Top 10 Best Iced Tea Makers in 2020

There is nothing more revitalizing to drink than iced tea on a summer day. Furthermore, there is no need of buying the tea bottled at the shop. On the other hand, you do not need to visit a teahouse to enjoy the refreshment you can make it at home. How with one of the Best Iced Tea Makers reviewed here.

You can brew the tea and home to give you an authentic tea taste just as you like it.

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Best Iced Tea Makers for the Home or Office

10. Easy Concept Kitchen Classics Coffee & Iced Tea Infuser

Easy Concept Kitchen Classics Coffee & Iced Tea Infuser

Why only brew iced tea at home if you can use the Easy Concept Kitchen Classic to brew both coffee and tea. The Coldbrew provides you with smooth, refreshing non-acidic coffee or tea. You can even use it to brew hot coffee, tea, or infused water as well.

  • Made to brew coffee, tea, and infused water
  • Comprise heat resistant BPA-free glass with non-slip silicone sleeve
  • Removable rust-proof stainless steel filter with micro holes
  • Fits in the fridge or cabinet
  • Versatile to serve hot or cold coffee and tea
  • Lifetime Warranty

9. Ovalware Iced Coffee and Tea Maker

Ovalware Iced Coffee and Tea Maker

The Ovalware iced tea maker originally is for making coffee, but you can use it to make infused tea as well. The airtight seal locks in the flavor for up to two weeks and comes with a comfortable handle. Furthermore, it fits on the inside of the fridge door.

  • Made with an airtight seal to lock in the flavor for up to two weeks
  • Easy-access handle
  • Comprise a rust-free dual-mesh stainless steel filter and cap
  • Made with borosilicate glass and dishwasher safe
  • Great to use with loose-leaf tea or tea bags
  • Brew hot or cold
  • 90-Day Return Policy

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8. Mami Wata Iced Tea Maker

Mami Wata Iced Tea Maker

Live a healthier life with sugar-free iced tea by infusing it with delicious fruits. With the iced tea maker, you can prepare the beverage hot or cold. The body is Tritan, and the herb infuser is stainless steel. Therefore, it is heat resistant, shatterproof, and dishwasher safe.

  • Available in four amazing colors
  • Complete infusion set you can use for hot or cold tea
  • Tritan body with stainless steel herb infuser
  • Odor-resistant not to retain the flavors of tea you make with the hermetic seal mechanism
  • Included is an ice ball maker with infused water recipes

7. Mr. Coffee 2-Quart Iced Tea Maker

Mr. Coffee 2-Quart Iced Tea Maker

The Mr. Coffee you can use to brew iced coffee as well. You only need to place water in the reservoir and add loose or tea bags/coffee grounds in the brew basket. Add ice to the pitcher, and you will have iced tea in minutes.

  • Comes with auto-shutoff and status indicator light
  • Two-in-one brew system for coffee and tea
  • Two-quart iced tea maker
  • The steeping basket you can remove
  • Hand wash recommended
  • One-year warranty

6. Capresso Ice Tea Maker

Capresso Ice Tea Maker

The Capresso you can buy as the machine only or add the extra tea pitcher as needed. With the pitcher, you can prepare freshly brewed iced tea with the touch of a button and keep it stored in the fridge. The 2.5-quart glass pitcher has a removable lid with a pour spout.

  • Sold as the iced tea make on its own or with the 2.5 qt glass pitcher
  • The jug has a removable lid with pour spout
  • Brews from mild to strong taste and the filters removable for loose or tea bags
  • Removable water tank

5. Dash Iced Beverage Maker

Dash Iced Beverage Maker

With the beverage maker, you can serve more than iced tea. You can use it to brew coffee as well. Furthermore, the appliance is compatible with loose-leaf tea, coffee, and tea bags. On the other hand, there is no want for using paper filters, as it is removable for cleaning.

  • The pitcher is dishwasher safe
  • Brews coffee and tea
  • Makes iced tea with a touch of a button
  • Removable filter and brew basket
  • Holds up to 84 ounces of fluid

4. Zing Anything Instant Iced Tea Maker

Zing Anything Instant Iced Tea Maker

With Zing Anything, you get a multi-purpose maker to brew hot or cold tea in minutes. You can even slow seep coffee with the basket included. Even cleaning the apparatus is easy by draining the liquid and hand washing the basket or place it in the dishwasher.

  • You can use it to brew cold tea or coffee
  • Included a two-in-one basket
  • Made with Titan and dishwasher safe
  • Removable seeping basket
  • Provides up to 48 ounces of fluid

3. Primula Iced Tea Maker

Primula Iced Tea Maker

Use the iced tea maker to brew cold tea bags or loose tea. The material used to construct the brewer is food safe and stain-resistant. The pitcher is leak proof even when shaking it with ice inside.

  • Has a one-gallon capacity
  • The pitcher has a transparent construction and fits in the fridge door
  • Can brew hot or cold tea
  • Leak-proof design and dishwasher safe

2. Nostalgia Iced Tea and Coffee Maker

Nostalgia Iced Tea and Coffee Maker

Why buy only an iced tea maker if you can purchase one offering you iced coffee at the same time. With the Nostalgia you can do both to enjoy iced lattes at home. Even the filter baskets reusable and works with ground coffee, loose leaf teas, and tea bags.

  • Comes with a three-quart pitcher and handle
  • You get a three-position pouring lid
  • Designed with a strength selector dial
  • For complete saturation and flavor, it has a showerhead
  • The filters reusable


1. West Bend Iced Tea Maker

West Bend Iced Tea Maker

For one of the best iced tea makers, you need the West Bend. You can enjoy costumed brewed tea or coffee just the way you like it. Furthermore, it comes with an infusion tube to customize flavors by adding herbs and fruit.

  • Can make custom brewed iced tea and coffee
  • Has a brew strength selector
  • Infusion tube with mesh filter you can remove for cleaning
  • Comes with a 2.75-quart glass pitcher
  • Auto shut off when the brew cycles completed

Enjoy freshly brewed tea, coffee, or infused water using one of the best iced tea makers reviewed on the list. Each one has an affordable price and offers you the versatility to use it with herbs and fruits to enhance the flavor of the tea. Get yourself one today and enjoy the outdoors sipping on your favorite iced tea.

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