Many of us may wish to have a strong and on-the-go connection and ASUS (USB-N13) is one of the best. This wireless adapter offers you the best wireless connectivity and it comes with a hassle-free setup. The appealing aspect of this adapter is its specially-designed internal antenna. This antenna works to deliver the maximum wireless speed of 300Mbps and maximum wireless coverage of 300 meters. The device also serves you with Software AP and Xlink Kai apps. Different types of OS like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux are compatible with this adapter. Its transmission quality and outstanding features make it a recommended choice as compare to its competitors.



Do you expect to have consistent transmission and broad coverage from a wireless adapter? Well, you can try ASUS (USB-N13) and comprehend how useful this device is. Those who are worrying about the setup hassles need not to concern much. This is due to the fact that the device is easy to operate. All you need to do is plug it to the desktop or PC, install the necessary software and use.  It implements WPA/WPA2 enterprise encryption, allowing you to use the corporate certificate-based authentication network. This ensures hassle-free communication and broad Wi-Fi connectivity.


Designed to easily fit in your palm, this wireless adapter is compact in size and appealing by its look. The dimensions are 0.4″ height, 0.9″ width, and 2.8″ depth. With its weight of 0.42 oz, this wireless adapter is one of the lightweight products in this category. It is designed to easily set up and uses anywhere you want. This device intends to accommodate easily even in the small space.



What amazes most of the users is its high wireless transmission speed of 300 Mbps. With this fast transmission speed, ASUS (USB-N13) is a perfect wireless adapter model to try. This high transmission speed is made possible with the implementation of MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technologies. The indoor antenna range covered is 492.1 ft, and this allows the device to offer broad coverage. You can perceive the strong and secure connection -00Mbps Pro N.

Whenever you head out for any business trip and wish to share your Internet access, this device is a perfect one. This is made possible with the help of its built-in software AP. It allows you to make a tiny WLAN environment and then directly connect to the Internet through ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). The device comes with ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) and ACL (Access Control List), allowing you to manage access authority easily. It also allows your PC to connect into a wireless access point.

You need not to concern about the device compatibility. The ASUS (USB-N13) wireless adapter is capable to support multiple OS including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a kind of software AP 2-in-1 wireless adapter for the purpose of wireless connection sharing.  The frequency of operation is 2.4 – 2.5 GHz and it supports Wi-Fi standards: 802.11n / 802.11g / 802.11b.You can use this adapter anywhere you wish to with its simple and quick setup procedure.

This USB Wi-Fi adapter incorporates a semi-rigid 3-inch extension cable. Using it, you can orient it in an orderly fashion, some distance apart from USB port of PC. This works to provide you an output signal with minimal interference or shielding.

The capacity of WiFi coverage and actual data throughput would differ based on network conditions and several environmental factors. The environmental factors include construction and building material, network overhead, and the volume of network traffic, etc. All these obstacles may result in weak wireless coverage and reduced data throughput.



Those users who have already used this wireless adapter found the performance to be incredible. The device is capable to serve 4K streaming from a router located at approximately 20 feet distance. With the minimum start-lag of 1 to 4 seconds, this device works seamlessly on YouTube without any interrupts. The antenna works to deliver enhanced performance with the speed up to 300Mbps.


The USB wireless adapter is quite easy to use; just place into the disc and follow the instructions given in the manual. With the implementation of a fast WiFi connection and features discussed above, this device is worth for price offered.

Its installation procedure is easy when compared to other competitor models. The device comes with the user-friendly plug-and-play feature. You can easily set the device after a few system preference changes. If you own an outdated PC, this device works well for that too. ASUS (USB-N13) only requires 5 to 10 minutes of time to install on Windows or Linux OS.


For consistent streaming and online gaming, the adapter may slow down its speed. There are some users who found trouble installing the software.

Set Up

Discussing the set up of ASUS (USB-N13), it implements EZ WPS Wi-Fi setup. The corresponding set up procedure is easy –just insert and connect. Initially, you need to into insert this adapter into your computer’s USB port. Once done, you need to press WPS button on your router and this adapter. With these two simple steps, a secured wireless connection setting is accomplished.

The device allows you to enable WLAN adapter into a wireless AP through the help of design-in software AP. It comes with the Xlink Kai, free software allowing PSP gamers to play different system-link games online. Gamers can play without the hassle of connecting to LAN (Local Area Network). All you need to do is just enable “PSP Xlink Mode” on ASUS utility, and finally, relish the game experience. Its driver software works well with the easy-to-use graphic presentation of accessible servers.


Concluding Note

ASUS (USB-N13) is designed for blazingly fast download, efficient and quick file transfer and seamless media streaming. You need to concern about the setup hassles. If you wish to carry it to the office, trip, garden, etc. you can; it comes with easy portability.  With this USB wireless adapter, you can achieve 100% the same speed on a wireless connection. This applies to any place you are located in –bedroom, stairs, balcony, etc. Capable to be compatible with any OS makes it an easy-to-use device. Overall, this wireless adapter is worth the money purchased, considering the strong and extended Wi-Fi connectivity.

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