cam represents the signature low-profile design. So, it would stay hidden and yet continuous detection. There is the special facility of dual-channel recording allowing the users to record from two diverse perspectives. This is made possible by connecting the built-in discreet rear camera to the front camera.

  • The front camera is proficient to capture full-HD video 1080p video at 30fps. Its wide dynamic range makes sure the camera perform in any lighting situations.
  • Once the storage limit is reached to full on the memory card, the new recordings will overwrite oldest recordings.

To control the suspicious activities and to deter the harm caused by burglars, these motion sensor cameras are of great assistance. You can keep an eye on your kids or pets while you are away. Also, your property will stay protected against robbery.


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