ASUS ONHUB AC1900 – Google WiFi Router””>ASUS ONHUB AC1900 dual-band router has arrived in town. This wireless device works optimum and auto-updates so as not to impact your normal router usage. The good part of it is that Google has announced a firmware update in the next couple of weeks that will make the device’s antennae more intelligent. You will, thus, be able to direct beam width in the home direction of users.

ASUS Dual-band uses cookies, and similar technology as well as services provided by third parties to display personalized content. This Dual band router also utilizes cookies technology to advertise as well as to store your preferences on your computer. Here is a simple round up of the AC 1900 dual-band router most essential features. This article will give you all that you need to know before purchasing this device. In the next session, I will tell you why you need to buy ASUS wireless AC1900.

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ASUS ONHUB AC1900-DUAL Band Wireless

Why You Should Choose the ASUS ONHUB-DUAL BAND WIRELESS AC1900

OnHub SRT-AC1900

According to the PC Magazine, no other brand is likely to be considered than ASUS. Do you know why? If not, then here is the reason; ASUS Company receives great marks for their reliability and ease of set up. The company received the recommended excellence award for the best router brand in the global market. This router comes with a dedicated antenna that allows you to scan your environment after every 5 minutes. ONHUB AC1900 Wi-Fi system also switches to a less crowded channel that will with no strain improve the performance of your Wi-Fi.

You can do more wave control of this device. For instance, streaming movies, downloading your presentations. In many busy houses, this is a tall order. The wave control of ASUS OnHub AC1900 gives you the advantage to boost the Wi-Fi speed for a specific device. You only achieve this easily by passing your hand over the top of the device.

The ASUS ONHub-Dual Band Wireless AC1900 smart high-performance antennas are organized in a circular way to offer reliable Wi-Fi coverage in more direction in your home. This high-performance router is designed for exterior use hence giving you the best signal. Further, AC1900 smart high-performance router has the dimmable lighting system. Its cords have been minimized to look tidier while the antennae are tucked neatly away inside its shell.

The automatic update feature is another amazing feature of this device. This home Wi-Fi router updates itself so you get new features. This happens as soon as the new updates are available. When it comes to advanced security properties, OnHub AC1900 comes with the most advanced and ever-evolving features to keep your Wi-Fi connection safe.

Apart from the ability to move large files, the device supports multiple users simultaneously. Of the 7 smart antennas on board, 6 are for the normal Wi-Fi. So, by purchasing this router, you will definitely have another broadcaster in your house. Your neighbors will also benefit if you live in the same built-up area.

OnHub SRT-AC1900-Onhub AC1900

Other Features

  • The intelligent internal antennae of this device push 802.11ac WIFI speeds up to 1900 Mbps
  • Google On app for iOS and Android is easy to manage and set-up
  • The firmware of OnHub AC1900 is always updated, and the latest features and security updates integrated.
  • You always enjoy optimal Wi-Fi performance because of the congestion antennas ability to search for the least crowded channels.
  • The OnHub Dual Band exclusive wave control gives you the advantage to prioritizing traffic to other devices with a simple hand wave
  • The smart and high-performance internal antennae, fine turned radio frequency and selected power amplifiers are framed to offer a wide network coverage in all directions.

See the Pros & Cons


OnHub AC1900 communicates through an app that eases the setup process. Offers tools to help you manage and monitor your internet connection. Whenever there is an issue with your Wi-Fi, this device offers troubleshoot solutions to help you.


Harmful chemicals such as lead have been used to make this device. This chemical can cause birth defects or even reproductive harm if not used with care. The Wi-Fi coverage and actual data output vary with prevailing network conditions, environmental factors such as the volume of the network traffic, construction and building material used, the network overhead. This problem leads to a lower actual data transfer as well as wireless coverage.

Hardware and Set Up Requirements


This device is designed for durability despite the change in the way we use Wi-Fi. Its hardware is designed to support various devices that come up with time. So, future technology advancements are well-taken care off. The ac specifications are IEEE 802.11 and are based on the quoted bandwidth and network speed.

Installing and configuring this device is quite easy. You only need an account and a live internet network connection for you to use this router. The device must be set up using a mobile app. If you have the app on your cellular phone, reset the TP-link by using the factory settings. Once you have the app started, choose the ASUS ONHUB AC1900 option and follow the directions. You will be asked to set the network name and code. Then go to your phone’s wifi settings, and connect to the ONHUB AC1900 using the code. The router will be searched automatically. You will then set the network name and password. You will see the network building itself, and in no time you will be connected.


We have taken you through the special features, performance, set up requirements, the pros as well as the cons of the On Hub Dual Band Wireless AC1900. If you are a freelancer, this device will serve you then no other. Customers have also given positive reviews and recommended their friends.

Other clients have as well opted to use it in their office. Do you know why? Because the price is worthwhile and the performance is of a Pro level. Having known all the benefits of this wireless device, why wait to purchase it next time? Let procrastination be not part of you. Make your purchase today and say goodbye to net issues.

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