Best Kid GPS Watch In 2019

The tracking of the whereabouts of children remotely on a smartphone is now possible with the appropriate use of kid GPS watch. Basically, it is a cell phone watch equipped with GPS tracking features. Parents will greatly benefit from such watch because they can use it to accurately keep track of their toddlers. They can instantly know whether their kids are at school, friends’ home, at the garden, etc. In addition to tracking the location, this kind of watch comes with tons of other features.

In a kid GPS watch, by setting the geofences, the users can avail instant alerts whenever children enter or depart an area. The past locations being visited can be precisely monitored. Not just location but it also assists to monitor the kids’ fitness stats. Go through the below section to pick the suitable kid GPS watch.

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Review of Kid GPS Watch

15. Enow Kids Smart Watch

Enow Kids Smart Watch

When it comes to your kids security an safety, you do not have to settle on less. You need a GPS watch that works and works effectively than n other. That is why we recommend that you settle on this. Its features will amaze you and work for you. First of all, this kid GPS watch comes with a multifunction and remote monitor. The two-way call, SOS emergency call, GPS/LBS positioning, flash, remote voice monitor, voice chat, math game, clock, functions are all-inclusive. In fact, it allows you to set the watch using an app. There is a lot more than you can do with this watch.

The remote camera function in this kid GPS watch is yet another fantastic feature that we should highlight. With it, you can record your kid’s good moments. In fact, it lets your kid take a photo of their friend and share their story with you. You also can control the camera remotely using an application. When this GPS watch receives the signal, the watch will take pictures and synchronize them in the app.

  • Comes with a GPS tracking and emergency SOS calls
  • You are provided with a free sin card and warranty
  • Allows you to set class mode and safe area mode

14. LTAIN Kids Smartwatch Waterproof Smart Watch

LTAIN Kids Smartwatch Waterproof Smart Watch

There is no better feeling that a parent can have other than knowing that their kid is safe. With a nice kid GPS watch, like this, you can monitor your kid’s activity and remotely. It has a lot of features that most watches in the market today do not have. Talk of the SOS emergency alarm that goes on whenever your child is in danger. Not only does it come with this but also, the GPS real-time positioning. You can always pay attention to your kid situation, and when they are in danger, they can seek help in time.

Another adorable feature of this GPS watch is that it is waterproof. It comes with IP67 certification; therefore, when the kid is swimming or bathing, they don t have to take it off. This is also a multifunctional tracker watch, meaning that it does not only serve as a phone or watch only but also has an intercom, footprint, camera, alarm clock, emergency alarm, remote shutdown, autonomous, SOS emergency and much more.

  • Has a USB port for changing
  • Professional customer service
  • Backed by a warranty

13. DUIWOIM Kid Smart Watch

DUIWOIM Kid Smart Watch 

Are you planning to buy a kid GPS watch to monitor the movement s of your kids? This is the utmost watch that you should consider purchasing. Not only does it boast itself for high-end features, but also it is multifunctional. You don’t have to think twice before buying this kid GPS watch. So far, it is one of the best in the market, and it comes from a reputable company.

It is multi built-in to meet all your needs. In this we mean that the watch has a two-way call, SOS emergency call, LBS positioning, footprint, phonebook, safe area, came, camera, watch alarm lighting, and much more. With it, you can control and set it using an application.

  • Has an effective waterproofing
  • The watch allows you to press the SOS button when the kid is in danger
  • Double positioning meaning you can track your kid all the time

12. Kids smartwatch waterproof with LBS/GPS

Kids smartwatch waterproof with LBS/GPS

 You need a kid GPS watch to track the movements of your kid. This is the best gadget that came to save the day and ease us of all the stress that we usually have when our kids are out. With this GPS watch, the child can make and receive calls, and also, they can send voice messages to their parents. Therefore, as a parent, you can find your kid easily.

Another fantastic feature is that the watch is a waterproof smartwatch. Therefore, they do not have to take it when bathing or when they are swimming. You can still wear it even when it is raining, or when you are diving.

  • SOS calls and monitoring
  • A warranty backs it upon purchase
  • Effective waterproofing

11. PTHTECHUS Kids Waterproof Smartwatch with GPS Tracker

PTHTECHUS Kids Waterproof Smartwatch with GPS Tracker

When looking for a kid GPS watch, it is important to look for one with the best and most features that will help you keep tabs on your kid anytime. Thanks to the watch’s location finder, you can get an accurate location whenever your kid is indoor.

