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ASTRO Gaming A40 TR is among the biggest names in the high-end gaming headsets. These headphones have been around for many years, and they have continued to be highly regarded tools for the team based competitive gaming. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR is pricey about the other headsets, but the detailed description below will prove that they are worth every penny that will be spent. Manufacturers have ensured that they went on and paid attention even to the little details you may not consider.
It is not the lightest headset that is available in the market as it weighs over 300g, but you will not feel the weight. The cloth material helps to stop excess sweating and to overheat, but it is essential to note that magnetic pads can easily be swapped out for the other materials if so desired.

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset Review

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR


ASTRO Gaming A40 TR

Premium build quality. Be it the choice of the premium materials or even the excellent construction, ASTRO Gaming A40 TR gets to blast competition away with the luxurious feel. It is no wonder that the professional gamers get to keep their headset on even they are not gaming. If I had ASTRO Gaming A40 TR, I also would never remove it. Malleable and conforming interior hides beneath sexy interiors which surprisingly gets to twist and bend according to head’s contour. Also, ASTRO Gaming A40 TR is lightweight, and you will not feel them on the head. Its design allows the people who do feel cramped to be able to leave headsets around the neck.

What mainly sets ASTRO Gaming A40 TR apart is the customization. To begin with, you have an offer of magnetic speaker tags, and you can be able to build your customized speaker tags using the online customization app. These can add a professional appeal to the gaming odysseys. Next up, a microphone that is both swappable and detachable. The microphone attaches to either side of the headset on what you are mainly comfortable with.
Also, cable plugs straight into headset using the 3.5mm 4 pole jack. The cable has a secondary inline mic on it and an inline mute switch, answer or hang up button and the volume control. Also, it comes with MixAmp TR Pro and cable that it requires.

Let’s talk about the pads. They are the sweetest around and are very much massive. They tend to sit on your ears comfortably. The ability to move from open back to the closed back with the noise cancellation feature. It does this by making use of add-on Mod Kit which lets you to decided when you want absolute silence.

As said earlier, the build quality is very strong with the solid feel to the headband and the earcups. It is important to note that it has been made of plastic, some of the overhanging edges on some of the parts can be quiet tricky to handle. With the Mod Kits, you can easily be able to swap headband and the earcups to suit better the style that you prefer.
It is not the lightest headset that is available in the market as it weighs over 300g, but you will not feel the weight. The cloth material helps to stop excess sweating and to overheat, but it is essential to note that magnetic pads can easily be swapped out for the other materials if so desired.


ASTRO Gaming A40 TR

  • Item weight: 1.06 pounds.
  • Product Description: 3.9 x 3.9x 3.9 inches.
  •  Design: Superior fit and finish.
  • Quality: Tuned for the gaming.
  •  Compatibility: It has the USB Sound Card Functionality.
  • Customization: It has free software for the PC as well as the Mac users. |

The customizable stream output features Dolby Surround Sound. It has free software for the PC as well as the Mac Users that allows customization of every single input as well as output. You can be able to create your personalized EQ settings. USB Sound Card Functionality ensures it achieves full PC compatibility for the game sound and the voice chat. Mod Kit components help in transforming ASTRO Gaming A40 TR from the open back to the closed back noise-canceling headset.


ASTRO Gaming A40 TR

As far as the audio quality of ASTRO Gaming A40 TR is concerned, it is among the best. It does not matter whether it is the music, movie or even the games, this headset is going to deliver standout performance every time that you use it. While listening to the music, it will be a real delight on ASTRO Gaming A40 TR. You wonder why? Let me explain well. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR provides a well-balanced sound which is capable of handling different genres very well.
Rhythmic beats of the Spotify soul playlist are very tight, with the punchy bass which is never overpowering. The vocals are very clear and also clean, with the well-rounded mid tones which rarely become muddy.

One of the biggest compliment which can never be assumed when it comes to ASTRO Gaming A40 TR is the fact that they genuinely sound like a very decent pair of well-dedicated headphones.
For gaming purposes, it never disappoints. With the testing of various games such as games of the Titanfall 2, with so much gunfire and various explosions to put headset through its paces. At every stage of the game, execution of ASTRO Gaming A40 TR is very much impressive. Despite lack of surround sounds in the unit itself, soundstage is wide, that aids with the immersion. To widen this further, you can remove side covers and opt for optimal MixAmp Pro.

The microphone is very much decent but not as impressive as the other headsets. Everything is very clear with the surprisingly minimal static when it is not being used. It is super easy to be able to position microphone close to the mouth. However, the recordings do sound a little nasally. DAC (Digital Analogue Converter), inside MixAmp, can do a very good job at ensuring you have a super clean, crisp listening experience.
The distortion is handled very well with the unit being able to pump out loud volumes without so many issues.

Best of the Product

When manufacturers start making a device, their main aim is that it will have certain advantages that will make customers to go ahead and purchase it. Here are some of the pros:

  •  Superior fit and finish.
  • Customizable Stream Output.
  • Swappable Precision Microphone.


MixAmp has been the staple for the ASTRO Gaming A40 TR and MixAmp Pro TR included offers plenty of connectivity as well as the other control options. It has quite a large volume knob on the top flanked EQ, Dolby, and the Power buttons. There is a smaller mix knob that sits below them. It lets you balance audio between game you are playing and the team’s voice chat on the fly. The back panel does hold the micro USB port, optical audio input, and the 3.5 mm stream output. The front panel has a 3.5 mm connector for the headset itself. 3.5 mm auxiliary input as well as two ports for the daisy chaining multiple MixAmps together.
MixAmp sits on the smooth, tapered rubber case. It does keep it from slipping across the surface on which it is placed. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR comes in two versions; one that is best suited for the use with Xbox One. The other for use with a PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3. Both tend to work well with the PC. The headsets can be plugged directly into the smartphone using the cable that you hook up to MixAmp Pro TR.


ASTRO Gaming A40 TR is among the best headsets which are available in the market. The features that it has are super-impressive. Money spent on purchasing this device has a guarantee of getting you the value for your money. Gamer-centric design cannot appeal to very many people. However, it is a comfortable headset that one can wear for so many hours. Sound quality is pretty much remarkable and unmatched. If you have the much-needed cash to spend, consider this. If you do not mind the wired option, ASTRO Gaming A40 TR is the best choice for you.

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