The Best Routers for Charter Spectrum in 2019

Are you planning to rent a modem from your internet provider? Then the likeliness is you will need to pay extra fees monthly. However, if you are a Charter Spectrum user, you will not have to pay monthly fees for the modem. This might be good news, but there is a catch. You might not […]

Plantronics BackBeat FIT

When it comes to the best workout accessories, the Plantronics BackBeat FIT wireless headphones rank among the top. Are you a passionate runner or trainer? Do you enjoy pushing your muscles to the beat of the good music? The Plantronics BackBeat FIT wireless headphones, in that case, are a must-have. These headphones not only provide […]

The NETGEAR R6220-100NAS For Your Business

People have this attitude that it doesn’t matter whether their router is old because after all, they can access the internet. Even if you have one in place, it is always important to keep checking for an upgraded router as in the long run; it will make surfing the net a breeze. Make sure you […]

ASUS ONHUB AC1900 – Google WiFi Router””>ASUS ONHUB AC1900 dual-band router has arrived in town. This wireless device works optimum and auto-updates so as not to impact your normal router usage. The good part of it is that Google has announced a firmware update in the next couple of weeks that will make the device’s antennae more intelligent. You will, thus, […]

Best Wireless Printers in 2019 You Should buy Now!

Wireless printers are becoming a commonplace item in both small offices as well as homes, even larger businesses are opting this option. Wi-Fi-connectivity allows users more flexibility in where to place their printer and also gives them the option of printing from mobile devices. Not worrying about unsightly cables is an extra plus point. It […]

Best Wi-Fi Light Switch in 2019

The concept of smart home is getting more and more popular with each passing day. The desire to live in a modern house that has the features of a smart home is the reason because of which the demand for smart home devices is at a record high. There was a time a year before […]

Linksys 8-PORT Gigabit Ethernet Switch – BLACK

Today you use multiple Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets and devices. It means that you will need the Linksys 8-port gigabit Ethernet switch, black for your diverse networking needs. Wow, this sounds great! Now, when you have more than one of these devices, the networking requirements increases naturally. With numerous devices, you will also need to think beyond […]

Best E-Readers in 2019 You need to buy!

A massive number of people in the world love reading books. However, you too must have witnessed the drastic change in the way we read and consume literature. Now, one doesn’t carry three or four bulky novels while going on a vacation or lying on the beach as books nowadays don’t only come on paper. […]

D-LINK DAP-1520 IEEE 802.11N

How old is your internet router? Is it still serving you well since you bought it? Well the D-LINK DAP-1520 IEEE 802.11N is so far what you need in this day and age. It is what you need for your home or business. D-LINK Company offers a wide range of routers to help you meet […]