The 2 g network coverage check is also another thing to love this kid GPS watch. Before buying this watch, however, it is important first to know whether your location has a 2G network. Also, know whether the signal is perfect before buying.

  • Comes with a speed talk sim card
  • Operates in military time and cannot be changed to 12 hours system
  • Best customer support guaranteed

10. Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker

Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker

Whenever the security of your kids of the essence, you have to stop at nothing to ensure they are safe. One of the best measures is to buy this kid GPS watch. It comes with GPS and LBS positioning feature and a free sim card. The company will send a free sim card as a gift. GPS LBS positioning is the perfect way to go when kid safety is of the essence.

It is a waterproof smartwatch, meaning that the kids do not have to remove the watch when they are swimming or taking a bath. Also, it has stainless steel surface Nano TPU85 material strap, precision laminating process, anti-sweat translucent surface, and much more.

  • SOS call and remote camera and voice monitor
  • Five puzzle games and silent mode when the kid is in class feature included
  • The watch is multifunctional

9. Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch Phone


Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch Phone

The Themoemoe kids’ smartwatch phone can be used during rain since it is an IP67 waterproof smartwatch. There is no need to concern regarding the damage on the watch during rain or swimming. Now your children can relish swimming and shower while wearing this smartwatch.

Actually, it is manufactured from the environmental-friendly material. Moreover, it comes with the shockproof safe design and feels comfortable on the skin of kids.

  • It is easy to operate and it only supports 2G SIM card.
  • This kids’ smartwatch is equipped with AGPS+LBS.
  • Whenever kids are outdoors, parents can precisely track kids’ real-time location via the “SeTracker 2” app.
  • It comes with essential features like two-way call, phone book, alarm clock, SOS emergency call, game, camera, etc.

8. Jsbaby Kids Smart GPS Watch:

Jsbaby Kids Smart GPS Watch

The facility of SOS emergency is packed in this Jsbaby kids’ GPS watch. With this facility, you just need to insert the sim card and then scan the QR code in order to save the contact number.

Kids can press the SOS button for a duration of 3 seconds to call the phone number of help. Provision of the geofence dynamics informs you whenever your kid comes out of the designated region.

  • In this smartwatch, the users can set 10 phone numbers and these numbers can be dialed in the watch with each other.
  • The remote photograph button can be pressed to easily control the watch to capture photos.
  • Different functions packed in are voice chat, SOS, location tracking, quick learning, remote camera, etc.


7. OLTEC 【2019 Update】 Smart Watch:

OLTEC 【2019 Update】 Smart Watch:

The 2019 updated smartwatch from OLTEC, this device allows parents to remotely monitor the activities of their child. Essentially, this smartwatch for children packs in a remote camera as well as voice monitor allowing you to track your kids precisely. All you need to do is dial the number and consequently, the smartwatch will automatically respond. In this way, you can keep an eye on your kids.

  • In this OLTEC kid GPS watch, the SOS emergency call feature informs the parents whenever kids are in distress.
  • It works to let kids focus on their studies. OLTEC has programmed a classroom feature which prevents the usage of this smartwatch for kids at a particular period of the day. You just need to set the time when your child is in class.

6. SZBXD Kids Waterproof Smart Watch Phone:

SZBXD Kids Waterproof Smart Watch Phone:

Mentioned in the product name itself, this model of SZBXD smartwatch is made waterproof. So, kids can conveniently wear it in any occasions whether it is raining or swimming. This gives an idea that there is no need for much concern about the harm to the watch. In this waterproof GPS watch, there is the facility of a voice monitor which informs you what your children do at a different time of day. Just dial the number and this smartwatch phone will automatically respond.

  • The SOS emergency call function assists when kids are in distress. Through this feature, your children can inform you whenever any hassles occur.
  • In this waterproof kid GPS watch, simply pressing the SOS button for the duration of 3 seconds alternatively calls the preset numbers until somebody reverts the phone on APP alarm notification.

5. SZBXD Kids Smart Watch Phone

SZBXD Kids Smart Watch Phone - Kids GPS Watch

Recognized as a multifunctional kids smartwatch, this smartwatch phone is IP68 international waterproof. So, it is not required to take it off while raining, swimming, washing hands, etc. Some of the significant features supported are two-way call, SOS emergency call, LBS positioning, voice chat, flashlight, camera, etc. When you are confused about what to gift your kids, this SZBXD smartwatch is a suitable product to consider. Children and parents can now easily communicate with one another. Kids will be able to learn and enjoy entertainment in a new way.

