Best Low Back Bar Stools Review In 2022

Best Low Back Bar Stools Review In 2022

The choice of furniture equipment makes a prominent difference in the aesthetics of the surrounding. If you wish to furnish the bar zone or any other room of your home, it is best to use low back bar stools. Generally, these stools intend to eliminate the problems regarding backaches and other aches in the body. These stools are made available in broad range design and upholstery. They typically range from simple minimalist pieces to conventional classic designed stools. Such stools can prove to be a comfy addition to your breakfast bar nook or you can also set it up in a commercial dining area. With additional support, you will not feel fatigued throughout the day.

In some low back bar stools, there is the inclusion of cushions, seat decorations, and slipcovers. Their simple design blend seat upholstery with plush, grey tweed and a rounded wooden back. So, the modest look convey for any den or kitchen. When you go through the below-discussed low back bar stools, you will be able to make a buying decision effortlessly:

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Review of Low Back Bar Stools

10. Armen Living LCSOBABRWA26 Barstool:

Armen Living LCSOBABRWA26 Barstool | low back bar stools

Now you can supplement a unique mid-century modern design into your home through this bar stool from Armen Living. Basically, this bar stool elegantly designs using a well-built 360-degree footrest in meticulously crafted superior quality walnut wood finish. Furthermore, the design of the stool upholsters with brown faux leather as well as walnut back. An ideal combination of function and style convey by this furniture piece. So, it definitely appears eye-catching to revamp the existing home decor.

  • These low back bar stools are made available in 26-inch counter height and 30-inch bar height.
  • Its unique walnut wood finish adds a beautiful look.
  • Important components are 360° swivel, foam cushioned seat and well-built chromed metal footrest.

9. Rivet Mid-Century Low-Back Kitchen Counter Bar Stool:


Rivet Mid-Century Low-Back Kitchen Counter Bar Stool | low back bar stools

All the low back bar stools available presently may not convey exceptional comfort and durability. Discussing the present model of kitchen counter bar stool, it has an ideal combination of comfort and durability. This stool essentially showcases an upholstered low-back seat over the tall, straight wood legs. The facility of firm padding and a sturdy wood frame includes necessary strength and durability. Furthermore, the marine blue fabric offers an elegant color to your counter. The overall height seems perfect and the material quality is great.

  • Overall dimensions are 20.1″W x 16.5″D x 33.5″H.
  • To save time, it does not need assembly.
  • It is easy to clean it using a soft dry cloth.

8. Superjare Adjustable Bar Stools – Set of 2:

Superjare Adjustable Bar Stools - Set of 2 | low back bar stools

Exceptional comfort is convey by the set of 2 bar stools from Superjare. Its seat can rotate 360˚, so you can easily switch directions freely. In this way, you can conveniently chat with friends. Its back is furnished with exceptional design in order to alleviate the pressure imposed on your lumbar spine. The special inclusion of the new sponge offers enhanced comfort.

  • The included footrest allows you to put your feet on it and unwind your legs.
  • Its height can be adjusted by simply raising the lever beneath the seat. You can vary the height from 23.6″ to 31.7″.
  • To prevent the floor from scratching, the base is equipped with a rubber ring.

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7. Stone & Beam Alaina Kitchen Counter Bar Stool:

Stone & Beam Alaina Kitchen Counter Bar Stool | low back bar stools

Belonging from Stone & Beam, this bar stool enables you to conveniently accommodate your guests in the kitchen. Now you can conveniently enjoy parties with your friends or can simply unwind sitting in this seat. The provision of a swivel function simplifies you to sit and chat with friends. Implementation of the transitional style enables these low back bar stools to blend perfectly with any style room.

  • Overall dimensions are 18.5″W x 22″D x 38.5″H. The height and depth of the seat are respectively 25.9″H and 16.5″.
  • Execution of the contemporary design along with classic solid fabric offers a transitional look.
  • It does not need assembly.

6. Zuri Furniture Leatherette Ellery Bar Stool:

Zuri Furniture Leatherette Ellery Bar Stool | low back bar stools

It is now easy to instill your room with character and flair through the set up of Ellery Bar Stool. Its exceptional design bears a gently curved backrest and comfortable seat. The included seat perfectly supports your back. Basically, the structure of this bar stool has high-density foam cushioned seat which is uniquely upholster in soft leatherette. The upholstery is accompanies with attractive top stitching details.

