Top 10 Best Full Sleeper Sofa in 2021

It is directly implied by the name that a sofa bed offers a great place to lounge around whenever you want. To let the users attain comfortable night sleep, the sofa bed can double up as a sleeping surface. In some of the sofa beds, the commonly found problem is the insufficient sleeping space. The concern becomes severe if your body is bulky or you have a habit of sleeping with babies or pets. In order to eliminate the issues regarding inadequate sleeping space, the full sleeper sofa is a suitable option to consider. It proves to be an ideal option for both personal uses and for guest accommodation.

Its tons of features have escalated its popularity since the last few decades. Therefore, the present market is now packed with many different varieties of full sleeper sofas. It is needless to worry about which full sleeper sofa to pick because the below-described sofas will let you pick the best one.

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Top 10 Best Full Sleeper Sofa in 2021

10. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper:

Identified as a contemporary sofa sleeper, this furniture piece presents excellent comfort and tons of features. With its sleek profile and clean lines, this Tibbee full sleeper sofa arouses a unique atmosphere of elegance in the surrounding. Additionally, the excellent combination of style and comfort seamlessly complement in a unique way to make sure your investment is not futile.

  • The making of the ultra-soft cushions is done using superior quality foam. Besides, they are enclosed inside the comfortable polyester upholstery
  • It conveys the sharp details with the help of dark finish on sofa feet.
  • Since it arrives assembled, it can be readily used instantly.
  • The unique style is presented through a linear profile and slim track arms.

9. Signature Sleep Devon Sleeper Sofa

Signature Sleep Devon Sleeper Sofa:

The Devon sleeper sofa excessively focuses on contemporary design and exceptional comfort. With the combination of these two essential qualities, it is certain that you will enjoy all your time while lying on this sofa. Basically, it is a 2-in-1 twin sleeper sofa specially made to complement the decor of any home.

The overall size fits any space –small or large. The exceptional linen upholstery along with tufted back arouses a unique sense of style and comfort. Along with this sleeper sofa, there is a pull out bed with a memory foam mattress. This mattress perfectly contours to your body and uniformly dispenses your body weight.

  • With the extensive track arms, modern design is conveyed.
  • The cushions of this full sleeper sofa contain independently covered coils for delivering exceptional comfort.

8. Benchcraft – Bavello Full Sofa Sleeper

Benchcraft - Bavello Full Sofa Sleeper

The affection for blue can enhance with this stylish full sofa sleeper. The textured indigo-hue upholstery proves to be beneficial to invite guests. In its structure, the corresponding track arms and a 2-over-2 cushion design improves the overall aesthetic of the living space. The users will relish the softness of cushions that are enclosed inside flexible polyester.

  • To enhance comfort, the 2 toss pillows are included.
  • Presence of the simple pull-out full mattress in decent quality memory foam conveniently accommodates overnight guests.

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7. DHP Hamilton Estate Futon Sofa Sleeper

DHP Hamilton Estate Futon Sofa Sleeper:

The three vita qualities of this sleeper futon are softness, lushness, and comfort. The present product Hamilton futon from DHP proves to be the ideal addition to any living space or bedroom. Moreover, it makes up as an excellent alternative to a conventional bed for a teenager willing to get some additional space. The corresponding sturdy wood frame construction is uniquely made to last longer.

  • In this DHP Hamilton full sleeper sofa, the luxurious microfiber upholstery presents a stunning finish.
  • Implementation of the split-back design and the dense seating surface comprise of a foam layer. This layer adds comfort and softness to sit or lounge.

6. Mechali Products Furniture Sofa Sleeper (Full)

Mechali Products Furniture Sofa Sleeper (Full)

Mechali Products made this full sofa sleeper to suit for small space in any home or apartment. According to your needs, this sofa sleeper (full) can easily transfer from a convenient couch to a sleeper sofa. For individuals of any age, this furniture piece seems comfortable. The elderly people and those individuals with physical disabilities with find exceptional comfort.

  • The 3 seat function allows the user to use it as a sofa, bed or lounger.
  • Process of assembly is simplified –you only need to attach the arms to the middle position.
  • Whether you wish to lounge, sleep, read or watch a movie, this full sofa sleeper is a versatile furniture piece.

