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Best Home Theater Systems in 2021

Start the New Year with quality audio from one of the top 10 best home theater systems. Each offers you exceptional sound and value. The systems deliver crystal clear sound with detailed mid range, bass, and highs. You can use them for watching movies, music, or games.

The sound systems offer you the perfect surround sound to enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home. Furthermore, they blend in with most modern décor, and the best is they are selling at fantastic discounted prices so check them out! Check this out if you are also looking for The Best Home Theater Projectors in 2021

Best Home Theater Systems for 2021

The Best Home Theater Systems Review

9. Polk Audio RM705 Home Theater System

Polk Audio RM705 Home Theater System

For the best entry-level 5.1-channel audio setup, you can look at the Polk Audio RM705. The system comprises one center channel speaker, four satellite speakers, and one subwoofer. The heavy-duty speakers consist of non-resonant composite enclosures with a stylish high gloss finish.

Further, it has a unique Reuleaux Triangular Polygon cabinet around the satellite speakers. The cupboard helps reduce resonance and standing waves inside the speaker. Alternatively, you get some fantastic accessories from a wall bracket and center channel shelf cradle.

The sound quality is way better than your standard home theater systems. However, you will need an audio receiver to connect the TV, PC, or gaming console with the surround speakers. The bass response from the subwoofers powerful and may have to tweak some settings to get the best sound performance.

Vocals sound clean and make deep low-end frequency bass. The subwoofer has a compact and heavyweight and produces a punchy bass. You can pair it with the Sony STR-DH750 or Denon AVR-2310 receiver for the best sound. The arrangement has an affordable price and is perfect for the entry-level user at home.


  • The Polk Audio is a 5.1 channel sound system made up of four satellite speakers, one subwoofer, and one center channel speaker
  • Made with durable Reuleaux Triangular Polygon cabinet with high-gloss finish
  • You can place it next to monitors and HDTVs with the magnetic shield
  • Included you get the wall mount brackets and a center channel shelf cradle
  • Does not come with speaker wires or a receiver
  • The speaker’s terminals have a clipped design and can be difficult to open, but the speakers are compact and fits in with any décor
  • Comprise an 8-inch 50-watt downward firing subwoofer

The Three Immersive Sound Formats (Atoms, Auro-3D & DTS:X)

8. Leviton AEH50-WH Home Cinema System

Leviton AEH50-WH Home Cinema System

For the best home theater system with outstanding value, look at the Leviton AEH50-WH. As with the previous model, this one is also a 5.1 channel system. However, you can expand it to a 6.1 or 7.1 system with additional AESS5 satellite speakers. You receive an 8-inch 100-watt subwoofer with RCA input.

The five satellite speakers have a two-way design and produce crystal clear sound. You can mount them to the wall or ceiling for the best surround resonance. To add to the fantastic features, the speakers are video magnetic shielded and causes no static interference.

Setting up the arrangements straightforward as the speakers connect directly to an audio receiver and the subwoofer connects to the outputs of the receiver. The low-profile design of the system works in limited spaced and flexible enough to use in corners.

The resonance is crystal clear without harsh sounds. The subwoofers well balanced and easily play into a 40 Hz range. The midrange and stereo imaging is excellent and great when watching movies. Compared to other home theater system the AEH50 bass is not as powerful but present.

For the price, it provides a decent sound performance that you can expand with other speakers. Check it out today and decide for yourself.


  • The Leviton AEH50 is a five channel system you can expand to a 6.1 or 7.1 structure
  • Included you get five adjustable mounting brackets to fix the speakers to the ceiling or wall
  • The subwoofer comprise an 8-inch 100-watt speaker with RCA input cable
  • Made with video magnetic shielding to use next to monitors and TVs
  • Works with standard audio wiring but the wires and receivers not included
  • Available in two colors black and white
  • In the box, you get five two-way satellite speakers with a 2.5-inch woofer and .5-inch tweeter and one 8-inch 100-watt subwoofer

7. Monoprice Home Theater System

Monoprice Home Theater System

The Monoprice is one of the most reliable home theater systems you can find for the price. The structure offers you great looks with a compact size and inexpensive price. You get four satellite speakers, one center speakers, with one down-firing subwoofer.

The lightweight construction enables you to mount it to the wall with the universal ¼ -inch threaded insert. Further, it comes with an eight-inch down-firing subwoofer you can attach to a 200-watt audio amplifier for deep bass sound. To add to the characteristics, each speaker can handle up to 100-watts of power.

