Best External Storage for iPhone in 2021

There is no doubt regarding the quality, design, and functioning of iPhone devices. The hefty price of such devices is aptly justified by their superior functionalities. Actually, there are millions of iPhone fans across the globe and they are passionate about different models from the brand Apple. When using such a functional device, you may need to store lots of content. Doing this may create problems of insufficient space. To appropriately eliminate such concerns, the external storage for Iphone is highly beneficial.

In the present market, there are myriads of flash drives, card readers and many more to extend the storage space of your iPhones. Instead of deleting the files to free up space, just connect these storage devices to your iPhones and that’s it. You will acquire further details on the best external storage for Iphone when you go through the below section.

Review of Best External Storage for Iphone

10. HooToo iPhone Flash Drive 128GB

HooToo iPhone Flash Drive 128GB

The flash drive for iPhone from HooToo implements the secure data encryption technology to safely store the content. Now you can easily and safely store the photos and videos outside your iPhones or iPads. You just need to plug to set up touch ID encryption as well as password. You will be able to relish your encrypted data transmission amid your iPhones/iPads and your laptop.

Availability of free iPlugmate app precisely follows the latest iOS updates. You may utilize the in-app camera in order to directly save images and videos to this flash drive. In this way, there will be no problems while freeing up space on your phone’s memory.

  • With the facility of the instant plug & play 128G storage, you can begin moving photos and videos from your iPhones or iPads.
  • The drive is capable to automatically back up your recent images and videos whenever you plug in this stick.

9. HALOS 32GB Flash Drive for iPhone

HALOS 32GB Flash Drive for iPhone

The speedily working 32GB external storage from HALOS assures stable data transfers. Basically, this USB 3.0 Mfi Certified flash drive is proficient to store and share files amongst your PC, Mac, iPhone or several other USB devices. With the simple plug & play operation of this external storage for iPhone, you can delightfully watch movies or relish favorite music right from your iPhones. Generally, this 32GB drive supports most video formats.

  • The built-in free Halos “GoDrive” app is extremely simple to use and it would pop up automatically once you connect it to your iPhone. You just need to select allow to begin downloading process from the App Store.
  • A feature of automatic backup guarantees safe storage of all your important content.

8. RAVPower 64GB iPhone Flash Drive 2 in 1 SD Card Reader

RAVPower 64GB iPhone Flash Drive 2 in 1 SD Card Reader

Now there will be no problems to immediately share photos directly to your Facebook account or any other social media platforms. This 2 in 1 SD card reader is proficient to free more space and allow you to transfer the saved images from your cameras. Enhanced storage space is perceived through a maximum storage space of 192GB. Basically, it comes with the 128GB space for SD card and 64GB space for a flash drive.

  • The AUTHORIZED exFAT allows the user to transfer separate files bigger than 4GB.
  • This RAVPower card reader can conveniently transfer files across 4 devices – computers, iPhone / iPad, flash drives and cameras.

7. HooToo 32GB iPhone Flash Drive

HooToo 32GB iPhone Flash Drive

One more flash drive from HooToo in this list, this 32GB flash drive serves as excellent external storage for iPhone. The facility of strong backup storage is the potential to instantly free up the memory present in your iPhone / iPad. In the absence of using a cable, you can easily access the stored files. It would be quite simple to restore the contacts through a single click.

  • The built-in iplugmate supports the majority of the music and video formats. Henceforth, it enables the users to view movies and listen to music from their pen drives.
  • It comes with the password and touch id protection.

6. USB Flash Drive 128G, USB Memory Stick

USB Flash Drive 128G, USB Memory Stick

Through a single click, any images or contact can be easily backup whenever you plug the flash drive in. You may also use the free app being provided to effortlessly backup photos/video. The backup content will get automatically saved into the flash drive. It is possible to directly share any photo or document to social media.

  • To enhance safety, you may employ password protection on your data.
  • The high-speed file transfers allow direct plug into the USB port and your lightning port. The reading speed is 80 MB/s and writing speed is 40 MB/s.

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5. Sunany Flash Drives for iPhone 128GB

Sunany Flash Drives for iPhone 128GB

The USB drive from Sunny utilizes a 3-in-1 linker design. Moreover, it utilizes the Android/USB/Lightning to enhance convenience during data transfer. Through this approach, you may get rid of the iTunes, iCloud and data cables. Easy switching is provided for effortless storage space.

  • Provision of the touch ID and password is capable to encrypt file information inside APP. So, your private files will be protected without any threats.
  • It is possible to backup files, photos and videos through a single touch in a few minutes.
  • The maximum reading and writing speeds supported in this external storage for iPhone are 80 MB/s and 40 MB/s respectively.

4. Leef iAccess 3 iOS microSD Card Reader

Leef iAccess 3 iOS microSD Card Reader

Identified as the simplest approach to transfer photos and videos from microSD into your Apple devices, this card reader is beneficial in many ways. It is now straightforward to view and store any amount of footage within your iPhone. Using the iAccess 3 App, the users may view, cut, save and also share their videos. Its sleek design is capable to seamlessly fit seamlessly into your iPhones for high convenience.

  • A thumbnail preview feature allows the users to instantly preview content.
  • The smart clipping feature effortlessly saves and shares through default or personalized time lengths.

3. iDiskk iPhone USB Flash Drive

iDiskk iPhone USB Flash Drive

The present device from iDiskk for external storage for Iphone serves a quick and stable approach. It is this USB flash drive that is accomplished to conveniently transfer images, music, videos, and other huge files. Generally, a user will be able to move 500 pieces of images or massive size videos in very less time without any errors.

  • The stable and quick transfer speed is guaranteed by its read speed of up to 80m/s and write speed of up to 40m/s.
  • Entire working operation is plug & play to save your time.
  • It comes with the document viewer to support all major file formats. The users can effortlessly manage all their data right on iOS-Device whenever the device is connected with the iPhone USB flash drive.

2. iDiskk 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

iDiskk 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Now you can free up the surplus space through this 32GB USB 3.0 external storage facility. It is easy to operate –simply connect it and move images, videos and other files from your iPad or iPhone device. Furthermore, you could even transfer such files inside your PC or Mac or other devices. A facility of the automatic photo or video backup is available to save your time. During the situations, you connect the drive, utilize the disk pro app camera to store or access the content automatically.

  • The fast speed transfers are facilitated through USB 3.0 that allows transfer to take place in 20 seconds.
  • When you copy MP4 movies from any computer to this drive, you may plug it into your iPad or iPhone and subsequently view the movies from the devices.

1. SanDisk 32GB iXpand Flash Drive

SanDisk 32GB iXpand Flash Drive

Identified as the perfect companion for different models of iPhone, the iXpand Flash Drive enable you to free up space. It is now easy to back up your camera roll, and conveniently watch videos from the drive. Included lightning connector functions with the majority of the cases. Also, the USB 3.0 connector would connect inside your PC or Mac to streamline the transfer process.

  • This SanDisk external storage for Iphone would automatically back up images and videos from contacts or cameras.
  • The in-app camera could be used to directly save images and videos to iXpand. Hence, you can free the space on the memory of your iPhone.

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It is not possible to scale up the iPhone’s internal storage spaces but with these discussed facilities for external storage for iPhone, storage issues will not occur. All your memories or important files can be securely stored and accessed.