Best Firewalls for Home in 2019

If you have a home network, you need the best firewalls for home users. You might think why to use one if you already have the best antivirus program set up. This is true, but without a firewall, you still leave the backdoor open for people to enter your network. Whether you are using your […]

The Top 10 Best Budget Wireless Routers in 2019

We welcome you to our editor’s choice of the best budget wireless routers in 2019. If you are reading here, the chances are you need an easy to use wifi router. When choosing budget wireless routers the likeliness is you only need the basics. However, when choosing a budget-friendly wifi router there are certain things […]

Netgear vs TP-Link Router Comparison

If you want the best Wi-Fi router, you have a choice of selecting two of the most popular brands available on the market. This is why our editor’s choice of the Netgear vs TP-Link Router comparison available here, will help you make the right choice in choosing one. Both of these companies are heavyweight brands […]

The Best Routers for Charter Spectrum in 2019

Are you planning to rent a modem from your internet provider? Then the likeliness is you will need to pay extra fees monthly. However, if you are a Charter Spectrum user, you will not have to pay monthly fees for the modem. This might be good news, but there is a catch. You might not […]

Best 4k TVs for Gaming in 2019

Do you have a couch gaming setup or is your PC monitor not big enough to plunge into your game? You need an affordable way to take your entertainment to a new level. You need one of the best 4K TVs for gaming with enhanced color providing you image depth and richness. Furthermore, you need […]

Jaybird X3- The Best of Jaybird Series

Get to travel out with Jaybird X3 Wireless headphones. The earbuds have a design so that they are tiny. Also packed to the brim with functionality, unbeatable comfort as well as the incredible sound quality. The third incarnation in the Jaybird X series produces Jaybird X3. It has a more battery life, more secure fit […]

How to Get the Best Internet Speed for Gaming?

The gamers all around the world have taken a liking towards online games rather than the sandbox games that were used to be the only way of gaming a few years ago. Online multiplayer games give the gamer a feeling that he/she is part of something bigger, and there is the reason why that is […]

NETGEAR AC1200 Smart Wireless Router Review

Do you need an inexpensive way to bring the Wi-Fi network to your small business or home? You need the NETGEAR AC1200 (R6220) budget router. This router is a top wifi router when it comes to affordable pricing.You get value for money with this 802.11ac dual-band router. The device has a USB port with loads […]