Further, each satellite speaker has an impedance of 8 ohms, and the center speaker offers an outstanding frequency range between 110Hz and 20 kHz. Alternatively, the subwoofer has large rubber feet to keep it off the floor. You will not be disappointed by the resonance and suitable for listening to music, watching movies, and playing games.


  • The 5.1-channel system comprises of four satellite speakers with a single center speaker
  • The center speaker boasts a three-inch polypropylene mid-range driver with a ¾ -inch aluminum dome tweeter
  • Further, you get an 8-inch down-firing subwoofer that works with a 200-watt audio amplifier
  • The setup is simple with the spring-loaded terminals and stereo line
  • Suitable to place next to a monitor or TV with the video magnetic shielding
  • Available in black

6. Yamaha NS-SP1800BL Home Theater System

Yamaha NS-SP1800BL Home Theater System

For the best overall home theater system, the NS-SP1800BL from Yamaha offers you everything you need. The 5.1-channel surround sound features four two-way satellite speakers with a ½ -inch tweeter and 2.5-inch woofer. There is a two-way center speaker with dual 2.5-inch woofers with ½ -inch tweeter and eight inches 100-watt cube subwoofer.

You can place them on the wall, and all of them are magnetically shielded. Further, you can connect it to an amplifier you can purchase separately. The frequency range is from 28Hz – 50 kHz. The sound quality is excellent and the vocal performance makes you feel as if you are sitting in a live concert hall.

Even playing hip-hop music is clear with a punchy beat while the subwoofer offers a low-end bass making the whole room vibrates. Setting up the arrangements straightforward as everything is included except the audio receiver and amplifier. You get speaker wires and suitable to use in small rooms and mountable.

Alternatively, the grill cloth removable and helps keep dust out and easy to clean. With the system in your home, you get the best sound performance to transform your living space into a cinematic experience.


  • All the speakers are magnetically shielded to use next to monitors and TVs
  • Comprise four 2-way satellite speakers with a 2.5-inch woofer and ½ -inch tweeter
  • You get a two-way center speaker equipped with a ½-inch tweeter and 2.5-inch woofer and a 100-watt cube subwoofer
  • The home theater system has a frequency range of 28Hz to 50 kHz
  • Can mount it to the wall and comes with speaker wires to connect
  • You will have to combine it with an audio receiver and amplifier sold separate

5. Onkyo SKS-HT540 Home Theater System

 Onkyo SKS-HT540 Home Theater System

Compared to the 5.1 channel systems on the list the Onkyo is one of the favored 7.1 channel systems sold at an affordable price. The speaker set produces 130-watts total output and has a two-way bass reflex front with a center and rear speaker.

Each of the front and center speakers has a 5-inch diaphragm woofer with the one-inch floating tweeter. The subwoofer is sturdy with a 230-watt output to enjoy deep booming bass.

Further, the systems equipped with a microfiber diaphragm with pure cotton cones to provide accurate sound.

To add punch the subwoofer consist a ten-inch cone driver and the entire setup comes with speaker wires to connect them to a receiver. The front and center speaker has a frequency response up to 50 kHz and the surround speakers up to 20 kHz.

The subwoofer offers a frequency response up to 150 kHz and makes for one of the best home theater systems to have. When paired with a receiver it provides a fantastic listening experience to watch movies, list music, and play games. Check it out now you will not be let down.


  • The front speakers comprise a two-way bass reflex design with 5-inch OMF diaphragm woofer and tweeter
  • Further, the surround speakers also have a two-way bass reflex construction with woofer and tweeters
  • Included extra is the center speaker and subwoofer
  • The frequency response of the front and center speakers up to 50 kHz
  • For a high frequency, the subwoofer offers up to 150 kHz response while the surround speakers up to 20 kHz
  • You get all the hardware included except a receiver and will need to buy it separately

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4. Energy Classic Home Theater System

Energy Classic Home Theater System

Do you need the best sound quality at home? You need the Energy Take Classic home theater system. The sounds impressive and it has fantastic construction. You get four glossy two-way satellite speakers with one center channel speaker and a 200-watt subwoofer.

The subwoofer has a front-firing port with an eight-inch driver. You can use it in small to large spaces and the satellite speaker’s wall mountable. The speakers placed in an MDF cabinet and look modern to fit in with any décor. Further, it is equipped with a three-inch poly-titanium woofer and 0.75-inch hyperbolic aluminum dome tweeter.

The frequency range is dynamic and offers an expansive soundstage to enjoy a natural sound with the center channel. The main speaker produced the most bass sound and connected to an AV receiver you can push these speakers to a limit. The cable wires outstanding to present clear resonance.

