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Top 10 Best Male Masquerade Masks In 2021

Male masquerade masks, an eye mask that is specifically used when attending a fancy event, Halloween parties, a dance or a prom and many other ball parties. For guys who love extorting a mystic look, then a male masquerade mask is most definitely something you are eyeing for. With the knowledge and realization that a male masquerade mask doesn’t only make you look cool and sexy but is actually going to give you the little boost of confidence you need upon approaching that lady across the room who has your attention ever since you came.

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Best Male Masquerade Mask Review

10. Cool Men Fighter Masquerade Face Mask for Ball Party/ Halloween (Silver)

The aurora that you extort by just the wearing of this male masquerade mask is going to be mystical. The man of the night at whatever party or event you’re joining, would be the title you receive as you walk in with this roman fighter designed mask on. Coloration of silver and made of hard/strong plastic for durable reasons.

  • Roman fighter design
  • Made – strong plastic
  • Measurements – 18×9 cm
  • Use for most parties
  • Color – Silver

9. Halloween mask Animal Wolf Head mask Masquerade mask

Feeling a little feisty, wanting to attend that Halloween upcoming party in some form of an unusual male masquerade mask. Then this shall be it to spice up your differential-ness. A wolf face mask made of durable plastic with an elastic band to secure it in place and in the color of grey as well.

  • Wolf design
  • Made with quality plastic
  • Secure with elastic band
  • Light-weighted
  • Measurement – 22×30 centimeters
  • Color – Grey

8. KEFAN Greek Roman Masquerade Mask Halloween Mask Venetian Mardi Gras Mask for Men

Ancient kind of vibe, like from the Greek Roman eras, is what this male masquerade mask presents itself as. Constructed of premium quality plastic and soft vibrant foam for comfort, with a measurement of 17x12cm and has a secure tying factor of a silk ribbon. Mask in the hue of grey-ish, black-ish basically metallic.

  • Made – durable strong plastic & foam
  • Secure with silk ribbon
  • Roman/Greek Venetian design
  • Light-weighted & comfortable
  • Measurements – 17×12 cm
  • Color – Metallic

7. CCUFO Glod Masculine Greek & Roman Soldier Masquerade Mask

A royalty feels you absorb upon the wearing of this male masquerade mask in the design of Romaine solider, colorized of gold. Wearable for any events or occasions you want. Is hand-made with environmentally friendly plastic, light-weighted and durable as well. If a sophisticated look is what you’re up for then here you go.

  • Roman solider design
  • Handmade with environmentally friendly plastic
  • Secure with elastic band
  • Light-weighted & durable
  • For any occasions
  • Color – Gold

6. Mens Masquerade Mask Vintage Greek Roman Party Venetian Festival Mask

A male masquerade mask designed to be of a vintage-y Greek Roman festive wear. Black colorization with 2 rhinestones at the eyes of the skull at the top part of the premium plastic made quality mask. Has 2 ribbon ties to carefully position the mask, so it won’t move around freely. Comfy and light-weighted.

  • Greek Vintage design
  • Made of premium quality plastic & rhinestones
  • Light-weighted & durable
  • Secure with ribbon ties
  • Color – Black

5. BAWASEEHI Masquerade Mask for Men

The only male masquerade mask on this list that is created of a gel-like silicone material. Not to mention for those who are into Greek mythology, you should really consider purchasing this one. Stunning in the color of black, is durable, light-weighted and intact in place by a ribbon elastic band. In a size that fits all as well.

  • Made – Gel silicon material
  • Greek Mythology black-colored design
  • One size fits all
  • Secure with ribbon elastic band
  • Light-weighted & durable
  • Refundable

4. Luxury Mask Venetian Party Men’s Masquerade Mask

An imported simple black male masquerade mask this is. There are those of us who couldn’t care less about wasting time choosing the best type of mask just for a one time evening event. But would rather go in something simple yet elegant. For this is hand washable, made purely of plastic and tied back by an elastic band. Perfect!

  • Simple black design
  • Import
  • Hand washable
  • Made of purely of quality plastic
  • For any occasions
  • Secure with elastic band


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3. Ubauta Steam Punk Phantom of The Opera Vintage Masquerade Venetian Luxury Men Face Mask


Another vintage, retro design of a 3 dimensional black male masquerade mask. The thing about this mask that differentiate it from the rest is the visual factor that it only covers half of the face, exposing the left sided facial structure of yours. A comfort fit of all possible size, durability is of certain and placed nicely on the right side of your face with an elastic band.

  • Vintage, Retro 3D design
  • Comfortable & durable
  • Secure with elastic band
  • One size fits all
  • For any occasions
  • Color – Black

2. Success Creations Masquerade Mask for Men Black Silver


An Italian manufactured, design as a Success Creation is this silver and black color combination male masquerade mask. A simplicity view in how this was brought to being as well. Sturdy yet light-weighted, comfort wear and kept still in perfect form by an elastic band. Create an air of weirdness and mystery with this.

  • Success Creation design
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Elastic band to secure
  • Light – weighted
  • For any events
  • Color – Silver & Black

1. New Wolverine Men’s Mask Laser Cut Venetian Halloween Masquerade Mask Costume Extravagant Inspire Design – Black


A 4 stars rating by Amazon buyers who left positive remarks about this black male masquerade mask designed as Wolverine shall take the top spot on our list here. For long hours of wearing this won’t giving you pain nor discomfort, since it is light-weighted and comfortable. Also, hand made with materials that are eco-friendly as well.

  • Light-weighted
  • Durable & Comfortable
  • Wolverine design
  • Hand made with materials that are eco-friendly
  • For costume, dance, prom parties etc.
  • Color – Black

To conclude, I have only great things to ramble on about male masquerade mask. As a woman, I find that men with the correct type or a particular design of male masquerade mask on, very hot and mystically looking. Attractive in a way and cool in another and I’m sure most women has the same thoughts on this as I too. Therefore, only compliments about these masks would be spoken by me.

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