  • To make sure the child focuses in class, SZBXD has programmed a classroom feature. This feature restricts the use of smartwatch for children at a specific interval of the day.
  • In order to please the mood of kids, it is made durable, multicolor and functional.
  • With a view to exploring its full functionality, you can insert your own sim card inside. Moreover, you can track your children with the use of an app on a mobile device.

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Making a phone call and tracking the location of kids is now made easy with this GPS watch model. It is now possible to precisely position the children’s location. It packs in essential features like WiFi, GPS, base station location tracking and LGPS. Essentially, this kid GPS watch is uniquely tailored for kids aged 3 to 15 years. Using this GPS watch, the users can record happy hours for parents and kids. It is easy to store and upload photos. To make sure kids does not get bored it packs in a flashlight, stopwatch, flashlight, arithmetic games, puzzle and many more.

  • The multiple positioning feature assists to precisely position the kid anywhere, anytime within 50 meters of range.
  • The mobile phone is capable to remotely control the camera to monitor whether the surrounding for kids is safe or not.
  • Whenever the kids depart the safe range, the phone would make an alarm.

3. Themoemoe Kids Smart Watch Phone:

Themoemoe Kids Smart Watch Phone

One more Themoemoe smartwatch phone for kids, this device includes the SOS emergency call feature. When kids are in misery, they can press the SOS key for a duration of 3 seconds to call the families’ numbers for assistance. It is possible to set up to 3 SOS numbers and receive assistance during an emergency. The essential functions packed inside are waterproof, GPS, camera, SOS emergency call, game, clock, two-way call, etc.

  • Implementation of the double position technology i.e. AGPS+LBS Position indicates double safety for children.
  • By clicking SOS to connect to the phone, the users will be benefitted with all-day real-time location tracking and precise positioning.
  • Parents are able to check the location by SMS, Android or iOS APP.

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2. Kids Smart Watch Phone smartwatches by Jsbaby:

Kids Smart Watch Phone Smartwatches By Jsbaby

The real-time location can be viewed through this Jsbaby kid GPS watch. The users just need to click “locate” to begin locating in 3 minutes.

  • Names of the functions packed in are phone book, lbs location, talk-back, watch alarm clock, footprint, low-power alarm, SOS emergency alarm, night flashlight, remote shutdown, camera, game, theme, photo album, two-way call, and stopwatch self dialing.
  • With the LBS +GPS location, the all-day real-time location can be tracked.

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1. Kids Smart Watch Phone with GPS

Kids Smart Watch Phone With GPS

The present model of 3-in-1 smartwatch phone with GPS comes with 3 in 1 location type. They are GPS, LBS positioning and ip67 waterproof. It presents precise geolocation services, excellent reliability, and enhanced safety.

  • The facility of the two-way calls and voice chat makes sure you reach your child anytime anywhere.
  • During an emergency situation, in order to guarantee the complete safety of kids, simply press SOS key for the duration of 3 seconds. Doing this in this kid GPS watch will call 3 phone numbers on an alternate basis in 2 rounds till the call get answered.

To guarantee the complete safety of kids while moving outdoors, the kid GPS watch is a highly beneficial device. In addition to safety, kids will get free from boredom and can learn its many new features.

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Why Should You Buy Kid GPS Watch?

Get maximum peace of mind as a parent with a kid GPS watch. Imagine having a device that will let you know where your kid is at any one particular time. Isn’t that fulfilling? Parenting also becomes easy, bearable and manageable. Since a child may not be in a position to take care of himself, and it is your responsibility, you have to find a way to do so.

Unfortunately, it is hard to let your life revolve around your child. You have to run errands once in a while too. That’s why you need the assistance of a kid GPS watch. How does it achieve that? This is exactly what this piece explains in details. It not only defines it but also discusses its features and the benefits that they offer. It also draws a line between them and their normal counterparts. Continue reading to get a clear understanding of a kid GPS watch!

What is Kid GPS Watch?

A kid GPS watch is a type of watch which makes it easy for parents and guardians to keep track of their children. Despite being out of sight, it becomes possible to know exactly where your child is at any particular time. Sometimes, kids may get lost or lose track of time and can’t manage to get home on their own. As a matter of fact, there are people who could decide to kidnap your child. Under such circumstances, there are high chances of losing your child forever. If you were to listen to parents who have an experience that talks about it, you would realize that it is something you wouldn’t wish even for your worst enemy. That’s where a kid GPS watch comes in.