If you want to make the best investment gets yourself this home theater system.


  • Consists of four two-way satellite speakers with one center channel speaker
  • Included is a 200-watt subwoofer with an eight-inch driver with a front firing port
  • The systems wall mountable and all the wiring to connect the speakers to an AV receiver included
  • The satellite and center speakers’ frequency response up to 20 kHz
  • The subwoofer reaches a frequency response up to 150Hz

3. Logitech Z906 Home Theater System

Logitech Z906 Home Theater System

The Logitech is another 5.1 channel surround sound system made to use at home. All the speakers are THX-certified and deliver a cinematic quality sound. Further, the surround sounds terrific with the 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS encoding. You get 500-watts continuous power and can go up to 1,000 watts.

Alternatively, you can connect up different devices with the setup and comes with remote control. The arrangement comprises five satellite speakers made up of a center speaker, control console, subwoofer, cable, and wireless remote. The resonance is crisp and clear and can make the room shake with sound.

The flexible setup allows you to connect it to a PC, game console, and TV. The subwoofer delivers a fantastic bass response, and you can adjust and configure the speakers with the remote. For the best sound, you can mount the speaker system to the wall around the room with the wall mount included.

If you want to uplift the sound effect in the home, make sure to check it out now!


  • Made with detail Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and comes with a 164-watt subwoofer
  • Include four wall-mountable satellite speakers
  • Offers 500 watts of continuous power and can reach up to 1000 watts
  • Can connect it with up to six different devices and control the sound with the control console and wireless remote
  • Extra you receive speaker connections and 6-feet of wire

2. VIZIO SB3851 Home Theater System

VIZIO SB3851 Home Theater System

For the best home theater system to use with a TV, you can look at the VIZIO collection. You can use it with wireless streaming using the sound bar with left & right center channels. There is a subwoofer with two rear satellite speakers. The surround sound speakers produce up to 100 dB room-filling sound.

Furthermore, it supports Bluetooth for you to stream music from your devices. Alternatively, it comes with DTS, and Dolby Digital Surround decoding and the speakers are small to mount to the wall. The setup & designs fantastic with the wireless subwoofer making your place less cluttered.

For watching TV, the soundbar provides an excellent resonance. You will feel as if you are sitting in the cinema watching movies. The low-end frequency response offers detailed stereo sound to hear details in the film. Included are detailed instructions for setting up the system.

Further, it looks sleek and fits in with any home décor. You get an RCA, coax, and optical cable included. We do recommend you connect it with a receiver to enhance the sound performance.


  • Include a sound bar, wireless subwoofer, and rear satellite speakers
  • Offers room filling 100 dB sound
  • Made with Bluetooth connectivity, Dolby Digital, and DTS Digital Surround Decoding
  • The remote has an LCD display and is easy to use to control the settings
  • Further, you get the coax, optical and RCA cable

1. Bose Acoustimass Ten Series V Home Theater System

Bose Acoustimass Ten Series V Home Theater System

The Bose may be expensive but delivers excellent bass and surround sound. The home theater system has a slim design to mount or flush to the wall. You can use it with your flat-panel TV, and it looks great. You get control to adjust the volume and low-frequency effects.

It helps if you paired it with an audio receiver and will have to buy one separately. Included you get the cables with connectors for installation. You can enjoy incredible bass in the comfort of your home. Further, you get five speakers producing good sound.

Alternatively, you get a reflecting cube speaker to pair with the television and produces clear sound. The down-firing drivers deliver a substantial impact on watching movies making it an enjoyable experience. The solid build with a heavyweight of the satellite speakers offers you a quality product to use at home.

You can transform your room into a mini cinema to watch movies and play games. Sit back and relax with acoustic musing and more with the speaker system.


  • Offers spacious 5.1 surround sound with the direct/reflecting speakers comprising center speaker and four cube speakers
  • The front center speaker has rubber feet and comes with cables included
  • With the slim design, you can mount the speakers flush to the wall
  • The controls adjustable for the volume and low-frequency effects
  • Even the wires and connectors marked for installation

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Whether you want the best cinema experience at home or want to listen to music while playing games pick one of the best home theater systems on the list. The prices are affordable, and you get clear surround sound to bring your game or movie to life. No matter what you need, each speaker system offers you only the best in music.

Change your living space into a mini cinema with the top 10 best home theater systems reviewed. Bring movies, games, and music to life with the unique surround sound.