5. Stone & Beam Fischer Full-Sized Sleeper Sofa

Stone & Beam Fischer Full-Sized Sleeper Sofa

Signature Sleep prepared this 2-in-1 twin sleeper sofa to perfectly complement any decor. It uniquely adds a contemporary touch to modern and classic decor. It can easily fit even the smallest spaces. In its structure, the linen upholstery with tufted back arouses a sense of style.

The stylish appearance is further enhanced by an independently enclosed coil seat cushion. Whenever guests visit your place, just open the sofa bed to showcase the twin-size memoir mattress. This mattress using memory foam to present a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • Exceptional stability is conveyed through the sturdy wooden frame.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain this full sleeper sofa with the presence of stain-resistant fabric.
  • The firm, fixed back and reversible seat cushions guarantee superb durability and comfort.

4. Signature Sleep Sleeper Sofa with Casey Faux Leather

Signature Sleep Sleeper Sofa with Casey Faux Leather

As mentioned in the product name, the exceptional specialty of this sleeper sofa is it incorporates Casey faux leather. With the use of soft and premium quality materials, comfort is unparalleled. The comfort is further enhanced by the use of wide track arms.

Moreover, there is piping detail surrounding the arms and seat cushions. The overall design compact to make it perfect for small living spaces. The different upholstery options available are grey velvet, black faux leather, and blue velvet upholstery. Also, you will be astonished to see how your couch appears elegant with the set up of this sleeper sofa.

  • Process of assembly is easy and quick.
  • The manufacturing is done using a memory foam mattress which seamlessly contours to your body and evenly distributes body weight.
  • The independently covered coil seat cushions present supreme comfort.

3. Benchcraft – Alsen Upholstered Full Sofa Sleeper

Benchcraft - Alsen Upholstered Full Sofa Sleeper

This modern sofa sleeper makes sure you get the benefit of the crisp, clean-lined style. There is no single instance where this Alsen upholstered full sleeper sofa failed to present an eye-catching impression. It will astonish you with its luxurious feel and stylish tufted details.

It is easy to gauge how versatile it is because the pull-out couch can be transformed into a full-size bed. This will remove the hassles on how to accommodate overnight guests. The stylish granite gray appears trendy over the sleek lines and wedge armrests. Moreover, it is certain to effortlessly complement any living space decor.

  • In this upholstered sofa sleeper, the plush foam cushions are enclosed inside cozy polyester.
  • The included bi-fold memory foam mattress flawlessly accommodates overnight guests and dedicated to offering restful sleep. The mattress would sit over a supportive steel frame.

2. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Bladen Upholstered 

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Bladen Upholstered

For those individuals who love the stylish appearance of the leather but desire to get the warm feel of fabric, this Bladen sleeper sofa is ideal. This Bladen full sofa sleeper from Ashley Furniture beautifully compliments any living space. The corresponding textural, multi-tonal upholstery is packed with character. Furthermore, the soft pillow cushions blend comfort and support. The included pull-out full-size mattress will conveniently accommodate overnight guests.

  • Ultimate relaxation is conveyed because the sofa’s foam cushions are entrenched in supple faux leather upholstery.
  • It comes with the bi-fold full innerspring mattress competent to accommodate guests.
  • Exceptional appearance is conveyed by the coffee brown finish. This is because this Bladen sofa is rich with multi-tonal shades of brown. Therefore, this complementary sleeper perfectly makes a bold statement in any living space.

1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Zeb Full Sleeper Sofa

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Zeb Full Sleeper Sofa

Attaining the first position in this list, the credit of high popularity of this Zeb sleeper sofa goes to its two specialties. This sofa sleeper delivers a contemporary look and exceptional comfort. It intends to convey a minimalist design element into any living space whether small or big.

Presence of the crisp tailoring and the ultra-soft microfiber allows it to stand unique from the rest of the furniture pieces. Generally, it is found perfect for multiple guests since it eliminates the accommodation issues. Thus, there is a bi-fold queen memory foam mattress that sits on the top part of a supportive steel frame and effortlessly stows away.

  • The crafting process of this Zeb full sleeper sofa is done with high-resiliency foam cushions. These cushions are enclosed inside the dense poly fiber.
  • Extra comfort is conveyed through polyester/nylon upholstery.

The full sleeper sofa makes sure there will be no concerns regarding inadequate space while sleeping, sitting or lounging. The unique style statement conveyed is intended to upgrade the aesthetics of your living space.