  • The height of the seat can be varied from 22.5″ to 31.5″.
  • Its plush leatherette upholstered seat is presented in a wide range of colors.
  • The included polished chrome height-adjustable base comes with a 360-degree swivel function.
  • Its weight capacity is 275 lbs.

5. BestOffice Counter Height Bar Stools –Set of 2:

BestOffice Counter Height Bar Stools –Set of 2 | low back bar stools


When you set up low back bar stools with an exceptional blend of sturdiness and comfort in your living space, your investment proves valuable. The bar stools included in this set of are manufacture from high duty chrome. To deliver exceptional comfort, the seat is pad with foam and enclosed with PU leather. The unique ergonomic design allows any individual to comfortably lean against the back of the stool. It is quite easy to relax your legs over the footrest for a comfortable sitting position.

  • These BestOffice bar stools are simple to install –you only require four screws for installation.
  • Its included seat can be easily adjusted from 25”-33”. It is straightforward to rotate the seat 360-degrees.
  • It comes packed with the anti-skid feature and it is quite easy to clean.
  • The entire structure stands on a well-built circular chrome steel base. This base is furnish with a rubber ring to make sure the floor does not get scratched.

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4. Flash Furniture Black Vinyl Barstool:

Flash Furniture Black Vinyl Barstool | low back bar stools


Presented by the acclaimed brand –Flash Furniture, the stool possesses a circular mid-back design as well as a cutout back. The corresponding seat and back are uniquely cushion with 1.5″ of foam. Moreover, the seat is upholster in plush fabric. The rotatable seat can adjusted in terms of height –you can vary its height from counter to bar height. With the assistance of the gas lift handle, the height adjustment becomes easy. The glossy chrome base and footrest uniquely match the modern design of the stool.

  • This bar stool has black vinyl upholstery and CA117 fire retardant foam.
  • An embedded plastic ring in the base protects your floor. The reason is the ring slides smoothly whenever you require moving the stool.

3. Homall PU Leather Swivel Barstools:

Homall PU Leather Swivel Barstools | low back bar stools

It is true that the contemporary design bar stools impeccably complements your living room decor. When you are passionate to add a unique contemporary touch to your bar, kitchen, office, or restaurant, go for this swivel bar stool. Homall prepared these bar stools by using premium quality materials. The material used in the making is the black bond leather across seat and back, so it is suitable for your skin. The presence of the 3.3 inches high-density thicker sponge presents a comfortable seating experience.

  • A feature of 360° swivel with air-lift handle facilitates effortless direction and height adjustment.
  • To ensure stability, the base and footrest in these low back bar stools are built from chromed steel.
  • Maximum load capacity is 280 pounds.
  • The pneumatic adjustable height facilitates the convenient and safe adjustment.

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2. BestOffice Height Adjustable PU Leather Bar Stool:

BestOffice Height Adjustable PU Leather Bar Stool | low back bar stools

Compared to other low back bar stools, this PU leather bar stool is unique in term of swivel function. It comes packed with lifting and 360-degree free rotation function. This allows you to conveniently chat with friends.

  • This BestOffice stool stands on a sturdy circular chrome steel base which furnishes with a rubber ring. So, the floor will not get scratch.
  • Cleaning is simplified because its construction uses PU leather and chrome steel base.
  • It is extremely simple to install –simply use four screws.

1. Modern Square PU Leather Stools with Back:

Modern Square PU Leather Stools with Back | low back bar stools

Stylish design and comfortable seating arrangement are the prominent specialties of this PU leather based bar stool. It serves as an ideal kitchen bar stools for setup in a bar, dining area or kitchen. With the incorporated 360° swivel, you can freely move without any issues. In its structure, the high-density foam specially upholster in the black faux leather. The process of construction accomplish by the polished chrome base and footrest

  • It is extremely easy to adjust from counter to bar height –you can vary the height from 21.5 inches to 31.5 inches. An air-lift handle is available for easy height adjustment.
  • With the chrome base, exceptional stability is maintained.
  • Use of PU leather guarantees high durability.

Those individuals willing to attain comfortable seating arrangement keeping in mind their back, the low back bar stools are highly suitable. They present a comfortable seating arrangement and let you unwind your special relaxing moments.