Best GoPro Helmet Mount in 2019

When you indulge in some outdoor activities, your hands are generally engaged in holding different kinds of stuff. In such cases, it is not possible to record your activities by your own hands. However, you may still need to record all your activities so that you can view them when needed. The GoPro camera can be used to record all your activities but the problem is how to hold the camera unit since your hands are occupied. One of the best solutions for this is to use the GoPro helmet mount. These types of the mount will attain a comfortable grip once your mount on your helmet. There will be no problems regarding instability or shaky recording.

When you decide to purchase mounts of these types, it is recommended to focus on some of the essential aspects. These include build quality, durability, design, portability, simplicity of setup, and many more. Once you go through the below section, you will be able to pick the appropriate GoPro helmet mount.

Review of​​​ Best GoPro Helmet Mount

10. Goliton Sport camera helmet side mount

Goliton Sport camera helmet side mount

A helmet side mount accessory, this mount can be used for GoPro Hero4/3+/3/2/1 camera models. Generally, there will be no troubles while installing and fixing your GoPro camera on the helmet or car or any other devices side. There is a 3-direction hub pole which can effortlessly adjust the direction of the camera. Moreover, this side mount can seamlessly adjust right, left, upward and downward.

  • In the pack, 3M glue and it firmly sticks on the surface of the helmet. It is needless to worry about falling down issues.
  • The mount can detach and reuse again.
  • Some parts of its metal use stainless steel and they would never corrode.

9. Full Face Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro

Full Face Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro

The full face helmet chin mount is specially designed for GoPro cameras and it can fit any full face helmet. It offers the required angle for unhindered POV footage. Taking a look at its manufacturing, it is being prepared from aircraft grade aluminum, mini cell foam, injection molded plastic, and nylon webbing. All these materials add to its durability. In most cases, it would be compatible with any GoPro style action camera. The GoPro helmet mount can conveniently attach and detach from any helmet and also offer the finest angle for POV shots.

  • Easy access will provide to the mounted device.
  • The corresponding chin mount shots would appear like they are filmed from your eyes. Hence, the viewers would attain the greatest lifelike experience.
  • It can effortlessly fasten with an external mic positioned within the helmet.

8. GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts

GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts

Found compatible with a broad range of flat and curved surfaces, this adhesive mount is made versatile. Basically, the mounts are offered in a 6-pack comprising of 3 mounts for flat surfaces and other 3 for curved surfaces. There no issues while attaching these mounts on boats, helmets, surfboards, and several other items. Secure adhesion to the camera surface and simplicity of convenience are is key traits.

  • The 3M adhesive guarantees secure bonding.
  • Its industrial-strength adhesive is waterproof.
  • These mounts can easily detach by heating the adhesive bond using a hair dryer and subsequently peeling off the mount.

7. The Accessory Pro® Aluminum NVG Mount

The Accessory Pro® Aluminum NVG Mount

For rigorous outdoor activities or any light adventurous activities, this aluminum made mount is a perfect choice. There would be usually no troubles while mounting it on your gear. The pack would include thumb screw, mount, and bolt. You may attach your GoPro camera to any helmet prepared with an NVG (Night Vision Goggles) plate.

  • This NVG GoPro helmet mount is manufactured from CNC machined aluminum to guarantee durability.
  • The ultra-compact mounting would save the space.

6. PROSHOT Helmet cam mounting System

PROSHOT Helmet cam mounting System

Known to be installed in a matter of a few minutes, this helmet cam mounting system can install without cutting or drilling. It basically intends to position your helmet cam down in an excellent viewing position without causing any damage. The camera’s position is in front of your mouth so the odds of your voice emerging out are increased.

  • The status of recording is indicated by its red blinking light.
  • There is a Velcro that snaps in a fixed place and allows you to capture a hard shot with a convenient fit. This will avoid undesired twisting of your neck whenever you roll your helmet over the roadway.

5. Super Visor Low Profile Under Visor Helmet Mount

Super Visor Low Profile Under Visor Helmet Mount

The low profile of this helmet mount is its key trait. The lower placement than traditional helmet mounts makes sure you attain the smooth footage. Generally, this under visor GoPro helmet mount is uniquely designed for flat, peaked and curved visors. Its low profile design is actually 7 mm lower than a GoPro sticky mount. Therefore, you could keep your visor lower. The steeze would stay tight with the camera concealed below your visor.

  • High durability is conveyed by the use of Polycarbonate and this material is virtually unbreakable plastic resin.
  • The built-in roost guard would defend the mount from snapping during a hit with roost debris. Hence, your GoPro camera would stay safe on your helmet and also off the track.

4. GoPro Vented Helmet Strap

GoPro Vented Helmet Strap

Now you can effortlessly attach your GoPro to a vented bike, kayak, ski, or identical sports helmet. Being simple in operation and well-built, this vented helmet strap would firmly hold the camera unit. Capable to attach easily, you may need to pass through several trial and error attempts to settle on which hole locations suits the most for the mount. So, the GoPro camera unit will maintain in a fixed position. It is known that the plastic block where the camera attaches is dense and firm.

  • It can attach to any vented helmet.
  • Facility of the adjustable strap allows easy and quick mounting.
  • A single size would fit all helmets.

3. SUREWO Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

SUREWO Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

The SUREWO brand is acclaimed to provide many different outdoor accessories. At the offered price, all the offered accessories would justify its features. This motorcycle helmet chin mount is prepared from 4 joints and attached by a screw. It is possible to adjust the screw so you could swivel the joints. All joint can swivel 180 degrees.

  • This chin style GoPro helmet mount comes with adhesive mounts and sticky pads. The adhesive mounts are segmented into flat and curved mounts. You may use them as per the circumstances.
  • It comes with the industrial strength type waterproof sticky pads to facilitate the simple installation of the camera on the helmet.
  • Dual protection can offer by installing a safety rope.

2. SUREWO Aluminum Ball Joint Mount

SUREWO Aluminum Ball Joint Mount

When you begin using this aluminum ball joint mount, you will admire its fine workmanship. SUREWO entirely made this mount by using rigid aluminum alloy casting with accurate CNC machining. Its sturdy body is made durable without any fear of deformation. It is known that its surface is sandblasted and specially treated by anticathode oxidation capable to enhance the anti-corrosion effect. It comes with high versatility to allow this mount to attach to bikes, cars, helmets, and boards.

  • With the comprehensive mounting, the ball mount could be swiveled 360 degrees. Therefore, the users could realize the functionality of multi-angle and comprehensive shooting.
  • Being efficient and simple to use, the ball joint could be attuned by the tightness of the screw.

1. TELESIN Helmet Chin Mount

TELESIN Helmet Chin Mount

Found to be working flawlessly, this helmet chin mount possesses a decent solid plastic frame. This frame is suitable for the quick release camera mount; also, the rubber pad is firm yet soft enough to maintain the camera in place. The overall design enables some air to flow around it in a proper manner. Also, it would entirely encompass your mouth vents. The mount can seamlessly work with full-face helmets. Telesin prepared it to appear elegant in any outdoor settings. It just weighs 33grams, so it feels lightweight when carried.

  • The material combination used is polyester fabric and POM PVC plastic.
  • A secure fit is employed through the quick-release mechanism.
  • Use of industrial grade materials serves you with the potential to record in severe outdoor activities like diving, biking, or skydiving.

Mounting of action cameras is now greatly simplified through the GoPro helmet mount. Based on your convenience, you may mount your GoPro cameras in the desired alignment with a proper fit to shoot the outdoor activities.

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