Top 10 Best Headphones for Sleeping in 2021

Yes, headphones for sleeping is a thing, and it is becoming even more popular as we approach the middle of the current year. With our busy schedules and heavy workload, many have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Proven methods to help you with falling asleep are listening to music, ASMR or white noise moments before bedtime.

Unfortunately, your regular headphones are not going to be of much help as they are not designed for the purpose, so you might end up with a feeling of discomfort. Some of the factors you need to consider before buying headphones for sleeping is how comfortable they are and how much wear and tear they can handle. The reason behind the latter is that once you have dozed off, you might turn to the sides, roll or sleep in positions that are going to affect the headphone alignment.

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If you think you have tried everything in this regard, think again, and do consider some headphones for sleeping! We have compiled the ten best headphones for sleeping so that you can get a full night’s rest after a hard day’s work, with the help of the best headphones for the purpose. Insomniacs, unite!

Reviews of the Top 10 Best Headphones for Sleeping in 2021

10. Vizpet Sleep Headphones


Vizpet Sleep HeadphonesThese headphones for sleeping come with a headband and hair bands. The earphone itself is ultra-thin with a soft blinder to exclude noise. Some features that we absolutely love include the flexible adjustment of the headphones. Both sides of the headphone line contain 10-inch length so that you never need to worry about its condition while sleeping. The wires are not going to tear under your weight. Moreover, you can pull the headband down over your eyes in order for it to function as a sleeping mask.

Listening to soft music, podcasts, e-books, lo-fi hip-hop or aural beats has never felt more pleasant than with this device. We also really like how it is compatible with most MP4, MP3 devices as well as mobile phones. Another great plus point is the 35.5-inch long cord that won’t tug when you are twisting and turning in your sleep. A great, soothing device to have in your collection overall.

9. SUNG-LL Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Handsfree Sleep Headset


SUNG-LL Wireless BluetoothEven though we love the idea of the product in number ten, who wants the hassle of having wires while they are asleep? The SUNG-LL headphones for sleeping solve this problem for you. Going wireless with Bluetooth is ingenious in our book, especially when it comes to a product that you are planning to wear to bed.

It contains a set-in microphone for your cell phone so that it can transmit the call to the headphone, hence a complete hands-free call receiving feature is added to it. The headphones are built-in and removable so that the headband of the ‘hat’ can be washed when necessary. The headband itself is very flexible and can wrap nicely around your head. This means that you can go running without having to worry about things falling out. You can’t really go wrong with the under 20 dollar price tag anyway.

8. Mountains Sleep Headphones with Ultra Thin Adjustable Speakers


These headphones for sleeping boast ultra-thin speakers built into a Lycra headband. We love how comfortable these headphones felt while laying on the side, hence this is definitely a great buy for side-sleepers. The earbuds can be taken out and adjusted as you please. The material of the headphones is amazingly breathable and lightweight.

In cold climates, it will keep the chill away from your ears while you’re out for a run. However, it won’t cause any sweating in warmer climates. For something this cheap, the sound quality is also pretty decent. The feature that really stands out in this pair of headphones is the braided audio cord, making it flexible and free from getting tangled. Not only does this pair facilitate sleeping, it will also be of great use for athletic ones, runners, hikers, and joggers. Additionally, the sound quality is great and it effectively tunes out distractions from outside, although not promising any hardcore noise cancellation technology.

7. MMUSS Sleep Headphones Headband with Mic


MMUSS Sleep HeadphonesFinally, a pair of headphones for sleeping that comes with a control button. The MMUSS Sleep Earphones’ control button is the feature that we really like. This one push button can help you to answer or cancel phone calls, control music and control voice assistants such as Siri. The speakers in this one are ultra-thin, but the braided cable is very durable to keep kinks and tangles away.

The thickness of the speakers is only 3mm or one-eighth of an inch. The headband is really flexible, giving you the perfect fit, plus it is easy to wash. This particular model also comes with a microphone, which is always a great feature to have. Whether you are traveling by air, meditating, sleeping or relaxing, these headphones for sleeping are a decent enough buy. This particular headphone comes a bit cheaper than the previously mentioned two, but it scores a bit higher in terms of design and the comfort that it provides.

6. ACOTOP Sleep Headphones Eye Mask with Ultra Thin Speakers


ACOTOP Sleep Headphones The ACOTOP Sleep Headphones have taken it to the next level in terms of design as it just does not get away with providing users with a headband. Rather, this particular model is dedicated to the sleepers by coming in a proper shape of an eye mask. This ergonomic design of the eye mask has curved edges, a Velcro, adjustable length for the eye mask’s fitting and ultra-thin speakers. Hence, there is a lot less pressure on the nose and brow ridge areas.

For special needs and sensory issues, this kind of a design is extremely helpful, giving great protection and relaxation to your eyes. However, what we don’t really like is the fact that it limits your movement during sleep. One cannot really turn in their sleep with such a bulky eye mask, hence its use only becomes limited for back sleepers, soft pillow side sleepers or commuters in long flights or car journeys. We do love how even though not for the purpose of listening to music exclusively, these headphones for sleeping have a good HD audio speaker. The stereo plug is 3.5 mm and comes with a durable cable of 1.5mm.