It uses technology that enables you to keep your child safe in spite of not being in a position to follow them around. It allows you to do other things without compromising their safety or the freedom to explore.

What is the difference between a kid GPS watch and a normal watch?

There is a huge difference between a kid GPS watch and a normal one. If the case was otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense if one was to cough out so much money when there are cheaper versions available which are the normal watches. Let’s draw a parallel line between a kid GPS watch and a normal watch.

First of all, thanks to technology adoption, a kid smartwatch has features that are not available in a normal watch. They include WIFI connectivity, Bluetooth connection, GPS tracking among others. Thanks to having all that and not only touchscreens but also sensors, they become smart no doubt.

As much as both the kid GPS watches and the normal watches display date and time, the former can also do other things in addition to that. Due to GPS, it becomes possible to know the wearer’s exact location. Equally important, to can easily navigate whether walking or driving despite not being familiar with the area. It allows you connect with your phone even when it is not around. A kid can also use voice search. Shop, read books as well as listen to music. It has apps that will facilitate the same. It keeps you abreast through weather alerts and breaking news. Last but not list, you can use it to reply to emails and messages.

Evidently, there is a difference between a kid GPS watch and a normal watch.

Useful features and app of Kid GPS watch

There are a number of features that you will find in almost all kid GPS watches. Check them out.

1. Waterproof

That comes with a lot of benefits. First, one doesn’t have to worry about the weather. Therefore, they will also be useable hence fully reliable. Secondly, it is obvious that they are designed for kids. In the event that the kid is playing with water, you don’t want a watch prone to damage as soon as that happens.

2. Camera

For kids, taking photos is fun. Therefore, getting a kid GPS watch ensures that they enjoy that art.

3. Two-way Calling

In normal occasions, you may need to talk to your child or vice versa. That’s where the feature comes in. it allows you to call your child in a need arises. In the same vein, your kid will be in a position to call you in case of everything. All you need is to buy a sim card as well as subscribe to a favorable mobile plan.

4. SOS Alerts

It is a way of knowing that your kid is in dire need of your help. If there is an emergency, the kid holds or pushes a certain button. That sends an emergency alert to the parent’s phone. It also rings up to 3 additional pre-programmed lines. That will continue until there is a response.

5. GPS Tracking

Every parent wants to know the exact location of his or her child real-time. With GPS tracking, that becomes possible. Consequently, the get the peace of mind that you honestly deserve.

6. Geo-Fencing

This is related to the GPS feature. All you do is to set a number of geographical boundaries. Therefore, every time that your kid trespasses them. You get an alert and act accordingly.

7. Games

It is obvious that most kids love playing games. It is possible to find a kid GPS watch that offers them. Your kids will definitely love that.

These features are great but there are things that are also equally important. For instance, a good battery will enable you to use the features. Its operating system and storage space will also play a huge role in making it a great investment.

Why Should You Buy a Kid GPS watch for your kid

Given the above features, there are quite a number of reasons why you should buy a kid GPS watch for your kid. First, you will be in a position to tell where your kid is at an exact time. For those with geofencing, you can also restrict your kid’s whereabouts without following them. You are also aware of the fact that your child is lost, given the places that she is familiar with and those that he or she is not familiar with, as soon as it happens.

Thanks to SOS, you will also know if your child is safe or in danger. If the kid GPS smartwatch is damaged or removed and your kid is nowhere to be seen, you know where to start as well.

Being waterproof, they are not vulnerable to water which damages a lot of gadgets. That makes them durable saving you the agony of replacing it often which saves a lot of time and money. It also simplifies the communication between you and your child.

Last but not least, it comes with a basket of entertainment options. They include games and a camera. So, once you buy a kid GPS watch for your kid, he or she has all those benefits to reap.

Buying the wrong kid GPS watch is not an option because it could jeopardize the safety of your bundle of joy. That’s why you needed the answers to all the questions discussed above. You are now aware of what a kid GPS watch is. You also know how it differs from a normal one as well as its features. Last but not least, you know their benefits. With such information, it becomes easy to decide whether you should buy it or not. Once you choose to grab one, it also ensures that you identify the best. In short, you end up winning because you know what to expect and whether it is worth.

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