5. CozyPhones Sleep Headphones


CozyPhones Sleep HeadphonesCozyPhones has some really cute designs targeted at children and those who like things a little quirky. In fact, CozyPhones’ headphones for sleeping are targeted towards consumers of all ages, including children. The original design is a minimalistic and sleek headband, which has ultra slim removable and cushioned speakers along with a 52-inch cable. We really like how the length of the cable is almost double that of some of its competitors.

The cord is braided and quite sturdy, it can take almost any kind of wear and tear. The stereo plug is a 3.5 mm, which is also great for those who twist and turn during sleep. It is compatible with almost all MP3, MP4, and mobile devices. The headband is really lightweight and effectively blocks light once pulled over the eyes. The fabric is really comfortable and breathable. The price is a dollar more than its competitors at number 9 or 10, but we say that it’s totally worth it.

4. AGPTEK Ultra Soft Wired Sleep Headphones


AGPTEK Ultra Soft Wired SleepWe feel that this particular model from AGPTEK is the best of both worlds in terms of design. On one hand, it has the well-fitted comfort of the eye mask. On the other hand, the eye mask is not sturdy or with a complex, ergonomic design. We really feel that a sturdy, complex design of sleeping eye gear can add to the discomfort of the product, which this one does not. In fact, the material for the eyes mask is really soft. The company recommends that you pair it with the AGPTEK MP3 Player that promises zero radiation, however, it is compatible with most devices.

This one comes with a rather long cord, around 4.92 feet and a 3.5 mm stereo plug. Similar to some other brands, this too comes with a braided cord to avoid any wear, tear or kink. The audio speaker is HD and built in, there are adjustable fasteners that can be fixed to get a perfect fit for adults and children. Overall, we think that the eye mask style soft design is great for a comfortable night of sleep.

3. Hibermate Sleep Headphones & Sleeping Mask


Hibermate Sleep HeadphonesThis is the point where things begin to get competitive in the world of headphones for sleeping. The Hibermate Sleep Headphones have a rather steep price tag, almost more than double that of the other names in this list. The sleeping mask design is present in this model too, but the difference is in the fact that it covers the entire ear and gives your ears a cushioning effect. We really love the incorporation of the Kevlar Cable and the in-line remote along with the microphone. Not only are phone calls easy to make and receive, they are also much clearer in terms of sound.

The Kevlar-coated cable is 3.3 feet in length, which is also the material of choice for making Apple devices. Another great feature is that the eye mask is made of memory foam, which guarantees softness as well as health benefits. A downside is that this pair of headphones for sleeping does not come with a Bluetooth feature. The speakers are 5mm removable ones designed for surprisingly amazing sound quality. However, we don’t really see the point behind the gold plated connectors. The product also comes with a free airplane adapter that we really find useful.

2. AcousticSheepSleepPhones Classic Sleep Headphones


 AcousticSheepSleepPhones Classic Sleep HeadphonesYep, things get costlier the higher we go on the list of headphones for sleeping. We really like the fact that there is a lot of room for choosing your perfect fit. It comes in three different sizes, XS, M and XL along with five colors to choose from. This particular model promises the thinnest ever headphone speakers, just around 4mm in measurement. Ambient noises are effectively blocked out without the hassle for earphones. We also really like the 48-inch long cord that can connect to any device, coming with a standard 3.5 mm jack.

For the environmentally conscious, the components are eco-friendly and lead-free. What we do really like about the fabric is that it is not only breathable but also hypoallergenic. The fabric is also fit for machine washing as it is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. We really feel that this model is one of the bests that money can buy in the world of headphones for sleeping.

1. SleepPhones SB1BM Wireless


SleepPhones SB1BM WirelessExcept for the price, we feel that there are no real downsides to the A-lister of our headphones for the sleeping list. A hundred dollars can be too steep a price for headphones that you’ll only use for sleeping, however, its many features to make up for the price in the truest sense. For one, the SleepPhones SB1BM happens to be wireless and come with Bluetooth headphones. We really feel that the Micro USB charging option is handy and essential.

Again, great colors and sizes to choose from. The fact that the SleepPhones headphone is wireless makes it the most bed-friendly model ever. The wireless range is a decent 15 to 30 feet and promises an easy connection with most of your other devices. The sound quality is also impeccable and quite lovely for a sleeping headphone.


Overall, the world of headphones for sleeping is still a new one. The market is expanding with new and innovative ways to help you fall asleep. After taking a look at the ten best headphones for sleeping this year, we can say that not many of the companies are going wireless for their products. The reason behind that might be the customers’ belief that Bluetooth can be counterintuitive to falling asleep and might cause health problems. However, we feel that going wireless is the best route for any product that is worn during sleep sessions, exercise or meditation because that is the time for ultimate relaxation, and it should be without the additional worry of tangled cords.


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